Monday, May 29, 2017

RP: LURCH (Scott David Kenan), Finally DANCES His VICTORY DANCE!!! / Seven Years Ago This Weekend I FLED My NAZI Family for Mexico, and Six Years Ago, Today, I Published WALKING ON GLASS on!!! "7" is Bible-Speak for COMPLETED!!!

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FORTY is Bible-Speak for "as long as it takes" -- Moses in the Wilderness AND Jesus bein' DEVIL-TEMPTED in the desert.

Only Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe that Moses was so FUCKING STUPID it took forty years to walk what is a SIX DAY HIKE!!!

"God loves the ATHEISTS BEST -- because they NEVER fell for any of the BULL SHIT!!!" ~ J. Kennedy Schultz, President of Religious Science, International (in the 1980s)

Even his publisher dropped the "c" in Kennedy's name -- LOL!!!

Well, Spectrum Cable FINALLY called me from India at 5:11 PM, EIGHT HOURS past the one hour window within which they had CLAIMED FROM CLEVELAND, OHIO they would call to set up an appointment.

And they REFUSED to admit it, but KNEW that I had gotten a return to intermittent TV Cable reception, which is WHY they had not BOTHERED to stop by today -- AS PROMISED!!!

SURE gave them a piece of my MIND!!!

Nancy Babcock, a Presbyterian NAZI I knew well in Atlanta, who moved to rural California in 2009 -- to ESCAPE ALL THE "NIGGERS"!!!

Nevertheless, Ms. Babcock WROTE most of the cover-letter that eventually got me the AGENT FROM HELL!!!

I met my agent, Cynthia Zigmund at the Art Institute of Chicago -- before traveling to the Meyer Family NAZI FEST in 2009:

From Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The MIND OF THE UNIVERSE (always wins)!!!


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