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RP: Hello?!?!?! Can the "WORLDS" Separate FURTHER (I'm SICK of CIA Internet-Bots trolling me!!!), Please -- and STRAIGHTEN OUT Some Identities, as WELL???

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Scott C. Kenan of Cincinnati, Ohio (my birth town), is NOT in the Kenan Family genealogy. He was born May 13, 1982 -- so he is TODAY 35 years old, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTT!!!

When I first searched THIS Scott Kenan online YEARS ago, I learned that he owns the Carolina Copperheads, and that WAS a FANTASY ELECTRONIC sports team for betting, and TODAY, I find a REAL youth team centered near Raleigh, NC with that name.

Here is Scott's HOUSE:

627 Genenbill Drive

And what is so PECULIAR is that I've been AWARE of this Scott Kenan from my birth town, since college BASKETBALL recruiters began calling ME in Stone Mountain, GA, soon after I moved into my house there in 1988 -- looking for this OTHER Scott.

He is 6' 10", one inch short of my height, and while I've found a FEW other Scott Kenans, there are NO OTHER Scott David Kenans in the entire world (my name is as unique as my S.S. number!!!). So what a COINCIDENCE that he and I share Cincinnati, our name, and even our height!!! Kenan is a VERY uncommon surname, but as a FIRST name, it is VERY popular -- among Arabs, especially in the Middle East.

It SOUNDS nice to pronounce it, but the Bible Dictionary shows it means "The Sadness" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness".

Now, I've HAD this Scott's phone number since I first searched for him years ago, but never tried to call him. Verifying it is still his number, I tried that today, and is NOT a working number.

His existence under these circumstances is so peculiar -- but it could ALL be just a coincidence.

You see, with my worldwide unique name, it is INTERESTING that I received this email FROM MY EXACT NAME, and I include my reply: 

Re: This Natural Pain Reliever ls Better Than Opiates? (100% safe) 
Scott D Kenan to scottdkenan + 203 moreshow details

KISS MY FUCKING ASS, you CIA CHRISTIAN TROLL -- LOL!!! I copied this to my list (which you already had, but haven't used -- only MY identity)!!!



And since the ENTIRE BODY of the email is an active LINK, I had to screen-capture it, but only the top:

And today, I learned MORE about how and WHY I was kicked off Facebook for a month, 21 more days remaining. Readers of this blog know that I had been in POLITICAL DISCUSSION with several friends of Grant Henry, aka Sister Louisa, in Atlanta -- mostly gay guys but with others -- and while Grant had blocked me in 2010, so neither he nor I saw each other's comments, others were commenting TO Grant and asking how a JERK like me could post his Art Images. Most of the ones I use, I actually BOUGHT from Grant, so have that right, and the others are legal to post since they are already on the internet. If I were making MONEY off the blog, I'd need to ask permission on some.

But Grant Henry is FRIENDS with Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, and Christal Presley (the SAME one who connected recently to my NEPHEW many states away for unknown reasons, NOW being checked out:

Anyway, I BLOCKED those who were most aggressive then in real time, thinking that would calm things down, but soon I was BANNED from FB -- and then I was sent these images I posted by Facebook as the reason I was BANNED for a month:

Of course I DO have good info, since back then, Wells Fargo Exec Jamie Lee Sutherland told me he had seen Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his private gay bathhouse a few times while Obama was a STATE Senator -- and this is FAR better known OUTSIDE the USA where the Press is less controlled by the CIA -- and so much is known in Mexico about BOTH Obama and Enrique Pena Nieto (put into power by my Kenan Family, our Exxon-Mobil, our exec Rex Tillerson, the CIA, and the Clinton State Department), BOTH being gay, MORE Americans would know this if the CIA wasn't DETERMINED that we not!!!

Well, today, I discovered I'd gotten some messages by Facebook Messenger (not to be confused with Facebook Messages):

1.: Dennis Murphy Porter
You and Dennis Murphy Porter aren't connected on Facebook

Dennis Murphy Porter
Hello Scott. You've got such a lovely smile, add me up lets get acquainted.


2: Danielle Edmonds
You and Danielle Edmonds aren't connected on Facebook
Artist at Musician

Danielle Edmonds
Hey Scott, The things you are sharing are inappropriate and should not be on Facebook status. Please think of others and what the outcome could be. Don't follow fake news and check your sources more then one or two try 10 that are the same information. Just saying.

This appears to be who got me kicked off. I don't recognize her name or image as anyone I ever (recently), chatted with, BUT:

"Inappropriate" means NOTHING without a statement of WHAT is inappropriate.

WHAT kind of horrible OUTCOME has ever come from people arguing online at long distance??? It's not like anyone was pushing an unstable person to SUICIDE!!!

My eyewitnesses are called FAKE NEWS (and I also blogged much about other FACTS like the Kenan-Bush-Cheney-Trump alliance -- also a simple fact).

This seems to PERFECTLY mimic all the OTHER Christian CIA TROLLS who state NO FACTS and use NO LOGIC.

And I'd posted BOTH images several times BEFORE on Facebook without a problem!!!

3.: Rick Reynolds
You and Rick Reynolds aren't connected on Facebook
Lives in Portales, New Mexico

Rick Reynolds
Just want you to know that this Kathryne Bowen you are friends with is a big time scammer.

I have no idea who these people are, but THANK Mr. Reynolds of Portales, NEW Mexico for the WARNING!!!


