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Well, I did NOT go to the beach today -- as I had hoped to -- because my brother Mike called about noon and asked how a person might send me money and wanted an email detailing that, so without Mike making a commitment that he actually WOULD send money, how much, or when -- I got a little EXCITED since Mike has given me no practical help since summer 2010. 

I was LATE getting away, anyway (due to writing/posting this:, and although it is 90 degrees out, I had been comfortable enough at a muggy 84 inside (I'm stretching every dollar I can), but decided to STAY HOME IN AIR CONDITIONING -- since SOMETHING was coming -- and be here when it arrived. It is four hours later, and nothing else has happened.

Of course there could be a LOT of reasons he hasn't sent it yet -- and he would not just be teasing me -- but Mike volunteered no additional info, and I did not want to ask, fearing I'd JINX it -- LOL!!!

And for all I know, Mike may be just a few miles away on Wrightsville Beach -- like the time he called me while I was homeless here in Wilmington in 2012, but almost ready to head back to Mexico after Defender Jennifer Harjo made the deal with D.A. Ben David that if I left North Carolina for a FULL YEAR, he would wipe the CONVICTIONS, etc. from my record, and even though that deal was TOTALLY ILLEGAL. Ben David had NO evidence that I had committed a SINGLE CRIME -- so holding me in jail FIVE TIMES without evidence was TOTALLY ILLEGAL and there is a North Carolina Program that reimburses victims of ROGUE DISTRICT ATTORNEYS by number of days ILLEGALLY INCARCERATED, but Ben David was LAUGHING HIS BUTT OFF at me, knowing I could NOT collect it before the two year time limit ran out -- because I was being forced to remain still out of the country, and had to file it from the States


But that plan WAS practical, and in fact Ben David did clean my record a year later!!!

Here is my report of my ENTIRE FAMILY (except me), vacationing eight miles away, but Mike called and never let me know they were here -- and I had BOUGHT MY CAR, was just waiting for the metal plate to drive to a foreign country. I could EASILY have driven to Wrightsville Beach to visit them for a little while, but they were TOTALLY AGAINST THAT, so I did NOT!!!

The account: My brother Mike is the BEST of understanding me, but when things were wild and woolly in spring of 2012, and I had received my initial lump sum from Disability, bought my car, and was waiting three weeks in Wilmington, NC for the permanent plate before returning to Mexico, my entire family was staying on vacation at Wrightsville Beach -- eight miles away -- and I had spoken to Mike by cell phone, and he never mentioned it once. I then called Jane to catch up with her, and she let it out of the bag, because Jane has ALWAYS been the one not to think before speaking -- LOL!!!


The LAST time my whole family rented a cottage at that beach, probably about 2006. Jane, Mike, Mom, me, Dad, and his dog, Maggie. Julie took the photo.

So, I just need to be patient, and whatever he sends will get here whenever it does. There is NO immediate emergency.

Facebook SUGGESTED I re-post this, this morning -- LOL!!!

And the FIRST THING I saw on my TV this morning was District Attorney BEN DAVID'S FACE filling the entire screen!!!

He had arranged a Consent Agreement with a troublesome hotel on Market Street. What impressed me, is that he looked SO RELAXED, he looked YOUNGER today than I've ever seen him looking (the seven years he and I have been acquainted), so my blogging about him does NOT worry him at ALL (now, only)!!!

Back in 2011, while I lived in Mercy House Shelter, a guy who looked like Dewain Joseph Hall but was NOT (or at least Dewain told me in 2015 that it had not been him):

Dewain Joseph Hall, 2015

That guy came up to eat with us while a church fed us in Mercy House's parking lot on Red Cross Street, and was laughing up a storm, telling the guy next to me that he was Ben David's part-time gardener, and that when he had finished up for the day just a short time ago, Ben's wife Stephanie told him how Ben had been unable to sleep well for a couple of weeks -- worrying over someone named SCOTT -- HA!!!

Of course I had known Ben's long-term lover Lee well (long before I knew he was gay), and I had EARLIER posted THIS: (originally in late June, 2011). And later, met Lee as he was leaving town in the nearly new pick-up truck Ben David had paid CASH FOR (drug profits, no doubt), and told him he had to disappear FOREVER!!!

What I like about retelling these stories NOW, is that all blog posts now go DIRECTLY to the US State Department by request of Puerto Vallarta's US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor:

SADLY unflattering photo of Kelly

And . . . 


First Presbyterian of Wilmington has JUST CHOSEN a new Pastor, Dan Lewis, to replace my OLD FRIEND Ernest Trice Thompson, whom they KICKED OUT two years ago, and then could find no NEW PASTOR, as everyone knows that First Prez with then Elder William Rand Kenan, Sr., CAUSED the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection -- the GREATEST MASSACRE by Christians of blacks in our NATION since then.

William R. Kenan, Sr.

MOST shocking about this is that they were FORCED to go to a KENAN CONGREGATION in Statesboro, Georgia -- the same one that "sponsored" the original 1967 edition of the book The Kenan Family, which has the FAKE Stuart/Charlemagne lineage, the FAKE Coat of Arms that they made up to market the Kenans as ROYALTY -- BUT that edition is online and searchable.

In it, you will find that the index has my middle name as "Daniel" instead of "David", but it is correct in the body and suggests a basketball scholarship to DUKE -- LOL!!!

I found Rev. Dan Lewis's email address, and will copy him on this blog posting so he knows WHAT he is stepping INTO -- and that I live right behind his new church, and will be happy to discuss all this in his office -- like I did with Ernie Thompson!!!


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