Wednesday, May 24, 2017

RP: Mike Luckovich -- USUALLY a Christian Narco-Trafficking SUPPORTER of "Narco-Cunt Hillary Clinton", like Jay Bookman, who TOTALLY LICKS Christian Christal Presley's POISON IVY-POISONED Literal "PUSSY" (google in this blog for DETAILS!!!)!!!

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But here's who is even WORSER, a GOD-HATING MORMON gone FAKE ARTIST:

Mark Beard, the many-years lover of Vassilis Voglis (hand on Mark's shoulder), who inherited his long term lover's FATHER'S fortune -- that father having been PRESIDENT of the New York Stock Exchange!!!

Mark's painting on the ceiling is of the ceiling of the flagship store for Abercrombie & Fitch in NYC, led to his FOUR PAINTINGS -- just a few years ago -- of FOUR A&F stores in Asia and Europe (but NOT the USA!!!), for $8,000,000.00, each!!!

TOO BAD Mark Beard can only DECORATE and has not a SINGLE ARTISTIC BONE in his body!!!

Mark Beard in 2013: You SEE in his eyes how he is now TOTALLY ADDICTED to XANAX, now, as ADMITTED to me by his "partner" now of many years, James Manfredi, an ITALIAN with a dick as GIANT as Mark's!!! (the only reason Tennessee and Vassilis had ANY love for Mark, whose great-grandfather was one of the THREE that Joseph Smith dictated THE BOOK OF MOR(M)ON to -- fancy THAT!!!

FIRST had to deal with Mark Beard PUBLICLY at this party, where Mark told me he had it on HIGHEST AUTHORITY that Tennessee Williams was just a "FAGGOT PIECE OF SHIT", and that only JESUS RULES!!!"

I don't believe I mentioned Mark and Vassilis being at this party in my memoir, but I've added that info MANY TIMES, now, in my BLOG -- just ask my BUDDY, Hoosier Rick McKay, whom I met at the LaFont Theatre in Atlanta -- when he first toured with his film:

And HERE is Wilmington, North Carolina's FAVE MOR(M)ON: Self described "Jack Mormon" Jennifer McCracken, whose brother CORRUPTS Ed McMahon's otherwise HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL Sheriff's Deputies!!!

Jennifer McCracken STILL of apartment 67 in Carolina Apartments, whilest Monica Lewinsky's TIGHT FRIEND (and business associate) now lives JUST BELOW Ms. McCracked!!!:

And Kathleen Kincade's gringo Christian Family living in El Salvador ("The SAVIOR" -- suck Jesus's HOT, if cutPENIS!!!)


Anyway, Kathleen's family FOUNDED and BUILT Bain Capital for Mitt Romney as a TOTALLY CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE (long before he built that elevator in California for his car or cars)!!! 

And TODAY, Kathleen's near relatives are ALL IN EL SALVADOR PRISONS for Christian CIA and DRUG MAFIA ACTIVITIES -- LOL!!! 

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My dear friend David Wolkowsky (Mr. Key West), at least MENTIONED in two James Bond movies:

This is my FAVE endorsement, not only because David has the LARGEST collection of Tennessee Williams's paintings, but because I first MET HIM through the BEST CHEF I  EVER MET (in 1974)Gail Brockway, now of Old Town Mexican Cafe in Key West:


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