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RP: HEY!!! It's One MOTHER OF A DAY -- No???

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It could ALSO be said, "That's how I know I'm not with Narco-Trafficking, Racist Christians in Wilmington, North Carolina -- ALL led by the SWASTIKA-CLAD KENAN FAMILY!!!"

I am Thomas S. Kenan III who once shared a MALE LOVER with Scott David Kenan, and I am PROUD to have put Donald Trump into office to DESTROY the US Constitution to RAISE the CHRISTIAN SWASTIKA as we wear our Kenan Ku Klux Klan robes!!!

I have documented the wealthy Kenans giving the Episcopal Church -- especially Sewanee -- about $90,000,000.00 over the last 100 years to SUPPORT Episcopal Church White Supremacy, and ALSO helped MURDER TENNESSEE WILLIAMS.

President Faust

You can CALL Harvard President Drew Faust to ask her yourself: (617) 495-1000. Several years ago after I spoke at great length with the Admin in Harvard's Legal Department, Nancy Armstrong (now retired), who was the ONLY ONE STILL THERE from when the Kenans with Episcopal Church lawyers STOLE Tennessee Williams's estate from Harvard, and Nancy said that EVERYTHING I told her of what I knew made SENSE, and that Harvard's lawyers were simply OVERWHELMED and had NO IDEA what hit them and how they lost the fight.

Well, Drew Gilpin Faust's Admin handled all my calls to President Faust, and EVENTUALLY let me know they were NOT interested in pursuing this -- and ADMITTED Harvard gets TOO MANY MILLIONS from Thomas S. Kenan III to even THINK of ANGERING HIM -- HA!!!

What if THIS is true: BECAUSE local D.A. Ben David, who promised he would get my LIBEL false conviction in Chicago VOIDED, he being a MAJOR part in that via his former intern Jeffrey Duncan, and he CAN'T DO IT (or doesn't want to -- REMEMBER, I have both paper and screen-captures to PROVE how many times and various ways the Dekalb County Courts have ALTERED AND DELETED the records even of the RESULTS of the many charges against me there in 1990 and 2010, PROVES that Court Records in the United States are CHANGED at the WHIM OF THE NAZI/CHRISTIAN PARTY -- of both Democrats and Republicans)!!!

That sentence got away from me, but, the MAIN GOAL of Ben David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous (who smoked CRACK daily in the house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine in 2011 - 12), and Judges Hogston, Ray, and Noecker, especially, then, but also Faisson (a CHRISTIAN even though the New Testament advises slaves to OBEY WHITE MASTERS), has been to JAIL, KILL, or COMMIT ME to cover up that they are ALL CHRISTIAN NARCO-TRAFFICKERS or adamant protectors of it. ALSO, they are RACISTS, except maybe Faisson.

Judges Davis and Robinson were always FAIR to me, and Robin Robinson actually THANKED me for coming back to Wilmington to GET TO THE BOTTOM OF ALL OF THIS. 

Now what could well be true -- especially given all the HARASSMENT I still suffer by the CIA-associated Facebook, Time/Warner Cable CORRUPTION of my TV Service (which they haven't actually been able to fix, and NO ONE ELSE in my neighborhood has ANY problem with their service), as well as my CONSTANTLY cycling in-and-out internet connection -- is that since THESE CHRISTIANS have been unable to ELIMINATE ME, and I've made so much POLITICAL PROGRESS, that THIS was why, after ALL THESE YEARS the OTHER (not aggressive, like me), people who can PROVE our Government MURDERED Tennessee Williams MUST NOW BE KILLED!!!

Jean Babette Stein, like me, Tennessee Williams's brother Dakin (now deceased), and writer Dotson Rader (and some others I'm not now thinking of), ALL could do this -- it is WHY the CIA murdered Jean Stein two weeks ago, today.

We were GETTING SO CLOSE to being re-connected and then would be REALLY able to prove all these NAZI CRIMES of the US Government 

Image result for dotson rader writer

Dotson Rader has written widely for publications both here and abroad, including The New York Times, The Sunday Times of London, The New Republic, and The Paris Review. Rader has published four novels and three works of nonfiction, including Tennessee: Cry of The Heart, An Intimate Memoir of Tennessee Williams (Doubleday, 1985). He has been a contributing editor to Esquire and Parade magazines. Rader lives in New York.
BornJuly 25, 1942 (age 74), Evanston, IL

While I worked for Tennessee Williams, Dotson was the highest paid magazine writer in the world, his column in Parade Magazine being central to that, but after he published HIS memoir, claiming like Dakin Williams had ALSO claimed in his published memoir, that Tennessee Williams was MURDERED by the Episcopal Church (Sewanee), Dotson DISAPPEARED and hid in the Los Angeles area where I had very limited communications with him.

WATCH for the NEWS of Dotson Rader's DEATH!!!