Russians, who have been sometimes even BEATING Americans at hitting it since I brought up the Maxwell Andrew Kenan connection to Christal Presley a few days ago, continue to ALMOST equal the hundreds and hundreds of hits from the USA every day:

And I forgot to mention it ABOVE, but I TOOK Atlanta Blogger Hollis Gillespie's BLOGGING COURSE actually WITH Christal Presley (Sean Hannity's wife Jill Rhodes's ROOMMATE in college), in Grant Henry's CHURCH -- before he opened it elsewhere as a BAR!!!

Grant Henry, me, and Christal Presley partying in early 2010.

Hollis in center, with MANY of the CIA-Republicans at WSB radio when they BEGAN: Sean Hannity, Neil Boortz, unknown, then past Hollis, Clark Howard (whom I once met pushing his books in a Costco in Atlanta), RAGIN' CAJUN James Carville, a FAKE DEMOCRAT married to the NOTORIOUSLY venomous Mary Matelin, unknown.

As I have made clear, yesterday, the way to proceed with my lawsuit against the Time/Warner Cable insurance company in now in LIMBO, and it will be when I get the BILL from my procedure this Thursday, that we should have all costs in. And I have ANOTHER situation requiring attention, that has been going on for a WHILE, but I only realized it is a DIFFERENT KIND of bed bugs than I briefly had here in Wilmington in 2011, so I thought it was something else (and they are like TICKS and LARGE (but long, and LOW), and burst BLOOD all over the place). 

I should have originally stated that I HAVE kept them in check by using "chemical remedies" in bombs and sprays for about six weeks, but TODAY, I realized it will NOT get rid of them.

The previous infestation and all I've heard of, are NOT SEEN, but now I must get with the landlady about Pest Control, and when the smaller apartment beneath me had them, the treatment cost was $600.00.

Now, as I've given Joseph Faulk CREDIT for all the generous financial help the last 5.5 years, he freaked out when I kicked the criminal Haston Lavern Caulder II out of my house and CUT ME OFF COLD. Since then, we agreed he'd help me two more months (until I get Insurance Settlement, by end of June at the latest -- claimed my lawyer, with June being the last month).

Well, Joseph spontaneously sent me a considerable sum of money this morning -- and while he ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS sends a note that it is the monthly stipend or for other things, he did NOT, today, send ANY note!!!

Since he KNOWS the income from lawsuit is UP IN THE AIR NOW, and I'll likely have the cost of about $1,000.00 for treatment of bed bugs (a big HEAT machine is used), AND car insurance and registration and inspection (with likely a new tire or two required) -- AND Costco Membership and I BET I can't claim out-of-pocket costs until I can PROVE I PAID THE BILLS (and I've been delaying paying some until I GET settlement, which my lawyer's assistant told me was FINE to do), a NOTE would have helped!!!

Without it -- and Joseph's LONG email trails of ALL HIS NOTES about sending money would LEGALLY back up that he intends it as EXTRA, rather than the amount for June -- sent a WEEK or so before he sends the next month's money -- I would LIKE to assume that, but when Joseph READS THIS, I hope he will clarify things for me -- HA!!!

>>> AND FINALLY: I discovered that my old friend Randy Jones of the Village People:

Randy with his mother Elaine and his husband, Will Grega -- ALL of whom I've PREVIOUSLY gotten along with -- has at times chastised me for blogging about his CLOSEST FRIEND IN WILMINGTON, Ryan Lee Burris, being a NARCO-TRAFFICKER, is a friend of those on that thread on FB when I got BANNED by CIA Republicans!!!

I learned that Randy UN-FRIENDED ME that same day!!!

Ryan with his Cape Fear Equality Board (which he heads). Ryan was just KICKED OFF the Board of the New Hanover County Democrats for his DRUG-TRAFFICKING!!!

But it happened DAYS AFTER Randy un-friended me -- he is SUPPORTING CHRISTIAN NARCO-TRAFFICKING in the Cape Fear Region. Randy is throwing his annual FUNDRAISER for Meals-on-Wheels in Carolina Beach this year -- ON MY 66TH BIRTHDAY!!! I had planned to ATTEND!!!

And Randy is WELL AWARE (we discussed it twice), that I stayed with George Bush's cousin in his FAVE Lazy Pirate at that beach last October (then made THREE connections high in Mar-a-Lago Security!!!), so I'm THINKING of PICKETING that little NARCO-TRAFFICKER'S PARTY -- or otherwise TRASHING HIS NAME all over Southeast North Carolina where Randy hails from (stay tuned)!!!

What makes it EXTRA FUN, is that June 16, 2017, is ALSO the THIRD anniversary of Donald Trump announcing his Presidential Campaign, and MOST Bible scholars now believe that is the day "Jesus Christ" is most likely to have been born.

MAYBE I'll watch a BEATLES DVD, instead. Readers KNOW that when I sent THIS posting (with much additional material), to top people in the British Government, their EQUIVALENT of our CIA soon opened an investigation into the CIA MURDER OF JOHN LENNON -- Lennon was ordered hit by Tennessee Williams's lawyer, John Eastman, ALSO then brother to Paul McCartney's FIRST wife -- who ALSO ordered the HIT on Tennessee Williams -- all for the CIA with help of Republican Party and Episcopal Church -- as Jackie Kennedy Onassis WARNED Tenn and me at Jean Stein's party on January 11, 2012.

And Jean Stein, one of the wealthiest and best connected people on EARTH, was ASSASSINATED just TWO WEEKS AGO, tomorrow:

I received THANKS from Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon when I first posted this:

Paul McCartney's KENNEDY CENTER HONORS, with a "guard", Paul and his new FANCY wife, his wife's AUNT. Barbara "Ba-Ba" Walters, then John Eastman and his wife.


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