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RP: Is Mercury in Retrograde -- Whenever OVER-SIZED WOMEN (near obese and up), Communicate with ME???

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Now truth be told, I've only had a FEW one-on-one communications with Able Mable, and I FORGET if she was the high Georgia Democrat who served for years on the Board of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke, but today Alisa Worth, Executive Director of the Nevada Democrats is on the Board. I'm not too sure how many Republicans are there, but it's a VERY IMPRESSIVE BOARD!!!:

To begin with, I got a prompt reply from Pamela Heisser who is handling my claim against Spectrum Cable for hitting me in a crosswalk with a big truck. I'll just paste in her words and my response, then add a couple of comments:

Ms. Heisser,

First, I later realized I had misspelled YOUR name too, yesterday, sorry.

Be careful what you write to me as you might put at least ESIS at risk of prosecution. I explained in my attachment, that I sent to you by email, that all these factors affected my pain and sufferingso if you are saying my pain and suffering is NOT what this claim is aboutcould you please send me a concise explanation of what it IS about?

You didn't mention my mailed materials reaching Scranton, so I assume they have not yet gotten to your company.



-----Original Message-----

From: Heisser, Pamela W <Pamela.Heisser@ESIS.Com>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Fri, May 26, 2017 8:50 am
Subject: RE: 2d34 495 4146461 Charter Communications/Keenan (actually "Kenan")

Mr. Kenan,

It would appreciated if any correspondence that you send is related only to this claim and the information I have requested.  I am not a part of your blog and do not wish to be as it is not related to the claim. Your political views have no bearing on the evaluation or value of the claim.  I am also  not going to respond to correspondence to people that are not involved in this incident.

Thanking you in advance.

Pamela Heisser
Claims Specialist

So, I'd better first say that neither Able Mable Thomas nor Pamela Heisser (to my knowledge), are "overweight".

Gold Walker called me first thing today, and had apparently spoken with the "Bug Guys" (exterminators), and began by telling me they are "NICE GUYS!!!", and that Brad told her that he'd told me that the kitchen cabinets would NOT be opened for the fumigating. I replied that since they told me to either put the open boxes of grits and cereal (kept in the cabinets), into the refrigerator or throw them out if left in the fumes, that didn't make much sense (but I did NOT accuse her or Brad of lying). 

And I said that I don't care about whether anyone is "nice" or not, I care about PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR, and their fogging the house and leaving two windows WIDE OPEN (and first job of the morning when one's MIND should be fresh), was to me UNBELIEVABLE, and it was only that that got me so angry over their joking about killing "Wilmington's Gay Bed Bugs for Jesus." It was an edgy thing for them to do, but NOT in itself inappropriate given how much we had kidded around.

Had they been joking about exterminating "Jewish" or "black" bed bugs -- well they simply would not have SAID THAT!!!

And it was COMPOUNDED by the fact that most bare floors took over 24 hours to dry, and some took FOUR WHOLE DAYS, so it seemed a bit HEAVY in application to me.

"But they are NICE GUYS!!!", Gold again insisted, and I said that I'm NOT upset now and I did NOT get poisoned, so I'll see them if they have to come back if the bugs aren't all dead.

AGAIN!!! "They are NICE GUYS!!!" So I said let's not discuss this further, and I'll call them if I need to. Gold gave me a VERY HUFFY, FAT-GIRL/CHRISTIAN FEMALE, "Well you just have a GREAT MEMORIAL DAY -- GOOD-BYE!!!"

It was a typical Southern SNIDE remark, similar to the above, and this is how Sister Louisa (Grant Henry), has put it:

And then after thinking a minute, I called Brad and we had a GREAT LAUGH over the ENTIRE THING. 

Gold Walker smokes way too much pot to think right -- she STILL is proud that she voted for TRUMP, but since first telling me that keeps asking that I NOT LET ANY OF HER FRIENDS KNOW THAT. Her maintenance man -- who registers his car in Tennessee so he doesn't have to get it inspected and has NEVER IN HIS LIFE paid Social Security or other income taxes because she has paid him cash for years and years, BOTH smoke pot before getting out of bed and continue all day long, as does Casey, the Bug Man's sidekick.

Gold is ASHAMED of her vote, and yet voted that way and is still proud of it -- and she did that because she claimed Barack Obama had raised her New Hanover County PROPERTY TAXES SKY HIGH!!! (a COUNTY action -- maybe with state and likely the city). 

Then I soon saw Gold in the yard and she first replied to me ICILY, but as soon as I said I'd just called Brad and had a GREAT CONVERSATION, she was again happy with me and she was again my friend.

You don't even have to be FAT to be this!!! And here's some others:

This is just like Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management claiming that her staff "didn't mean to lie" to me -- and STILL she has NOT EXPLAINED with fact and logic, nor apologized for her company REFUSING to give me my regular check on May 4.

But I DID confirm with Spectrum Cable (when I called because I lost TV service AGAIN, this morning, but it was another neighborhood outage, now corrected), that they received the payment that brought my account up-to-date.

And I spoke with my mother in Raleigh, who spent her LIFE perfecting the NAZI MIND CONTROL she began working on for our Government (CIA and hiding NAZIS), right after WWII when the Proctor & Gamble Chemistry Lab that Mom headed got TONS OF DR. MENGELE'S DATA -- from his experiments on Jews in Concentration Camps, and the NAZI MIND CONTROL data, too.

So you can SEE WHY my devout Roman Catholic mother has NO REGRETS for trying to have me killed, jailed, or nut-house-committed, Mom working DIRECTLY with Judges and Psychiatrists in Georgia in 1990, and with D.A. Ben David, and Judges Chad Hogston, Sandra Ray, and perhaps others in Wilmington in 2011 - 12.

And my siblings, Jane Ann Kenan, Michael William Kenan, and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy cooperated and ALSO still feel they did the RIGHT THING!!! I HOPE to put all of them in PRISON, except Mom, who is 94, now.

I believe -- but cannot prove -- that it was MOM'S IDEA for Fox News to play tones that cause EUPHORIA in the minds of people on "old age drugs" -- HOW they got such an "OLD FART" audience, but in the early aughts, the other networks caught onto it, and SUED FOX NEWS, and Fox quickly DROPPED THE TONES, and the lawsuits evaporated.

So talking with Mom today about a LOT of things, I told her how both Gold and Teri (only Gold is nearly obese -- rarely combs her hair and shuffles all day like she's on too much of some PSYCH MEDS), were so ILLOGICAL and BULLYING (Teri more civilly), that I've just HAD IT -- and I apologized first if she found the term offensive -- with CHRISTIAN BULLYING BITCHES!!! 

Mom THEN made clear that I had BETTER NOT SOON VISIT HER -- HA!!!

Me and Mom with Dad's flag from his coffin, Memorial Day 2016.


NOT a Christian Bitch!!!


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