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RP: Exchanging Spectrum Cable Boxes and DEEP Political Discussions in Spectrum Office (and with a Tech in Greensboro as well), They DO NOT ARGUE That They Have Been RULED by CIA Christian Narco-Traffickers!!! / My Lawyer Is FIRED!!!

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CABLE HELL (been there; done that)!!!

First, the story of dealing with Spectrum Cable (formerly Time/Warner Cable, here), which is -- and you soon won't believe this -- the SIMPLER matter, today.

I walked into their store on Military Cut-Off (the actual name of a road in Wilmington for many, MANY years), and was immediately greeted by a Customer Service Rep, Andrew, who even AFTER hearing most of my "Politics" said that YES, I can blog about it using his real name!!!

Anyway, I got reduced to ONE TV outlet and I got a NEW BOX for cable. He also set me up for techs to come out on Friday -- since I continue to have cable outages and internet constantly off and on. He can see how this is likely by the CIA in conjunction with his company. This will save me about $30.00/month, with service including CNN and MSNBC.

He ALSO knows that his techs in INDIA, a few days ago, know ALL ABOUT Time Warner Cable being an ARM of the NAZI/CHRISTIAN PARTY of the USA in bed with virtually ALL Republicans and the Clinton Democrats -- they ALL narco-trafficking with the Kenans who put Trump into power to get Russia's OIL, and turn the country over to the rule of SWASTIKAS and the KU KLUX KLAN -- BOTH completely CHRISTIAN organizations. 

The techs in India were from the Charter Communications half of Spectrum, who HATE the NAZI Time/Warner CHRISTIANS!!!

He also NOW knows how my and Jackie Kennedy Onassis's friend Jean Babette Stein, whose father FOUNDED Music Corporation of America (now broken into Comcast Cable, NBC Networks, Universal Studios, Universal Music, etc.), was FORCED to jump to her death 2.5 weeks ago -- from the SAME APARTMENT I met her and Jackie O in -- and that it was REPORTED AS BREAKING NEWS all over Europe and Latin America, but ONLY in the USA by the New York Times and some online magazines, here, the US MEDIA nearly ALL operating under the Christian Swastika now -- ESPECIALLY CNN!!! 

And then as I was leaving, a woman came in who was about 80, and we got into a GREAT DISCUSSION and several reps (it was slow and no line at all), and other customers got involved, LAUGHING about the alcoholic NAZI Klansman Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty Kenan -- although ONE person knew them BOTH, claiming Tom is an asshole, but his step-mother Betty is NICE (which I agreed with)

I DID speak with Betty by phone from Mexico once, and she was NICE, but I was so shocked she answered her own phone, I made excuses and got off. And we BOTH agreed that Frank Hawkins Kenan (whom she had known well), and William Rand Kenan, SENIOR were probably the TWO BIGGEST WHITE SUPREMACISTS alive while we too lived that we ever heard of.

And SHE AGREED WITH ME (and John D. Rockefeller, who BOYCOTTED Flagler's marriage to Mary Lily Kenan, calling her a WHORE because he knew she had tertiary syphilis), that William Rand Kenan, JUNIOR (Flagler's right hand), was one of the GREATEST BUSINESSMEN, ever.

William Rand Kenan, Jr. not only built Carolina Apartments in Wilmington that opened not only as a Hotel that hosted Royalty and Heads of State when it opened in 1905, but it was the most technologically advanced building in all of North Carolina, then:

WRK, Jr. ALSO built Kenan Fountain and gave it to the City as a memorial to his parents.

Mr. Kenan also came to HATE Wilmington (his birth place), and the SMALL MINDED HATEFUL CHRISTIANS of Wilmington SO MUCH, that he lived mostly in the HIGHEST RENT APARTMENT in New York City at that time (and Palm Beach), and only wrote TWO SENTENCES about Wilmington in his autobiography!!!

And he was GAY (after his "horsey" wife that he married LATE-for-a-man died childless EARLY, "Will" Kenan -- as he was called -- moved in with his life-long male secretarySchuyler Beatty, for the REST OF HIS LIFE!!!), as this woman in Spectrum Cable AGREED WITH ME, as did Thomas S. Kenan III's good friend, and now CURATOR at Liberty Hall, in Kenansville, NC, Jeff Smith (who claims to be STRAIGHT -- LOL!!!):

Jeff "Bedroom Eyes" Smith at

I do not KNOW why Liberty Hall TOOK DOWN their online TOUR -- before readying the REPLACEMENT, first, to immediately put up, like COMPETENT PEOPLE!!! It has been DOWN for several weeks, now.