Dotson and his lover of many years, Richard Zoerink, often crossed paths with Tennessee and me, in New York and in Key West. AFTER I left Tennessee Williams's employ, Dotson even PAID me to take Richard up the Keys to put him in an alcohol dry-out tank (and didn't CARE that Richard and I were then having a sexual affair). From my memoir (and they pop up later, as well):

That 1982 check from Dotson for $100.00 BOUNCED, and I saved it on my dresser all these years (like I NOW have Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr.'s check for $1,200.00 to Wilmington NARCO-TRAFFICKER and "WHORE-RUNNER" Haston Lavern Caulder II, on my DESK!!!), but lost it among nearly ALL my possessions when I FLED Stone Mountain for Puerto Vallarta in 2010 -- with Col. Dottie Newman's help, she the retired Chief Protocol Officer of Secretary of State Colin Powell.

When I spoke with Joseph Faulk, this morning, he said that the $700.00 he sent me yesterday is my "usual monthly amount" -- which he'd also sent an email saying, and I found it later. He both wrote and said it to me as if it is a STILL CONTINUING COMMITMENT of monthly support, so I will take his word on THAT, and assume he also meant he would NOT send extra beyond the continuing monthly payments (presumably, also, until I get insurance settlement -- the whole POINT to his continuing after he cut me OFF in a fit a ANGER for kicking the CRIMINAL Mr. Caulder out of my apartment).

And when I spoke to my very cheerful mother, she had heard from my brother Mike, and since Mom said nothing about Max being investigated by his company, Mike must NOT have told Mom about that.

I told her how I met for an hour with my landlady about our need to BAKE my apartment to death to kill all the bedbugs BEFORE they spread to any other areas, and that will cost me within the next few days about $1,000.00 out of pocket, PLUS it will drive my electric bill SKY HIGH for all the energy for HEAT.

After Joseph Faulk's money to me clears tomorrow, that will leave me just about $300.00 to my name, but GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES, so I am not worried.

When I spoke with my landlady, she expressed the concern that an older black man (race only used for ID purposes), had come and gone from Denise Wood's downstairs apartment toting a giant tied-up sheet full of SOMETHING -- like SANTA CLAUS, and I explained to Gold Walker that the guy is in his 70's, lives not far from Atlanta, has a trucking company, and a wife with family, but comes here every couple of weeks to sex with "Miss Lucy", and she does his books and claims he pays her every BILL!!!

I have NO IDEA what was in that giant load, but Denise WAS an International Drug Mule with 43 Felony Convictions years ago -- and currently LOVES Mayor Bill Saffo!!! Gold said that Denise had DEMANDED money from a Mexican guy (her business partner in "painting and dry-wall"), and got NASTY about it (like the text I got from Denise a couple of nights ago -- DEMANDING I pay her IMMEDIATELY some money I owed her and had PAID HER, just HOURS BEFORE)!!!

Denise apologized to me PROFUSELY, saying she was just "too fucked up", and speaking of THAT, I told Gold how this is all in TEXTS that are saved, and that the last TWO times I'd seen Sa'ant Samuel Celia, called "Sam", he had to go to BED, and Denise explained that he's been getting TOO HIGH ON DRUGS.

But we BOTH are glad that Sam has gone back working at Slice of Life pizza, and is doing FINE, there.

And SURELY all my Readers remember that recently Sam Celia SPILLED THE BEANS on how he had supplied Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Dr. Timothy Leary, and my old Puerto Vallarta NEMESIS, Dr. Leary's old lover, Theodore "Ted" Druch with the BEST ACID EVER (but today makes cheese, instead).

And Dearest Reader, you DO RECALL that recently CANNED Democratic Party Third VICE Chair Ryan Lee Burris is TOTALLY CONNECTED to these people -- his primary email address begins "JerryGarciaFan" -- he the CLOSE FRIEND of Randy Jones of the Village People.

Ryan on right.


I think this is enough for now, and I leave you with the FACT that yesterday, I accepted the INVITATION to join some kind of BOARD at TARBELL, and as EVERYONE who ever studied American History KNOWSIda Tarbell did the JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATION  into Standard Oil that BROKE IT UP (since the US Government was PART OF IT-- until she FORCED Our Government to look into it.

BUT, the one thing in the break-up of the monopoly powers that was NOT done then (or since), was to break up Henry Flagler's (he owned the LARGEST block of STANDARD OIL stock) RAILROAD "monopoly", he then owning 40% of the stock overall in US Railroads. 

BECAUSE of control of so many railroads and SHIPPING PRICESFlagler/Rockefeller REALLY had gotten a STRANGLEHOLD.

And Flagler left his RAILROADS MONOPOLY to my Kenan Family as WELL!!!

Now resting in ownership of Betty and Tom Kenan (center and right).


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