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RP: Sundays Should Be for PARTIES, no???

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God BLESSED Joan Crawford!!!

And THESE were the kind of parties I attended ALL THE TIME while working for Tennessee Williams!!!

And Jean Babette Stein's party where I met Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Warren Beatty, and others was like this with EXTRA LUMINARIES like Truman Capote, etc. TOO BAD the CIA forced Jean Stein to JUMP TO HER DEATH just three weeks ago, today!!!

The REASON being that Fox News and CNN are so WELL CONTROLLED by the Christian CIA, but Ms. Stein was the biggest stockholder in Comcast Cable, NBC Networks, Universal Studios and Music Group and THEY have sought to get out the TRUTH about the NAZI HYDRA in the USA.

This NAZI System is STILL STRONG and completely associated with Christian Churches. IN FACT District Attorney Benjamin R. David, nominally a Democrat but his twin brother Jon is a Republican and his wife Stephanie worked ALL HER LIFE raising funds for and strategizing with TOP REPUBLICANS, including Lamar Alexander, but ESPECIALLY Mitt Romney, called his brother's "NAZI C*NT", Carrie Menke, PhD, in to commit me PERMANENTLY to Cherry Hospital, where she recommended I be put into a STRAIGHT-JACKET and injected with drugs until I was CAPABLE OF APPEARING IN COURT -- which I had ALREADY appeared in MANY TIMES on MANY FALSE CHARGES and despite that absolute HORROR TO ME that I do NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY, but in a NAZI-CHRISTIAN COUNTRY that hates truth, I was ALWAYS fine in Court and EVERYONE KNEW IT!!!

That was why Judge Russell Davis, DEM, and then my Defender, Jennifer Harjo, REPLAUGHED IT OUT OF COURT!!!


Click them to enlarge to read Dr. Menke's full report.

Well, here is my account of meeting Jackie Onassis at Jean Stein's apartment, January 11, 1982: 

And here my account of Jean Stein's recent ASSASSINATION by hand of the Christian CIA, and the PROOF of it being the NAZI PARTY USA is that Europe and Latin America BROKE INTO TV BROADCASTS to report this shocking news -- but in the USA, the New York Times and some magazines covered it, but NOT TV!!!

It was NOT even reported on NBC or MSNBC, which Jean Stein OWNED!!! 

I awoke this morning to realize it is time to take Joseph Faulk OFF my email list -- he doesn't read my writing much, now, and NEVER remembers what he reads, so there is NO POINT -- PLUS, he still acts like he has NO IDEA how much LEGAL TROUBLE he is in, so we might as well SURPRISE him with his ARREST, when we get to that.

But I'll continue to call him every couple of days to be sure he's OK -- he has NO OTHER FRIEND in this world than me, and this is NO LONGER a pleasure for me, but a MORAL DUTY, only. If I can't contact him quickly enough, I'll report that to New York City Authorities to CHECK OUT. 

On the OTHER hand, Denise Wood ("Miss Lucy"), downstairs KNOWS she's in BIG TROUBLE with the Law, and while continuing to FREEZE ME OUT (straight guys, do YOUR Christian Bitch Wives ever do this???), she is working PLANTING on her porch, today, so NOT very DEPRESSED over it all!!!

Denise became pregnant in 9th grade with her first daughter, and just 2.5 weeks ago, Denise had to COMMIT HER ADULT DAUGHTER, who now has a few kids, to a Mental Hospital, and when the daughter got OUTshe was arrested on more than one Felony Counts.


The biggest problem with this is it ENSLAVES CHRISTIANS to a life of self-centered pleasure seekingdrug addiction, and WHORING to support one's FUN LIFESTYLE.

My former roommate  Philip Rosario's, Roman Catholic altar to NARCOTICS FUN in my house, then, who CLAIMED to me that he was one of the BIGGEST NARCO-TRAFFICKERS and runners of  WHORE HOUSES in Wilmington -- for THIRTY YEARS -- worked under the instructions of Father Robert J. Kus of St. Mary's Catholic -- and he ALSO CLAIMED he had EVERYTHING to blackmail D.A. Ben David so he was ABSOLUTELY IMMUNE to Prosecution for his NAZI-CATHOLIC Crimes!!!

LOL!!! I posted this on Facebook six years ago, today!!!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church describes an indulgence as "a remission before God of the temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven, which the faithful Christian who is duly disposed gains under certain prescribed conditions through the action of the Church which, as the minister of ...

Indulgence - Wikipedia

And I am VERY PLEASED TO REPORT that since my LAST posting, I have had NO TROUBLE AT ALL with my Cable TV signal, and although I continue to LOSE Ethernet internet connection for short periods, I am now ALWAYS switched briefly to Wifi, so NO complete loss of internet!!!

However, when I booted up my computer for the first time this morning, my anti-virus was TURNED OFF, and Google Chrome would NOT boot up more than a blank page with faint "X", etc. in the upper-right corner, so after some difficulty in getting my anti-virus turned ON, again, I forced power OFF and re-booted, having NO MORE PROBLEMS with hackers -- so far, today. 

I keep forgetting to mention that I had INTENDED to contact Spectrum's insurance company on Friday, to see HOW they want me to file my claim, but everything got so DRAMATIC here in Wilmington, that I had no time to. 

I ACTUALLY BELIEVE that after the week of UNPRECEDENTED DISCLOSURES OF CRIMES IN WASHINGTON (and Christian ATTACKS ON ME in Wilmington -- COMPLETELY coordinated to SILENCE ME and make me CRAZY ENOUGH to be arrested or nut house committed), this COMING week will be EASIER, as the CHRISTIANS count their LOSSES in their fight to place the Catholic Pope over the President in Authority -- and the United States of America under the NAZI FLAG and the KU KLUX KLAN.


The nearly ABSOLUTE LACK of Christian images of Jesus looking like a JEW -- but rather like a NORTHERN EUROPEAN is PROOF that Christian Churches are NAZI TRAINING CAMPS -- each and every ONE!!!

Me with Old Original Jesus (Latino manifestation), and with the HOTTEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSEJonathan Andreoli originally of Uruguay, and today married with children, whom I still communicate with today, in Paraty, Brazil, fall 2009!!!


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