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RP: A Tale in TWO EMAILS!!! (I'm TRYIN' to keep it SIMPLE.)

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Bruce Mason, attorneyhttps://www.masonmasonlaw.com/

Email to Pamela Heisser (and supervisor), at ESIS.com (I got a reply that Ms. Heisser is out of the office until 9:00 AM June 5.):

Dear Ms. Heisser:

Having received no reply concerning what you and your company consider proper considerations of my "pain and suffering", which I think this claim is about, I will try to be more clear in my questions. Also, the situation being highly out of the "normal", I decided to guess at your supervisor's email address, and to copy my former attorney Bruce Mason as well, he having CAUSED a lot of confusion for me, and I don't talk behind anyone's back.

I'm sorry that my earlier email confused you. I am now feeding all my info about drug corruption -- including of at least the Time Warner side of Spectrum -- directly to the US State Department and from there to the CIA, NSA, and Justice Department, by invitation of the Puerto Vallarta Consular Agent whom I know well personally, and who has been in place since Bill Clinton appointed her in the 1990s. They are VERY INTERESTED in how your company, although a subcontractor for Spectrum's insurance, treats me.

Had I not begun with a lawyer, I bet you would have told me first EXACTLY how you measure in dollars "pain and suffering", so I knew what sorts of things to send you. Mr. Mason first told me -- and on two separate occasions -- that the ACTUAL COST of all medical was essentially multiplied by eight, and then Medicare reimbursement and his cut would be deducted with me getting the rest. Later, he claimed that the Law was changed in 2011, so that only MY OUT OF POCKET costs count at ALL, so that a person with no insurance who paid all the medical bills would get a FAR HIGHER insurance award than one like me whose bills were MOSTLY covered by Medicare -- although the pain and suffering in both cases is identical. There is NO LOGIC in this, and I can't imagine it is true.

I am very active in Politics, and that is not your interest, but after working with Law Enforcement for SEVEN YEARS, I discovered this morning that the company I worked for 20 years, selling the ad space in all the yearbooks of the US Service Academies, but also distributing all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB (from Maine to Florida, but ESPECIALLY here in Wilmington to Politicians and Christian Churches and Clergy to profit from) -- has been shut down TOTALLY (at least the legitimate ad-sales part of it), and then today I also learned that one of the biggest drug distribution houses in Wilmington, the William R. Kenan House, built by my relatives, has ALSO been shut down -- boarded up!!!

So please let me know how this process proceeds, and what you take into consideration, and how soon you expect to be able to make me an offer. Mr. Mason had told me that I COULD get settlement before the end of May (a little late for that, now), and at the LATEST, by the end of June 2017. He is very experienced, so I trusted his word, but now I'm not so sure that I should have.

Thanks, and once this confusion is cleared up, I feel CERTAIN it will be easier between you and me!!!

All Best,
Scott David Kenan

Email to Teri Motsinger, owner of Benefits Management, Inc.:

Hi Teri,

No one offered me an explanation for WHY I was not given the first check from my May money on May 4, and since I had more than once been promised that check -- before then -- I had made financial plans around that money, but NOT receiving it, and getting rather EXTREME HOSTILITY from your company, instead -- and no explanation since then, either, I am beyond exasperated. I DID badger my family (which coughed up a HUGE $200.00 -- LOL -- the first money they've helped me with since small pittances in 2011), and Joseph Faulk, who has now promised another month's REDUCED allowance check the middle of June to be "for July", so I don't NEED that check, now.

As I told those at your window, today, I never thought you embezzled MY money, and have no reason to believe you have ever done so, however, I was contacted nearly a week ago by Kelly Trainor, a career State Department Employee (Consular Agent in Puerto Vallarta since appointed in the 1990s), inviting me to send ALL my evidence of the Christian Drug Mafias of Wilmington, the USA, and Mexico directly to the State Department, now headed by Rex Tillerson, who for his entire career worked for my NAZI/Christian Kenan Family and put both Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto and President Donald Trump into power -- to get Mexico's, and they HOPE Russia's, oil to profit the Christian Kenans.

So I do NOT know now if you will be included in the Federal Racketeering charges that WILL include D.A. Ben David, and likely will include Joseph Faulk -- and all my siblings (if we can't work out a settlement from them out of Court). This morning I discovered that my employer of 20 years in Georgia has been TOTALLY shut down -- due to info I provided, and this afternoon, I learned that the William R. Kenan house on Nun Street is ALSO now abandoned -- it having been a MAJOR narcotics distribution center in 2011-12, while I was homeless here, and continuing most of the time I've been back, now.

In any case, since the Government paired us in our relationship, and would NOT let me out when I tried -- very seriously and with my Doctor's help -- I trust we can be cordial in all things public and communications. I DID mention to your staff, today, that my friend Evan Fish whom Police forced to jump to his death 9/3/2011, because he knew ALL ABOUT my now SHUT DOWN former employer, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, Georgia, supplying the Wilmington Christian Churches, Ministers (not all of them), and Politicians of BOTH Parties with HUGE volumes of HEAVY DRUGS, actually landed by one report I found published -- RIGHT BY YOUR FRONT DOOR (he having taken a long time to hit the ground, having been spun around several times by the power lines).

I hope that does not SPOOK YOU at all, but it also seems true that you and I never had problems with checks mailed to BoA (and other places), DISAPPEARING until you MOVED to that location!!!

As another mere observation, I have seen only ONE male in your employ the last many months, and EVERYONE seems to be a professing Christian. You MIGHT get into legal trouble with the Government over that, since fewer and fewer Wilmingtonians I speak with claim to be Christian anymore -- maybe 25% -- and your staff doesn't reflect anything but a possible RELIGIOUS TEST for your staff!!!

I do not even ask for a reply to this -- I just want you to know my current understanding of things, and of course I will post this on my blog.

Thanks for reading this,



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