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RP: The Fall of the House of KENAN (William Rand Kenan, Sr., who took the only clear Confederate shot at President Lincoln, and led the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection)!!!

RE-PRINTED herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/05/the-fall-of-house-of-kenan-william-rand.html

Wilmington's first flush toilet was in the add-on over the drive. I was given a tour of the downstairs in 1990 by the owner, when this was a LOVELY Guest House, and in 2011/12, it was presided over by Anna Berry, who rented rooms to DRUG MAFIA who worked with Wilmington Police to somehow get a Restraining Order against me with me never being given notice

THEN, I knowing nothing of it, I was arrested AFTER THE FACT because someone claimed I had walked up the far side of Nun Street -- and had had no contact with anyone (which was true).

More than anyone else, Anna Berry HATED actress Linda Lavin, whose backyard abutted this property's, and told me she knew how to and WOULD drive Linda and her husband Steve Bakunas out of town. She DID, and then now-Judge Lindsey Luther bought the house -- and I suppose moved in with hubby Evan Luther!!!

110 Nun Street, Wilmington, NC 28401, was ALSO the home in which Mary Lily Kenan grew up, before marrying Henry Flagler, who gave her the HOME, Whitehall (LOL -- White Supremacy in NAMING), as a wedding present:

On the FIRST train of the Overseas Railroad!!!

This morning, I first spoke with Joseph Faulk in NYC, and he is in good physical health, and plagued by his DELUSIONS. I've published his cell phone number TWICE in the last two days on my blog, and he hasn't complained about it ONCE!!! He also didn't care about the shuttering of Pentagon Publishing, Inc, as mentioned in my last posting, http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/05/narco-trafficker-patrick-stansbury-of.html, but only about claiming that opened food stays good in his refrigerator, for over six years now an ICE BOX, because he's TOO AFRAID of his landlord, Bruce A. Kapner, to get him to repair or replace it, as his lease requires.

Joseph did not say whether my brother, Michael William Kenan, had called him to ask WHY Mr. Faulk had claimed that Mike is prepared to send me MUCH MORE MONEY. Mike has said NOTHING to me by phone or email, except to ask HOW to send that money, and I spent it all and more, today:

Three "new" used tires for a total of $97.00 installed. I learned NOT to buy new tires as Jennifer McCracken, a TOP MORMON Narco-Trafficker with the CIA as well, still lives in Apt. 67 at Carolina Apartments, ADMITTED slashing two of my tires when she got CHRISTIAN BITCH ANGRY with me, and she is STILL NOT IN PRISON (for the narco-trafficking, not her SLASHER WAYS)!!!

Jenny McCracken

Incidentally, Ryan Lee Burris's car remains in front of his house, so Ryan is not arrested for narco-trafficking, yet, but he WAS kicked off his position as Third Vice Chair of the County Democrats -- a position he was RE-ELECTED to, despite my emailing all the top Democrats about Ryan's narco-trafficking -- PROVING how thoroughly DRUG MAFIA CORRUPTED the local Democrats actually are.

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together!!! New Democrat Governor Roy Cooper (who is FINALLY giving LIP SERVICE to cleaning up the drug corruption in North Carolina), pictured with two of Wilmington's top narco-traffickersWes Taylor and Ryan Burris!!!

But back to spending money, I paid $30.00 for my car's inspection, then $118.00 for registration. I learned that my car's insurance bill will not be issued for another 10 days. 

And this afternoon, walking back from getting photos of the Kenan House (one of MANY Kenan Mansions in Wilmington, the others all in FAR better shape -- and FAR LARGER!!!), I snapped a couple of other houses' photos, that I'll add below in closing, and ran SMACK DAB into my former neighbor from S. 8th Street, George Padezanin of Hand Painted Homes, with a co-worker, painting a house on Second Street, and DARED say "Hello, George!!!"

He had run the self-described "Padezanin Drug Gang" consisting of virtually ALL White people on my block -- and NONE of the Blacks -- and he was GENUINELY FRIENDLY, we laughing about our OLD TROUBLES. He even had the GRACIOUSNESS to thank me for publishing everything about Wilmington Drug Corruption, and as I told him, "Looks like things are GREAT -- as long as you are painting houses, again!!!" And I asked him to give his wife Cheryl (who always liked me), my greetings.

George Padezanin, May 2017 from Facebook. I could find no more recent one of him with Cheryl than this old one -- and you can SEE that George is less "CRAZED", now!!!:

More Wilmingtontoday:

And when I walked past landlady Gold Walker's home (and earlier I saw that the restaurant in her Front Street property is ALMOST ready to OPEN), I saw this sign in Gold's yard -- PRESUMABLY of the guy she hired to SERIOUSLY renovate the cottage behind her property next door, where Neal Duffy -- Army Vet of THREE Middle East tours of duty who had worked under my friend Russel Honore', before he was made a General, and did SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS for Bill Clinton in the Middle East -- and HATED them BOTH!!!:

VERY well made sign that is TOO SHORT for anyone driving by to see (behind the picket fence with roses on it), and the FONT is hard to read. 

LAST, I found in my mailbox a Spectrum Cable Bill for "John E. Jay" in apartment 2 -- Denise Wood's apartment. So her married, Old Fat Black Georgia-truck-drivin' SUGAR-DADDY who pays all Denise's bills and visits about every two weeks for HOT SEX and to update their books, put the Cable in his name (Denise's credit is NOT to be desired!!!) 

And pay NO ATTENTION to the following!!! This NAZI/Christian/Trump/Kenan NIGHTMARE is ABOUT TO END!!!
You know it's 2017 when the Third Reich is spamming you.

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