Friday, May 26, 2017

RP: When Fox News Gets BEAT UP for Reporting Even Their OWN Polls -- PROVING the SINKING of NAZI/CHRISTIAN Donald Trump -- LOL!!!

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NOTE to non-Catholics: This is called an EXORCISM of the DEVIL!!!:

It is as SERIOUS as THIS:


As the Chilean guy I once dated in Atlanta -- he worked for CNN International -- used to pronounce it: "Too FAU-ny!!!" 

I went to Costco this afternoon, realizing my meds would run out if I waited to get refills after the long weekend, and they were backed up so, I had half an hour to kill and not much else to buy, I spoke with probably two dozen people, nearly EVERYONE in a good mood and making fun of Donald Trump -- but not EVERYONE -- HA!!!

One guy, about my age and 6' 9" tall (and fit and heavier build, so he could easily have taken me out), said that everyone should THANK GOD that my Kenan Family put Trump into power to replace the Constitution with the NAZI/Catholic Swastika -- and MILK Russia's Oil for Kenan Family PROFITS!!!

I called him a "Jesus-Fucker" and a "Monstrous Traitor", and that I hope he enjoyed stewing in his hatreds. He said I could "Kiss (his) ass!!", so I said, "Drop yer drawers, and I WILL -- here and NOW, even!!!" He began to unbuckle, and I was so HAPPY to see he had that much "balls", that I let out an ENORMOUS GUFFAW, as I turned and calmly walked away, laughing.

Next, I met a trim straight couple in their mid-eighties, and we got into RIDICULING (not TO them), all the FAT OLD PEOPLE who must be in HELL lugging all that "RESENTMENT-MADE-FLESH" in twilight years, and how nearly ALL FAT PEOPLE (especially old ones), claim to be devout Christians -- IGNORING that the Bible considers GLUTTONY one of the worst sins -- like Drunkenness/Too-Highness and WHORING (ALL sex outside the bounds of marriage is a HUGE sin in both New and Old Testaments).

Christians are just TURDS IN HELL (the name of the Robert Ludlam play pictured here).

Disclaimer: I not being Christian, that does not apply to me, BUT if you (I), make a commitment (like marriage), you ETHICALLY/MORALLY must restrict sex to the marriage (unless you agree to an open marriage).

And then when I went to pick up my medications, so many were in line that it took 15 minutes, so I was talking with a straight couple (shorties and trim), who, like me, know Father Bob Kus of St. Mary's Catholic very well, and the husband claimed that Father Bob is actually still very fit and energetic, despite what I witnessed the other day.

I told him all about Father Bob, my parents, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, and PPD (founded by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal families), all set up the CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA here together, and that Father Bob and my parents were in a group at St. Mark's Catholic that smuggled the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa after Apartheid fell -- because the Pope thought Apartheid was FAR MORE FAIR to WHITE PEOPLE!!!

Well, we went back and forth on a lot of things, agreeing completely on MORAL VALUES, even though they had believed all the LIES of the Catholic Church. They are SUPER GLAD that I am doing everything POLITICAL that I possibly can to bring down the Kenan Family, Trump, Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, the Police Chief, former Sen. Thom Goolsby, and other FAKE CHRISTIANS whom they already KNEW are the biggest threat to civilization in Wilmington -- they running the CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA.

But SADLY, I had no time to fill them in on Pope Francis's HISTORY, which few Americans seem to know, but in Mexico they all know and HATE POPE "PONCHO". In Latin America it is well known (and easy to google up even in the CIA-controlled USA), that for much of his career in Argentina, he was considered the MOST "IN BED" of Catholic Clergy with the narco-trafficking CIA and their Death Squads. And then as soon as elevated to Pope, Francis IMMEDIATELY cancelled all the pedophile priest trials about to begin, and said they needed to go back for a few years of STUDY, before taking any priest to trial.

Pope Francis ALSO "fast-tracked to Sainthood" two of the GREATEST DEVILS produced by the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II (the most NAZI of recent Popes), and Father Junipero Serra, who enslaved and KILLED those native Calilfornians that he couldn't CONVERT, and put into Catholic Church Slavery.

And REALLY the only conclusion one can make looking at the drug-and-alcohol-addicted, whoring Christians of Wilmington, is that believing that Jesus is the "Son of God", mostly leads to drug addition and venereal diseases.

Oh, and HATRED of those who worship God, as well as violence toward Loving and Patriotic people.

I THANK GOD that everywhere I go in Wilmington, now, people come up to me to THANK ME for exposing these idiotic criminals-for-Jesus -- ESPECIALLY my Kenan Family!!! 
And the ONLY place I feel "unsafe" at all in Wilmington is in my OWN neighborhood, due to BIG CHRISTIAN WOMEN BULLIES, like the one living downstairs and the one across the street (although the latter one and I usually get along pretty well).

The "Six-Foot Kenan Cock" atop Kenan Steeple of First Presbyterian

The TRASH-HOLE Episcopalian RICHEST Kenans: Betty (Price) Kenan, in center, and her step-son Thomas S. Kenan III, whose former long-term lover Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, I dated in 1985 when he lived in Carolina Apartments while the movie Blue Velvet was being filmed partly there:

And the HORROR of the drug-crazed characters in this movie is the treatment New Hanover County Judges (not all), and D.A. Ben David gave ME -- because I know so much about the narco-trafficking (and sexual adventures),of the Politicians and Christian Churches/Clergy in this town.



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