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RP: "Memory Lane Comics" (a Motsinger Family enterprise just moved to NEAR Teri Motsinger's Benefits Management), Is NOT the ONLY Comedy Game in Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

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I hope NO ONE is insulted if I opine that these boys are more NICELY BODIED than handsome -- LORD!!!

First, to follow up, my brother Mike DID send me a financial contribution -- GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

And the FIRST phone call I got this morning, was from Landlady Gold Walker at 10:00 AM, who thought it HIGHLY IMPORTANT that I know that Sam Celia, downstairs -- the guy who supplied his good friend Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead as well as Dr. Timothy Leary, and Theodore "Ted" DruchLeary's former male lover and member of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group while I lived there most of 2010 - 2015, with the BEST LSD, which Sa'ant "Sam" Samuel Celia, Jr. made in his lab, years ago (and documented in this blog).

TODAY, it is claimed Sam only makes CHEESE downstairs, so I've been told by both Gold Walker and Denise Wood NOT to worry about all the STRANGE SMELLS coming from his apartment downstairs!!!

Anyway, Gold said that Sam is a HUGE energy conservator, and so wants the front porch light turned OFF during daylight hours -- the opposite of what Gold told me SHE wanted several times since I moved in -- including about a week ago.

IMPORTANT!!!: Gold told me she is SCARED TO DEATH of Denise Wood, so WHO KNOWS what is true here!!! 

But I told Gold for the THIRD TIME this morning that ALL my blog postings are now going via the US State Department to TOP FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT, and the Government now seems to PROTECT ME!!! 

Gold said she NEVER reads my blog and never wants to -- Denise Wood has told me this several times, too.

So I pointed out that while I understand that light hits Sam's bill, the bulb is a twisty fluorescent, so VERY little cost, while Sam runs his air conditioning so FREEZING that Denise -- half her apartment is served by Sam's "whole house" system, FREEZING her one room, not directly cooling her other, and cooling the shared front hallway, which could almost be used as a WALK-IN REFRIGERATOR!!!

He's worried about a fluorescent LIGHT BULB???

But in any case, I'm glad she thought it so important to call me RIGHT AWAY to straighten out, and I don't care -- as long as SOMEONE usually remembers to turn it on at night.

I did NOT mention to Gold that it seems SILLY that as much as Denise Wood has STAYED DAYS AT HOME (often simply comatose), that she hasn't even BEGUN painting the REST of the front porch, which Gold asked her to do 10 days ago -- the paint cans sitting in the hallway all this time, and she DID paint the rails and spindles, two weeks ago, before Gold approved the rest of it.

Do you SEE what I am talking about these LYING CHRISTIAN WOMEN??? It is HABITUALand they don't even know they do it -- like Gold's NONSENSE about the exterminator's claims!!!

>>> I FORGOT TO MENTION that Haston Lavern Caulder II was apparently given Continuances by Judge Faisson of one month for all FIVE of his charges (this past week he was scheduled on TWO days for them all, but late June they will ALL be tried in ONE COURT and on ONE DAY)!!! 

And I thought it would be FUN TO CLOSE with excerpts of comments I recently emailed to an old friend:

Texas Kate flanked by Tennessee Williams and his sister, Rose, about 1979

Remember, It was Texas Kate (Schweppe) Sharp then Moldawer, and later McNamara, whose first husband was the son of President Eisenhower's top ally fighting the Military Industrial Complex, who after Ike left office was forced to recant, and Kate, herself, grew up in Atlanta, best friends of Frank Hawkins Kenan and his brother, James Graham Kenan, and from THEM she learned how to act like the richest person on earth, and Tennessee Williams based his lead character in In Masks Outrageous and Obscure on Kate, and her tall, gay, observing but silent, BLACK husband on ME!!! 

In recent days I have seen from all the comments Tennessee said (and Kate as well), that they KNEW I was related to the rich Kenans, and therefore VERY SMART AND TALENTED, like ALL Kenans seem to be, although I try to actually serve God and Country.

So CHEERS!!! -- and I hope you are having a great weekend!!! 

You might get a kick out of this: Denise Wood, downstairs, who stopped at 6' 3" when she became pregnant with her first daughter in 9th grade, and is about as wide as my Mom was when she was borderline obese years ago. She was getting laid 10 days BEFORE she returned to work TWO WEEKS before her doctor recommended it -- for a HYSTERECTOMY, is such a bad NYMPHO that she continues bedding a HUGE variety of men. And SHE claims to be a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN -- LOL!!! 

Of course I was a sex addict for about 15 years, but I learned this cheap sex stuff is NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE.

Denise had been supplying me with pot for months, but is acting like a miffed junior-high girl (like the age she first got pregnant, which stopped physical AND emotional growth), so the last four nights I scraped out and smoked all the resins in my unscrew-able metal pipe, so NOW I'm getting away from it, as the suppliers are too criminal for me to want to deal with, anymore.

Well, now that the US State Department for the first time OPENLY has asked for and is getting all my evidence and info, I feel the switch has FLIPPED, and my Government has more interest in PROTECTING ME, rather than harming me. So I no longer NEED the relaxation of the pot. 

But I think it was not THIS Roman Catholic switch (pictured below), which the designer had to just be CLUELESSand did not realize what it would become in actual use:

Well, ALL THE ICONS IN THIS AOL EMAIL that allow adding photos, files, etc. just now DISAPPEARED and aren't coming back after a few minutes. AOL email NEVER remembers the email address of my BEST ALLIES and ALWAYS blocks my blog going to anyone with an AOL address -- WHEN I seriously criticize CHRISTIANS -- just like Facebook kicked me off for the same reason (and for blogging about Obama's and Rahm Emanuel's GAY LIFE -- HA!!!) 

So I am not allowed to include Jesus flanked by two Catholic grade school kids, and the light switch appears to be Jesus's WANKER -- LOL!!!

COULD post it in this BLOG!!!

Much love to you from Wilmington!!!



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