Tuesday, May 30, 2017

RP: Narco-Trafficker Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. Has Had ALL HIS PHONES DISCONNECTED -- Praise the LORD!!!

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The ONE photo I have -- and recent -- of Patrick Lee Stansbury that is NOT a Mug Shot -- LOL!!!

What a SHOCK to think it would be fun to leave messages for my old co-workers of 20 years: "So who's laughing NOW???", only to discover that both the local landline and toll-free numbers have all been DISCONNECTED!!!

Mike Massicott is tallest here, with his wife and children, and his wife's father, Dr. Price.

So I called Mike Massicott (the Sr. Vice President, trained by AT&T Matrix),on his cell. Mike answered but could not hear me. I called back and had to leave message that I HOPE Mike made off with all the contracts, just like Walter Moore stole all the ad copy from Russell and Aileen Smith's Collegiate Concepts, Inc. that Patrick had previously managed when I was hired in 1990.

Walter Moore always impersonated being a retired General when he sold ad space, and was from Cherry Hill, NJ, where he knew ALL the top executives of Sun Oil (Sunoco), the company my father and brother worked for nearly their entire professional lives. Mike Kenan REFUSES to tell me where HE now works, but claims it is for another company but also in refinery accounting.

Also, my father, William Scott Kenan, became CLOSE FRIENDS with Lee Gosney, a Pentagon Publishing salesman who set up most of the narco-trafficking deals with politicians and Christian Churches from Maine to Florida, but especially in Wilmington, NC, which my friend Evan Fish knew ALL ABOUT, and is WHY Wilmington Police FORCED Evan to jump to his death about September 3, 2011 from a parking deck downtown -- and he LANDED right next to the front door of Benefits Management, Inc., where I soon will go to get my allowance check.

So, I will be RE-CONTACTING my old friends from Pentagon Publishing -- just to see who can LAUGH WITH ME about it all, and who'd really rather KILL me -- HA!!!

Big day, today, so gotta run. Sorry if this is not entirely cogent.



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