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RP: EXCITING New Political Opportunities (national and in Wilmington, NC), and I Am to Be at Least MENTIONED in a new BOOK by 7th Grade to Present Friend Linda LeBoutillier!!!

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I just wrote my memoir, "The Waterloo Gardens Story." (There is a Facebook page.) I love the bathroom idea. I have often said that while traveling, I always know where the bathroom and the bar is. So I usually don't ask about the bathroom. The bathroom and bar are important!

Scott Kenan LOL!!! Where can we read your autobiography??? THAT is the question we Henderson High grads want to KNOW!!!

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Frank Moscia I'm doing the final edit. Then I'm sending it to a publisher.

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Scott Kenan COOL Frank!!! I hope you find a GOOD ONE, and not a bogus contract!!! 

My memoir was scheduled to be the featured hardcover release of 30 in spring 2010 by Alyson Books, and got RAVES and was being considered to become a movie by both the producers of all the Harry Potter films and Scott Rudin -- until I ran into Political Trouble, eventually living in Exile in Mexico by help of General Colin L. Powell's people -- HA!!! 

My copyright was stolen by an exec of Wells Fargo, Chicago, working with Fox News, but I published it as a BLOG and it gets TONS of hits, now -- but I get NO MONEY, so I wish you BOTH BETTER LUCK!!! 


Alt Title: "Consuming Broken Glass: A Memoir of the…

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Linda LeBoutillier Scott, I was on my husband's page when I answered. The info is the same, doing my final edit. You will probably be mentioned (because of the whale's tale -- www.WhalesTaleCapeMay.com)

I worked on the bibliography today because I talk about the history of the area.

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Scott Kenan I can't WAIT to see you at the 50th High School reunion -- I just, again, was in touch with Dr. Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk this morning!!!

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Scott Kenan Also, my political work came to a head today, I now working DIRECTLY with the US Justice and State Departments to REMOVE Donald Trump from office -- my rich Kenan relatives and my Swastika-loving mother having put him in office with help of Pope Francis

Mom came UNHINGED, finally, today, and all is RACING toward a conclusion now: 

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Today, my first call was to Joseph Faulk to see how he's handling my proving EVERYTHING HE'S EVER SAID OR ADVISED (almost, not all), to be LIES to support my NAZI MOTHER, the Republican/Democratic Party, and God-Hating Christianity -- or to get me killed. 

Linda LeBoutillier and I both attended Saints Philip & James Catholic grade school in Exton, PA, then North Junior High, and Henderson High in West Chester, PA, and our mothers both were part of that church's "Altar Society" (ladies, only, who clean for FREE!!!). And Waterloo Gardens was the GARDEN GIANT in S.E. Pennsylvania, owned by Linda's family, but now defunct.

Frank Moscia is Linda's husband, and if they are interested, I will soon offer them advice on HOW to get the attention of a publisher -- or agent -- if they decide to go that way. It took me a WHILE, but I LEARNED what WORKS!!! 

Linda became a Zen Buddhist -- the religion I would follow, had I not become an unlicensed trained Practitioner of Religious Science (Science of Mind) -- just like my friend Jonathan Reiner of the Hollywood Reiners, who made me an "Honorary Jew" when I first blogged in 2010 that my parents were then America's TOP NAZIS). Frank is a "free-ranging thinker", best I can tell from his Facebook page. 

And the FUNNIEST THING, was that Joseph could NOT TELL ME TODAY -- although he CLAIMED he read my first posting of yesterday -- the GIST of what my mother said to me on the phone yesterday morning, SEALING HER LEGAL FATE that she really is America's TOP NAZI, now letting Steve Bannon do all the dirty work -- HA!!!

I even told him it was the TITLE of that posting: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/06/if-i-ever-told-you-what-i-really-think.html, and he drew a COMPLETE MEMORY BLANK!!! 

SCOTT'S BELIEVE IT OR NOTChapter Next: I just heard from a ROMNEY, marriage-related to Mitt, but his husband has died, and he's about my age and HANDSOME and SMART. Readers will recall that my last date was with George Bush's distant COUSIN, a Toups!!!

And he MIGHT wish to DATE!!!

The FIRST of two Political Opportunities is that Michael Moore has opened a new website for SNITCHING on the NAZIS!!! So THAT is my FIRST priority, today:

YEP!!! I'll be SOON in TOUCH!!!

The power and the importance of whistleblowing is part of the American tradition and as old as the republic itself.

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And the OTHER is more complicated, because I see BOTH SIDES on this one -- but I RESPECT New Hanover County Commissioner Ron Zapple, who had NO PROBLEM discussing with HUMOR much of my politics -- including the corruption of Democrats, which he is one of -- at failed Dem. candidate Julia Boseman's Fundraiser, early last fall.

This comes from the Republicans (led by Woody White, whom I've thanked for this), seriously CUTTING the County's support of several "do-gooder" organizations, that ALL have GREAT GOALS, but at least TWO of them are SERIOUS DISTRIBUTORS of DRUGS, especially the Good Shepherd Center and Wilmington Downtown, Inc.

Ron Zapple, not to be confused with Frank Zappa!!!:

Anyway, I've blogged TONS on how the Good Shepherd Centerhttp://www.goodshepherdwilmington.org/, functions PRIMARILY to distribute HEROIN in Wilmington, and nearly ALL CHURCHES that first supported it, LEFT years ago, because the staff was EMBEZZLING so much money, they bought themselves cars and boats -- LOL!!!

The ONLY churches still majorly supporting it, are the TOP Narco-Trafficking congregations in Wilmington: SHEPHERD-FOUNDING CHURCH, First Presbyterian, where D.A. Ben David and Judges Lindsey (McKee) Luther and Jeffrey Noecker have HIGH OFFICE, First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza), and Mayor Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox.

Wilmington Downtown, Inc.'s support of narco-trafficking is FAR MORE SUBTLE, but their TOP DOWNTOWN REALTOR, Todd Toconis, RIPPED ME OFF SO BAD that even Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management took them OFF HER LIST of recommended rental agencies for clients -- and he is HER landlord!!!

Todd Toconis is in center.

You see, when Anna Goolsby decided to ABANDON her husband who had fathered all their children -- and find a STRAIGHT MAN to bed -- she RAN ACROSS FIFTH AVENUE from their UBER-GREEN home at Dock Street, leaving Thom to soon MOVE and hide in the Gated Landfall, built years ago by North Carolina's PREMIER WHITE SUPREMACISTFrank Hawkins Kenan.

Frank Hawkins Kenan with his brother James Graham Kenan ("Uncle Jimmy" helped me IMMEASURABLY in Atlanta where he lived, in 1990), this photo from about 1985.

Recent photo of Frank Kenan II with Story Cowles -- apparently they are an ITEMno???

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“A sick thought can devour the body's flesh more than fever or consumption.”
― Guy de Maupassant, Le Horla et autres contes fantastiques

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“My paranoia wasn't always right, but just to be on the safe side, I never went to sleep with a clown in the room.”

― Mark Henwick, Hidden Trump


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