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RP: VIOLENCE of Words and Actions Against the Press Is a SURE SIGN of CHRISTIAN THUGS and Narco-Traffickers in ANY Community -- Especially WILMINGTON, NC!!!

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TYPICAL Christian Marriage

“Hope is for people who can't see the Truth.” 

― Jeff Lindsay, Dexter Is Dead

THREE SIGNS of improvement in Wilmington (the first two by people I often tear apart in this blog):




I STILL feel that Mayor Saffo has done a FAR BETTER JOB as Mayor than anyone else who has tried stepping up the to plate. In the LAST election, the Republicans fielded NO ONE, and in the one before, the BEST they could come up with was a common Tattoo Parlorist, whose DRUG BUDDIES (this AFTER the election), chased me all over downtown claiming I had MOLESTED THEIR YOUNG SONS -- but REFUSED to press charges when I demanded they do so.

They said, "No, we are going to have a LOT MORE FUN with you than THAT!!!" And that quote is from the the straight couple who were friends with Catholic Narco-Trafficker Frank Delia of the Italian Market and Coffee House, downtown (perhaps my FAVE shop)!!!

And this happened IN FRONT of Mr. Delia, who right then BANNED ME FOR LIFE!!!

Justin LaNasa, owner of Hardwire Tattoo, shockingly to me, anyway, managed to get about 30% of the vote, then he CLEANED UP HIS ACT and ran for NC State Senator, but lost in the primary:

And of course Judge Sandra Ray had to DIVORCE HER HUSBAND after I plastered his CHRISTIAN SNAKE-WORSHIP photo all over the internet -- and Sherman Lee Criner PREVIOUSLY had molested a five-year-old girl in Thalian Hall (where Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opened for a run of three weekends, last night, and I have NOT yet seen this production), nearly ten years ago now -- the Star News reports that accurately -- and that Wilmington Police PRESSURED the girl's father to NOT prosecute so their daughter was NOT ostracized and RIDICULED by Wilmington's Christians and Republicans. Judge Criner was soon HEAD OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY in this county, and Sherman Criner became an Azalea Festival Judge of young girls competing as Azalea Belles -- LOL!!!

Wilmington Azalea Belles

Sherman Lee Criner. The day I walked to Cape Fear Museum, I passed Sherman's office just East of Kenan Fountain on Market Street, where next to THAT another lawyer's office was having their dirt parking lot paved with rectangular cobbles -- and it is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT in appearance!!! The Latinos doing the work and I talked for 15 minutes about the various corruptions of St. Mary's Catholic -- but we ALL agreed that the parish has the BEST community for Latinos.

And as I recently said, Father Bob Kus is suddenly looking VERY old and decrepit, so they MUST plan to retire him soon -- BUT it also occurred to me that I could use Father Bob's photo to represent Joseph Faulk in New York -- they being the same size and really do look like brothers (but Joseph is in much better physical shape):

Father Bob Kus (before his recent decline), with Cardinal Oscar Andres of Honduras -- and even though I KNEW Bob Kus was very connected to a parish in Honduras, I never thought to ask the Spectrum Cable Guy (born in Honduras), if he knew Father Bob!!! That guy was so HANDSOME and BUILT and NICE that BOTH "Miss Lucy" downstairs and I were "coveting his body", Lucy stepping onto the front porch in her nightie, and spreading her breasts apart, declared, "I am NEEDING some help with my CABLE!!!"

Later, she said the guy had the BEST SMELL of a man she'd ever smelt (OK, "smelled"), but I guess SHE and HE being her current 6' 3" since 9th grade when she got pregnant with her first daughter and her GROWTH STOPPED DEAD, early, were at better "nose advantage".

And I JUST NOW chanced on a photo of a woman who looks MUCH LIKE Denise Wood, although Denise is only 43 so looks younger -- and Denise is GENERALLY smiling and in a good mood:

And this represents how Denise gets when she's a CHRISTIAN BULLY, although she is NOT this heavy:

OK, I got a little distracted, but also want to say that I am FINE, if D.A. Ben David CAN'T now erase the false conviction of me in Chicago of LIBEL -- even though he was VERY MUCH part of that happening. As I told him when I returned to town, I HOPED to HELP HIM clean up Wilmington, and even though I have no "formal relationship" with ANY Law Enforcement, I hope that MY publishing things that I KNOW to be true (but do NOT have the evidence or authority to CHARGE PEOPLE WITH CRIMES), gives all levels of Law Enforcement GREAT INFO, but ALSO scares some of these crooks into acting DESPERATE, and then that plays RIGHT INTO THE HANDS of REAL Law Enforcement.

Despite Mayor Saffo's good points, he will have to GO, due to his being controlled by the Saffo Family Mafia of NYC -- before anyone in City Government THANKS ME. 
Celia Rivenbark continues to write up a great STORM, but her writing voice is always of the short middle-aged gal fighting the IDIOTS, and the fun is in her FAILURE to get idiots to understand her.

