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RP: This Email I JUST SENT to the Insurance Claims Agent for Spectrum Cable, Is the ICING on TODAY'S UBER-PRODUCTIVE CAKE!!!

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“Vulgarity is an old Narcissus who adores himself and applauds the common vulgarity.”

― Victor Hugo, Les Mis√©rables

Re: 2d34 495 4146461 Charter Communications/
Keenan (actually "Kenan") 

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Ms. Heiser (LOL!!! I misspelled HER name too!!!),

Just this minute, I found BOTH copies of your emails to me at my AOL address in AOL's SPAM file, sent there by AOL without my knowledge, and the ONLY REAL emails I could find there. As I haven't told you, but have often blogged, AOL blocks my emails of blog postings if I seriously criticize Christianity, and FACEBOOK threw me off for the third full month within the last half year, and told me it was because I spread FAKE NEWS, listing as my FAKE NEWS the fact that Obama's homosexuality has been WITNESSED in a Gay bath house in Chicago, by Jamie Lee Sutherland, then of Wells Fargo (a main competitor of Kenan-Family-owned Bank of America), Jamie, with Daliah Saper of Saper Law, LLC, a Fox News contributor -- without ever Legally Serving me, and then trying me without allowing me to defend myself. And this is WELL KNOWN outside the USA where the CIA has less control of the Press.

Jamie asked "ONLY" for $50,000.00 for damages to his CAREER, and even though soon after that he was PROMOTED (but now works for Ameriprise Financial in a higher executive position), he was awarded HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, while acknowledging I was barely over homelessness, and copyright to my Tennessee Williams memoir, that was being looked at by the producers of all the Harry Potter films and also by Scott Rudin, the biggest Hollywood producer for a couple of decades, now. Of course a conviction -- false or not -- kills any such deals. Jamie was also awarded copyright to every email, letter, and blog-posting I write until I die.

Now, I am happier and happier with Spectrum Cable and the Charter side of it all telling me that they are AGGRESSIVELY cleaning the criminals out of the Time/Warner side. Just two days ago, a man proud to have moved to Wilmington six months ago to be a Youth Christian Minister in Carolina Beach, he was FIRED and now is NOT ABLE to smoke marijuana, which he said he had done and has no problem with, so I SUSPECT he's on Probation and gets drug tested.

His LIES to me were extraordinary, and he did NOT fix my service. But when I talked to Charter people today (well west of the Mississippi), he documented what I told him about this hateful Christian, and was VERY HAPPY I TOLD HIM!!!

THIS is how your company MIGHT be included in Federal RACKETEERING CHARGES. You see our local District Attorney, Ben David, was PART of that abomination in Chicago, has ADMITTED THAT TO MY FACE, and promised to get it VOIDED, which so far, he has NOT been able to do, after trying for a month short of two years. 

The man in New York City who has kept me on "additional allowance" for 5.5 years (about $65,000.00 to date), cut me off COLD when I kicked the narco-trafficking and whores-running Haston Lavern Caulder II, out of my house a couple of months ago. Joseph lives as a "bag-lady" style recluse at 14 W. 75th Street in Manhattan, cell: (212) 866-5453, if others that I'm copying this on care to ask HIM any questions. Joseph Faulk is the MOST GUILTY of trying to get me killed, and has admitted communicating with my sister Jane in Raleigh over all of this, and Jane worked together with Christal Presley of Atlanta, Sean Hannity of Fox New's close friend.

Additionally, although Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management here let my Time Warner bill go unpaid for 2.5 months -- until I got a CUT OFF warning by phone Monday of last week as well as denying me my regular check on May 4 -- then her Christian Office (they even have Christian sayings in their lobby), lied repeatedly about it, and I STILL have no explanation or even apology from Teri, so they will DEFINITELY be part of the RACKETEERING prosecution. I'll LIKELY include my brother and BOTH my sisters -- but not my mother who at 94 needs her funds.

Anyway, the ACCIDENT was NOT planned to "get me", even if the driver had just rear-ended another driver two weeks before. I SURE HOPE TIME WARNER had him drug-tested BOTH TIMES, or they could REALLY BE LIABLE for magnified damages!!! His best friend there was SHOCKED that Rhys kept acting happy-go-lucky and INSISTING I was not really hurt -- despite the SIGNIFICANT damage to the truck.

So I HOPE we can just keep this simple, as an award for PAIN AND SUFFERING (which CANNOT be measured by simply multiplying my OUT OF POCKET costs by eight, like my lawyer, Bruce Mason, had claimed). I no longer think $40,000.00 is nearly enough, but of course YOU should make the first offer.

Here is the documentation of the CHRISTIAN persecution of me by Spectum Tech Nick of two days ago -- he about 6' 3" and obese (Christians TODAY don't care about the Bible's condemnation of GLUTTONY -- or WHORING -- in MY experience): halfway down here:

Also, since last writing you, Kelly Trainor, US Consular Agent in Puerto Vallarta, sent me a nice note, and I NOW am sending all my blog posts to her via State Department servers, so that they get to HER new boss, Rex Tillerson, previously the TOP exec of my Kenan Family, who with the CIA and Hillary Clinton State Department put Enrique Pena Nieto into power in Mexico, and Donald Trump in the USA.

That ALL seems to be falling apart, except for the OBNOXIOUS Roman Catholic Republicans, like Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, Sean Hannity, etc. STILL supporting Donald Trump's BULLYING ANTI-CHRISTIAN behavior (I LIKE REAL CHRISTIANS!!!). He's now encouraging BEATING UP THE PRESS!!!

You should receive my claim in Scranton by tomorrow at the latest, and trust you will let me know when it arrives. I photo-copied it all in the expectation that it might get lost in the mail.


Scott David KENAN (not "Keenan")

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From: Heisser, Pamela W <Pamela.Heisser@ESIS.Com>
To: scott <>; scottdkenan <>
Sent: Mon, May 22, 2017 1:50 pm
Subject: 2d34 495 4146461 Charter Communications/Keenan

Mr. Keenan,

This will acknowledge your phone message.

I do not need the Medicare claim number.

The address that you send correspondence to is the Scranton, PA address.  Please make sure you include the file number above on any correspondence.

I’ve noted the file you were not making a lost wage claim.


Pamela Heisser
Claims Specialist
P.O. Box 5127
Scranton, PA  18505-0559
(o) 800-426-6800 ext. 26588 (d) 302-476-6588 (f) 800-261-4716

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