BOTTOM LINE is that because Spectrum knows the CIA (or similar) continue to CORRUPT THEIR SERVICES TO ME, Spectrum is having a tech come to my apartment to check the PHYSICAL LINES, to see what can be done to PROTECT ME FROM THE US GOVERNMENT!!!


Bruce A. Mason

Alex Nicely

NO MATTER WHAT Bruce Mason says, early on when he agreed to represent me against now-Spectrum after their TRUCK hit me in a crosswalk as I was going to CONFRONT MAYOR SAFFO over his CRIMES, again, Bruce in FULL MAFIA THUG MODE took me outside where no one could here and made clear I would PAY A PRICE if I ever blogged his name.

And he had twice promised FAR HIGHER possible award, then later CLAIMED he never said that, and it would be FAR LESS, so no point in his commission taking 1/3 of a far smaller amount. He is CORRECT ABOUT THIS, but has WASTED MY TIME with his BULL SHIT.

He was CORRECT for reasons that will eventually be revealed, so I am NOT particularly upset with Bruce (whom I believe is ACTUALLY STRAIGHT!!!).
And today, as his assistant Hannah was wrapping up with me -- giving me a VERY PROFESSIONAL PACKET of what they had done so far -- Bruce quickly slipped past us and RAN out the door -- he calling something back about that HE had "no conscience at all!!!"

Hannah looked VERY TROUBLED (she fairly young), and I smiled and said that lawyers are PAID not to have consciences and to pull any STUNT of LIES AND OBFUSCATION, etc. to win cases for CRIMINALS, and Bruce is the HIGHEST PAID IN TOWN (so best).

And Hannah said, "I'm just afraid I've been compromised and will be in LEGAL TROUBLE from working here." I said that I seriously doubted it -- but to be careful.

My REAL PROBLEM is with Alex, previously Homosexual District Attorney Ben David's TOP ASSISTANT!!! Everyone on the street when I was homeless, had a CRUSH on Alex Nicely, but the WOMEN figured he was GAY, as did the men. 

I preferred Alex's look while he worked for Ben David (just a personal choice), but GOD KNOWS Alex Nicely is STILL HOT. You FEEL IT when he enters a room, like the heat from the shoulders of someone too long in the sun.

Whether he slept with Ben David or not is open to question, Ben having GREAT TASTE in men, as Lee (real first name), was WELL KNOWN TO ME, a lumberjack-dressing FINE STUD so MANLY I never guessed he was GAY -- until I turned Ben in to the DEA in the Federal Building downtown, and the DRUNK Lee called Ben RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME (after admitting they were LONG TERM LOVERS), and told Ben David to "shoot yourself in the head!!!"

But WORSE is that while in Mexico, later, I found that Alex Nicely was TIGHT FRIENDS with Judge Lindsey Luther's husband Evan:

And I found their FACEBOOK COMMENTS back and forth supporting the UPCOMING RACE WAR for WHITE SUPREMACY that so many CHRISTIANS in Wilmington OPENLY SUPPORTED THEN!!!

And I RE-POSTED on blog and Facebook some of Evan Luther's most EGREGIOUS postings, including MANY photos of ARMS STOCKPILES and this TOTALLY DAMNING meme from Evan Luther's Facebook page:

And FINALLY, Denise Wood (former International Drug Mule and good friend of Mayor Bill Saffo), not only somehow caused the lock on the front door not to work (since then repaired), while she was painting the front porch for the landlady, she LATER caught her inside TRASH ON FIRE, filling the back end of MY apartment with SMOKE before she KNEW it was on fire in the SAME ROOM SHE WAS IN, but then put it out before TRAGEDY HAPPENED.

Mayor Bill Saffo, BIGGEST NARCO-TRAFFICKER IN TOWN with his Greek Orthodox St. Nicholas Church!!!

Renee Saffo DIVORCED BILL a few years ago, and Bill was so VIOLENT, Renee had to get a secret RESTRAINING ORDER against Bill's CHRISTIAN ASS!!!

When Bill SLIMS DOWN, perhaps he, too, will MAKE HIMSELF USEFULno???



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