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RP: BINGO!!! I Got PROOF That David Alan Young Was Who Drove His Car to Jackson's Big Oak BBQ, Yesterday, and Made Repeated Threats to My Life -- By Finding His Phone Number and ASKING HIM -- Charges to Be Filed Tomorrow!!! / A NEW THREAT to My Life Via FACEBOOK, TOO!!!

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OK, it's NOT going to be "The Last Judgment" -- but since I took THREE Bible courses at college level (accredited major university), and two more from the President of Religious Science, International (Science of Mind), I know enough to dance HURRICANES around born-again Christians, who almost NEVER read -- or study about -- the Bible -- LOL!!!

And now, a HUMOROUS break --before getting SERIOUS:

OK, I went to the Magistrate at the county Jail, taking a printout of my description beneath the photo of Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue -- printed just as plain text for simplicity. You can read it here:

I explained to the Magistrate that I would PREFER that Mr. Young be Committed for Observation/Evaluation (three days, minimum), and if NOT sane enough to own or use a GUN, that he lose his gun and gun rights. Enough of a lesson, and he would get NO Criminal Record (which might anger him MORE that the Commitment, which is not public information). He said that was NOT possible, because I would have to have a relationship with the man over some time, and ONE INCIDENT does not qualify.

The WISDOM of that was OBVIOUS to me.

He said I should EASILY get conviction for charge of "Communicating Threats", and I had told him that the assault of pushing me backward by continuously shoving his belly into my crotch was not a STRONG enough assault for me to bother with, no hitting, grabbing, slapping, spitting, etc. 

So he passed me the form to fill out, and I said as I took it, "The cop said you might have a problem because it's possible that the man who drove the truck and accosted me MIGHT not be the same as the registered owner, although my description of AGE matched the guy (who was alone in the vehicle). And he said, "That's right, you MUST have a more positive ID that it was him."

I told him that the assailant had FIVE TIMES refused to give me his name - or the names of those he claimed I had insulted -- the assailant admitting he had never seen me before accosting me in the parking lot -- and I had searched his name extensively, without finding a photo of him on the internet. And he responded that I would have to try some NEW ways, or get luckier searching for a photo, but he could NOT advise me what or how to go about that.

So I left disappointed, and as soon as I got in my car, realized I had FOUND his Tree Service business online -- at his home address -- and a phone number. I decided that I would RISK causing additional aggravation, and simply call to ask if he had been who drove his truck to that restaurant, alone, and had spoken to someone in anger in the parking lot.

His business: Phone number is at very bottom, right.

I called that number tonight, and David Young answered with his name, but I asked to be CERTAIN, and he repeated that he is David Wright. David YOUNG (I'm tired). I asked if he had driven to Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue for lunch, yesterday, and afterword had "Warning Words" with a very tall guy in the parking lot. He said, "Who is THIS?" I replied, "Scott Kenan -- and the Magistrate wanted me to get confirmation that YOU had been who drove your truck and spoke with me there."

Although quite FLUMMOXED, he confirmed that it was he, and immediately then HUNG UP!!!


A few Republicans are recreating healthcare behind closed doors. They need to release the bill so we can see what it says.
Tug Helmer Thankfully Republican leadership isn't stupid enough to do what Pelosi and Dirty Harry did for ACA..... which was awful ruinous F- legislation.

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2 hrs
Carla Smith Come on, Timothy Tew. All good democrats know that you have to pass the healthcare bill in order to read it!


2 hrs
Scott Kenan Timothy Tew I see the TROLLS are after you again -- LOL!!! I unfriend and if I have to BLOCK them -- but ONLY if they spread LIES or False news. I LOVE people who correct me, but Tug Helmer and Carla Smith are just trying to ANNOY you with their statements that are PROVABLY Lies. REAL Conservatives tell the truth about what they are trying to pass in Congress (not so good, but that is their right to try)!!!

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Carla Smith Really, Scott Kenan. Nancy Pelosi said it. It's not a lie and I'm not a troll. I'm simply annoyed by Timothy's statement and I'm exercising my first amendment right to say exactly what I think just as he did. 
Deal with it. 
PS. I accidentally hit like instead of reply.

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Scott Kenan It doesn't show, but Carla LIKED my comment, so she must have been SARCASTIC -- HA!!!

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Scott Kenan HAHAHAHAHA!!! Carla Smith hit "Like" on my comment, instead of "Reply", then UN-LIKED it, but I'd already gotten notice of her Like -- no WONDER I never saw it!!! I have no idea what Ms. Pelosi said, actually, or WHEN or referring to WHAT -- as that meme identifies NOTHING. 

