Saturday, May 27, 2017

RP: Christianity Having Abandoned "Jesus Christ" and LAIN DOWN in Bed with NAZISM -- EVERYTHING in the USA Is Now Improving FAST!!!

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A few key points from this article:

“Christianity stands or falls with its revolutionary protest against violence, arbitrariness, and pride of power, and with its plea for the weak.

Christians are doing too little to make these points clear . . .

Christendom adjusts itself far too easily to the worship of power. Christians should give more offense, shock the world far more, than they are doing now.”

~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

MEANWHILE on Fox News online just now, I discovered they are in NEWS, actually reporting much of the disastrous news for President Trump, but on OPINION, they are promoting/defending Trump HEAVIER THAN EVER, and the list of five trending topics ALL SUPPORT that Trump is THE BEST and the "fake press", and previous Presidents and politicians of BOTH PARTIES are the REAL CRIMINALS.

Witness this top article that I just screen-captured:


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