And this morning, I stopped by the Exxon convenience store, and was telling all there about my experience of being attacked with CHEESE GRITS (dried into concrete on the side of my car, now), and plastic bottles of Barbecue Sauce (none of EITHER getting on me or my clothes). And a 55-year-old black man who appeared to be a blue-collar worker, LOVED IT ALL (and knew the truth of all my Politics), and then asked me if I knew his FAVE JUDGE Jay Hockenberry (a Conservative and a serious Evangelical Christian).

Jay Hockenberry, in my experience, is one of the most ETHICAL PEOPLE IN WILMINGTON, and I blogged all about that when I met him in a Subway in 2011!!!



They don't show that well, but you can see the CHEESE GRITS -- LOL!!!

2. When I went out to get this photo, I found I got my NC Car Registration bill for $117.67. The Inspection will be about another $30.00 -- and I MIGHT have to buy one or two new tires -- used, which I buy because Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments kept SLASHING MY TIRES 1.5 years ago -- and my BRILLIANT LAWYER then, Bruce Mason, got Anthony Humphry to -- in front of me -- agree to TESTIFY IN COURT that he had WITNESSED Ms. McCracken slash two of my tires while the car was parked in front of The (Jewish) Temple, and that he then ASKED Jenny what she was doing and she said slashing my TIRES because I was such a BIG PROBLEM for her -- LOL!!!

And I also have my Insurance renewal for half a year, soon coming and about $288.00, but I DID have a small (uncharged), fender-bender, which MIGHT raise my rates.

Jennifer McCracken has AT LEAST four aliases, and her BROTHER of different surname is a TOP CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKER on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force.

3. This morning when I called Joseph Faulk at 9:30, he had the WORST congestion I've ever known him to have -- BY FAR!!! He'd been up since before 8:00, and his excuse that he just had not had any reason to clear it was a BIG LIE. I wake up with congestion sometimes, and I QUICKLY clear it out -- whether I expect to talk to anyone or NOT!!!

Of course, he STILL has not gotten his one of two email accounts to work on his Windows 10 computer that he bought in January of last year, BUT he's been playing on it and is TOTALLY BAFFLED because he thinks Windows' offering to help set up a webpage for him is a DEMAND THAT HE HAS TO DO IT. And other offers of "what's new" make him think he HAS TO DO THEM, TOO!!!

When I told him that I appear to have a bone chip from the extractions working out and it is too painful to wear the lower denture until it works out (totally normal, and doesn't take all that long), he began saying, "This pattern of this frequently happening is very alarming . . .", which is where I CUT HIM OFF -- there being NO PATTERN and NOTHING to be alarmed about.

Joseph Faulk WORSHIPS HIS FEARS!!! That is why he is now a RECLUSE, and CLUELESS about MOST realities of life. And I've come to realize, that is why he comes off so HATEFUL toward me -- although at least SOME of it is just his being OVERCOME by his MAMMOTH FEARS. According to my DEVOUT Catholic upbringingJoseph Faulk need THIS!!!:

While my parents lived in Wilmington, Dad got to know Anthony Hopkins in his Alcoholics Anonymous group, VERY WELL!!! And Dad was in EIGHT EPISODES of The Young Indian Jones (and Dad played extras in other films).

My BIGGEST CONCERN, Joseph KNOWINGLY and DELIBERATELY supported the CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA of Wilmington. He CAN'T get out of all the emails and blog notes about THAT!!!

And THEN he deliberately SCREWED ME!!!

I should SPANK HIS FANNY (at least!!!)!!!

And BY THE WAYDenise Wood is the EXACT un-evolved female that the Bible says godly men have to FORCE TO STAY IN THEIR PLACE!!!


4. ONCE AGAIN after a total of many hours on the phone and with a LIVE TECH at my apartment, after getting SCREAMING INTERNET and PERFECT TV SERVICE, my cable went out about 9:00 PM last night, and I could NOT get it to work by re-booting the box. It was still out when I went to bed at 2:00 AM.

This morning it was FINE -- WITHOUT rebooting the box -- and the last two hours it has AGAIN remained out. I am TOTALLY PLEASED with Spectrum Cable's customer service, and am CERTAIN my problems are caused by some one or ones who have the CODES to do this -- CRIMINALS (probably the CIA), or others, but I will soon call them to try getting it to work AGAIN!!!

5. And finally, I need to make something clear about Denise Wood: I have NEVER seen evidence of her dealing in any HARD DRUGS, and never known her to possess more herb than if caught, she would just get a citation and fine. HER PROBLEM is that she grew up in a family that TOTALLY WORSHIPS JESUS, and are ALL drugs and alcohol dependent people -- as well as criminals (primarily Felonies), and tend to get married in ninth grade at their FIRST PREGNANCY.

HELLO?!?!?! WHO can expect her to have ANY IDEA what Jesus Christ actually TAUGHT!!! Say what you will about Christianity, only DEVILS worship Jesus PERVERSELY like Denise and "her kind" (FAR too many HOLY TOP POLITICIANS, ETC., in Wilmington)!!! 

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