I said in 7th grade that I wanted to be a Jesuit Priest (Catholic), and MEANT IT, but today, I'm a metaphysician, who loves what Jesus taught, but would NEVER worship him. And it has NO RELEVANCE today, because we are talking about CURRENT EVENTS. 

So, YES, Carla Smith, you are a TROLL, who is ALLOWED to be annoyed by what ANYONE posts. But Your annoyance is only YOUR problem, so express it if you must, but expect NO ONE to respect your ability to THINK or to tell the TRUTH!!!

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Scott Kenan This CERTAINLY does not apply to ALL Christians!!!

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Tug Helmer Scott Kenan it is clear you are a proud radical outspoken leftist. I read your comments then spent one minute scrolling your wall. You really have it in for Trump and the Republicans, and seem to endorse the idea of bloodshed and Civil War. 

From o
ne radical to another, consider the following:

As a target you are as soft as they get. I could find your candy ass diseased scumtard whiney bitch leftist self in fewer than five minutes of landing (not at the airport but at a strategic undisclosed spot) in Wilmington and wreak incredible pain and bloodshed on your filthy worthless miserable life and everything you've ever valued in it.... then be gone unnoticed before you experienced the slow and painful death you absolutely deserve. 

Not even an immature child would ridicule a commenter about accidentally clicking like. You are an infant, loud mouthed, idiot who breathes in HuffPo and NYT lies every day, only to exhale that toxic bullshit on Facebook. 

Govern yourself accordingly, because if not one day you will mouth off to a Patriot like me who will happily introduce you to a world of pain like you've never felt before. 

Have a nice day.

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Carla Smith Tug Helmer, thank you for taking up for me. 
Your comment made me laugh out loud and scared the hell out of me at the same time! 😂😂😂

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Scott Kenan Tug Helmer: I have researched you, and see you ARE a real person, and if your threats to my life and safety were send from Highlands, NC, then I will refer this to NC Legal Authorities. If sent from out of state, then you will deal with the FBI. 

You failed to read my blog carefully, or you would know that I now work directly with the US State Department, to expose the crimes of my Kenan Family, and also with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore': Cell phone: (404) 227-XXXX -- who knows all ABOUT the Kenan Family narco-trafficking crimes in Atlanta, especially. 

If you require verification of my work, you can contact US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor, in place in Puerto Vallarta since appointed in the mid-1990s, my close personal friend since 2010. It was SHE who asked me to send all to State Department -- ALL my evidence of Kenan, Trump, Bush, Clinton, and Obama crimes (mostly narco-trafficking with my family and the Bush family profiting most). Kelly's email is, and you can get her direct dial phone number from the State Department website. 

HER boss is Rex Tillerson, until recently the top exec of Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil, and I have also met with Exxon execs in the last two years. 

Reading my blog, you MUST know that Bill Romney, legally married to the "Gay Romney", Douglas Romney, a cousin of Mitt, was harassing me so bad a week ago, I had to ask Mitt Romney to get the guy off my back -- which he did. 

These things are EXTENSIVELY reported in my blog, and tonight I got the missing piece of info so that tomorrow I will be filing Communicating Threats charge against David Alan Young, for making SIMILAR threats to yours, although HE claimed that JESUS told him to kill ALL "Faggot Liberals", and he would SHOOT ME DEAD the NEXT time he sees me on the street, but unfortunately did NOT have his gun on him yesterday -- as he usually does. 

I have sent your info and the words you have typed to me to Law Enforcement ALREADY, as well as your Facebook profile page, and LINKED-IN profile to show exactly who you are. 

DESIST in this ILLEGAL THREATENING OF ME and apologize now, or I will file charges against you as well, sir!!! 

When I sent State or Justice Departments evidence of someone actually making threat, they put them IMMEDIATELY under complete electronic surveillance (phone, internet, how they use GPS, etc. to track their vehicle movement), due to the importance of my work for the US Government. Here is my report on progress of charging Mr. Young, not yet completed: 

I REGRET this has happened on Timothy Tew's Facebook thread. I learned to block your kind LONG AGO -- LOL!!!

General Russel Honoré, LLC was created to offer services to a variety of clientele; businesses, policymakers and…

Tug Helmer

Tug Helmer then IMMEDIATELY blocked me on Facebook -- HA!!!

Here is his LINKED-IN Profile, and if you are NOT blocked by him, you get to his Facebook Page by hitting his NAME before one of his comments above!!!


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