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RP: At Least Here in North Carolina on Beaches Near Wilmington, We Don't Have to ENDURE This Sort of Thing -- but It WOULD Make Beach Visits More HUMOROUS, No??? / TRUMP GOES OFF THE CLIFF!!! !!! !!!

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The BIG SHOCK here in North Carolina, I was first alerted to by Patty, former top paid staffer for Roy Cooper's Gubernatorial Campaign in Wilmington, who lives next door, when I spoke with her and Steven, and she THANKED me for trying to chase away the Drug Trash knocking on Denise Wood's and "Sam" Celia's doors to presumably buy drugs.

And while I'm at it, I'd forgotten that I delivered to them the GREAT NEWS that I am NO LONGER "Sex Crazed", and giving every hot guy alive a fun pass (sometimes aggressively). NOW, I simply appreciate GOD'S BEAUTY expressed in male form -- and more so in the hearts and minds -- and women's too, but they just don't raise my barometer. 

Also, this morning, I found a letter to "The Perfect Painter" in my mailbox, and put it into Denise's -- now knowing her business name, and have just now found her online, and KNOW from seeing her work that she and her employees are GREAT at the work!!! Contact her this way:

The Perfect Painter

I am VERY CONCERNED that Denise did NOT use her own apartment number -- which will continue to confuse where her mail is delivered -- and SUGGESTS she is AVOIDING the Law. She ALSO not using her last name!!! This is HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONALALTHOUGH HER WORK IS GREAT!!!

If the law is enacted, it would heavily alter current gun laws and regulations in the state. House Bill 746 passed through the legislative body Thursday with a total of 64 representatives in favor of the bill and only 51 in opposition.
The bill would amend current North Carolina laws to allow any person 18 years or older to carry a handgun, openly or concealed, in the state without a concealed handgun permit

There would still be limitations of where gun owners would be allowed to carry their handguns, and other weapons including Bowie Knives and slingshots would still be illegal to concealed carry.

WILMINGTON — A new bill has been approved by the North Carolina House of Representatives. If the law is enacted, it would heavily alter current gun laws and…
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I just saw Donald Trump's Cabinet Zoo-Performance -- full of lies, BOLD, FAWNING FLATTERY -- and just a couple of things as this seems PROOF of Trump slipping into TOTAL NARCISSISM, just like Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. has recently done as well (although I have NO CREDENTIALS to diagnose)!!! 

Most were sickeningly fawning, a few were guarded but telling Trump how FABULOUS HE IS, the WORST of it was embodied by Reince Priebus and a few others -- who sounded like Evangelical Preachers beseeching Trump as  GOD or JESUS!!!

And I THANK GOD for Rex Tillerson, previously top exec of my Kenan family controlled Exxon-Mobil, who leaned away from Trump (whom he sat next to), looked TERRIBLY uncomfortable throughout, REFUSED to look at Trump while he delivered a muted version of what Trump got from most others.

Because the camera had Rex in frame so much, it appeared to me, that he was realizing that HE was the only ADULT in the room, and HE would have to find the way to save the Country from Donald Trump.

I am willing to BET that he can do it, knowing the CALIBER of people the Kenan Family always hires and promotes!!!

And here I am in Wilmington, often seeming to stand alone against the Kenan Family sponsored Narco-Trafficking Christian Churches and Politicians of both Parties -- and MOST of them also White Supremacists.

Whether Criminals or Patriots, KENANS ALWAYS RULE, and it is TIME for the God-Hating Christian Criminal Kenans to "BE GONE, SATAN"!!!

Finally -- without further comment -- I post what I had to write to Joseph Faulk this morning, after our BIZARRE conversation this morning:

Joseph: I expect that if I have to have you psychologically tested for your own safety, I would contact NYC authorities and THEY (not I), would contact landlord Bruce Kapner, which I would tell them to do: 

So relax -- and stop making threats to me as if I were trying to harm YOU by suggesting I need to speak with your landlord who knows how to contact your doctor, whose name you always REFUSED to share with me. Getting Public Health Authorities to psychologically evaluate you to see if you need commitment or for your doctor to activate the Power of Attorney to control your life. 

You KNEW this would happen one day if you did not die of a sudden event. The mind deteriorates progressively in old age -- period.

You have no friend in this world but me, so I MUST do this out of Moral/Ethical Obligation if you continue your hatred and meanness. If you are SANE, then you will NOT be committed or have your right to make your own decisions taken away from you.

You telling me this morning that even reading of all my current EXTRA expenses -- and this morning I added the $100.00 installment for the Pest Control I must pay MY landlord at rent time -- and told you that as well -- that I just don't have a BIG ENOUGH IDEA OF MONEY to know that I don't need a penny more (and one time, is all I ask it for) -- is PROOF of Dementia. 

Google up info on these things if they confuse you now. But your ANGRY OUTBURST about it is even MORE damning, so please try to calm down. And you are continuing to claim that I ruined Haston Caulder's life, when I settled with him out of Court, no cost or charge-record to anyone -- and his other charges still pending have NOTHING to do with me. And he DID tell me that to pay off all his fines that he never told me about before and did not tell you, would require over $40,000.00. THAT is why he scammed you for so much.

This is NOT so much about the money -- I expect your money to me would STOP immediately if you are committed or rights taken away, so this is AGAINST my best interests.

It was TOTALLY delusional of you to get into reveries of your current witty writing last night -- something you HAVE done, but you have not written anything at ALL but short hate messages to me -- since about 2014, when you previously often were expansive and witty -- and FUN, and that is saved as well to show contrast to a doctor or Court. but I think it is just Dementia setting in and you are desperately trying to control ANYTHING. 

This fits the PATTERN of this problem PERFECTLY.

Please notice that I copied this to Dr. Schaeffer-Polk, who practices as a physician still, part-time, as she handles her other HUGE duties, and I will get her or a psychologist's opinion before acting. I also copied my immediate family, partly because you CONVINCED ME that you had heard from my brother Mike that if the $200.00 test worked he would very soon send me a LOT MORE MONEY. Mike has not responded to my asking him if he had spoken or emailed with you at all about that, but I doubt that happened, and I regret that I believed you.

As I said, you promised the money Thursday on my birthday, and I won't do anything other than speak with doctors before seeing how you handle that.




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