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RP: My Letter Just Sent AS FOLLOW-UP to Father John Jenkins, the NAZI President of Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana / My ENTIRE Email List!!!

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Father John Jenkins

May 21, 2017

Dear Father John Jenkins:

Funny, that only today, I learned that Notre Dame University is 85% Catholic, the same as Mexico -- where I stayed in Political Exile most of the years 2010 - 2015 by help of Secretary of State Colin Powell's people (google him!!!), is WHERE I was semi-protected from Catholic and non-Catholic NAZIS in the CIA, US State Department, Episcopal Church, and my own Ku Klux Klan supporting Kenan Family -- who put BOTH Enrique Pena Nieto and Donald Trump into two Presidencies, ADMITTING that our Exxon-Mobil former CEO Rex Tillerson had the HEAVIEST hand in installing Mexico's CIA President -- and they have ALL been FURIOUSLY involved in shipping HEAVY DRUGS to the USA, since then.

It is too late and I am too tired to examine the above for "sentence integrity", as first thing tomorrow morning, I need to begin building my claim against a Spectrum Cable truck that knocked me out of a crosswalk on 2/13/17. And I'm writing you because Notre Dame and Father Hesburgh, your predecessor, not only planned much of this with my mother, but also with Coach Lou Holtz, who became John Boehner's TOP CO-STRATEGIST. 

Later, Lou Holtz coached at ND and my Uncle Robert J. Meyer, DDS, was designated the Official Dentist to the Fighting Irish -- and that our former neighbors were my parents' best friends in 1968 - 1970, Coach Lou Holtz and his wife Beth. This while we still ate daily off dinner plates festooned with SWASTIKAS and my mother was getting HER marching orders by direct and indirect contact with several Catholic Popes over several decades, but mostly the most NAZI of them since Pius XII, John Paul II.

Here is my earlier letter to you to refresh your memory:

I believe I forgot to mention in it that back then, my sister Jane babysat the Holtz kids, then all in grade school and NOT YET POTTY TRAINED, so Jane got paid EXTRA for cleaning up LOU'S KIDS' SHIT -- LOL!!!

And I only visited Notre Dame University ONCE, in spring 1982 with my then boss, playwright Tennessee Williams, to see a friend of his who was your professor then, and to take a BREAK from the rehearsals of A House Not Meant to Stand's premier performance at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago.

Well, I've ALMOST got Father Bob Kus of Basilica Church of St. Mary's (around the corner from my apartment here in Wilmington, North Carolina), into FEDERAL PRISON for 30+ years of HEAVY NARCO-TRAFFICKING and running WHORE HOUSES in Wilmington to enrich your GOD-HATING Church!!!

It was with GREAT PLEASURE that I watched many videos of Notre Dame students walking out on "Pussy-Boy Pence" -- Mike Pence to be exact -- (as actual Humans call him), at today's commencement. I'll leave this sentence VAGUE -- LOL!!!

I HOPE the US Government finds cause to IMPRISON YOU SOON for YOUR NAZI CRIMES. And HERE are the three chapters of my greatly acclaimed memoir of working for Mr. Williams that describe the mounting of A House Not Meant to Stand -- about the FALL of "American NAZI Society". Tennessee KNEW my mother was America's top NAZI back then, but I HAD NO IDEA of it, really (although I KNEW she was a HIGH NAZI):

I will publish this letter on my blog.

Pleasant DREAMS, tonight -- I need to get this off IMMEDIATELY, before I have to change all my time-modifiers to "yesterday" . . . 

Scott David Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

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