Tuesday, June 20, 2017

RP: From New Hanover County Sheriff's Office This Morning: A Court Summons (NOT Arrest Warrant), Has been Issued for My Assailant, David Alan Young, but Not YET Served!!! I Expect to ACCELERATE This to a HATE CRIME!!!

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Another HATE CRIME in North Carolina!!!

The FBI report included data on hate crimes on the basis of race, ethnicity and ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender and gender identity. 
The number of hate crime incidents related to race and sexual orientation increased the most. The number of hate crimes motivated by racial bias in the state increased from 96 in 2014 to 106 in 2015. The number of hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation bias increased from 23 in 2014 to 37 in 2015.

FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims up by 67 percent in 2015

Before I get into more of this, a couple of other things to report:

1. I spoke with Joseph Faulk in NYC this morning, telling him what I will soon write about, and did NOT bring up the question if he will send me more money before he likely loses control of his funds to a supervisor -- and is possibly committed -- and likely have to find an up-to-standards place to live. All he said is, "Well, you will have a lot to blog about," and he DID say he had just come in from smoking cigarettes. He wanted to talk no more, so I said, "Well, enjoy your last full day before your Psychological Evaluation!!!" 

He immediately hung up on me.

2. I keep forgetting to mention that besides my former Attorney, Bruce Mason, a couple of months ago, telling me that ALL DEMOCRATS are controlled in North Carolina by the Republican Party -- and Republicans are controlled by the wealthy Kenan Family:

Episcopalian sycophant, Betty (Price) Kenan with exotic puppy and in silk brocade, her step-son, Thomas S. Kenan III -- ALWAYS with a drink in hand, even at breakfast.

 . . . in dealing with the two magistrates in the process of getting charge or summons filed against David Alan Young, after getting them very comfortable with me, I surprised them -- stating that I'd heard the Kenans control BOTH PARTIES in North Carolina -- from a TOP Criminal Defense attorney here in town.

BOTH of them cracked up and nodded -- this being my FAVE WAY to get info out of people NOT allowed to discuss certain things -- WITHOUT them discussing it -- so they DON'T break the law or Court regulations!!! 

3. BIZARRE (but TRUE)!!! Haston Lavern Caulder II is scheduled for Court on June 28, 2017 -- but NO COURT is scheduled for that DAY (according to official online records):

4. I had a number of discussions with Spectrum Cable in the USA and in the Philippines over the last two days. A women, named what sounds like "Jamie", in the Philippines (90% Christian population, 85% are Roman Catholic), sounded American, and when I asked if she was from the USA, she answered YES!!! But when I asked which state, she admitted being in the Philippines. I asked her WHY she had LIED at first, and she claimed she NEVER LIES -- LOL!!!

Then she was FAR MORE INTERESTED in learning the NAME of the non-Christian tech who told me that my internet is on-and-off because the signal from the pole is too strong and needs to be adjusted down -- ALSO in getting the name of the other non-Christian tech who told me that EVERYTHING Spectrum had wasted hours and hours of my time doing over three weeks could NOT have actually solved a thing -- since pixillation problems always have to do with equipment or corroded cable that must be replaced.

She kept saying that Spectrum employees are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN from telling customers what CAUSES cable problems, and they will be FIRED!!! Sound FAMILIAR???

But she DID finally schedule an appointment for tomorrow.

Then this morning, I got two confusing robo-calls from Spectrum's computer, one from "Spectrum", the other from "Time/Warner Cable", so I called as it sounded like I might not still have the scheduled tech appointment.

The male, who sounded American, kept telling me it was IMPOSSIBLE that I had gotten the calls that I did -- claiming he KNOWS EXACTLY what calls I got and what they said. I told him that unless he had sent them to me and listened in on them, he has NO RIGHT to argue with what I know to be FACT, and had just happened.

He doubled down on his claim that I was LYING, but I DID get him to re-affirm the scheduled appointment.


About three weeks ago, I had gotten into a very cheerful conversation with a party just like Mr. Young describes, on my way out the door from Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue, and I COMPLIMENTED the older woman on her clothes and appearance, and we ALL agreed that the country is a MESS, and we all of ALL races, religions, political parties, etc., need to RESPECT each other and get along.

I complimented the younger woman on her shapely "headlights", something I have done all over Mexico and Wilmington, with NEVER anyone getting upset, and the lady took it as a HUMOROUS compliment -- especially since I explained that I am FAR TOO GAY to make a pass, but love to see fine-looking women.

Once we got into the parking lot, the older gentleman said that all of that is TRUE, but (this is all paraphrase, and I forget which of these words he used), that the BIBLE (or Jesus, or God), has COMMANDED that Christians must KILL every single Muslim on Earth.

That DID catch me totally off guard, and I DID get "ballistic" and said something like "You DEVIL WORSHIPER!!! -- Jesus was the PROPHET OF LOVE!!! You don't worship Jesus OR God to be so full of HATE!!!"

Then I walked to my car and drove home -- as did they to theirs, without lingering to watch me leave.

Scott Kenan
2 hrs
So cuts were restored to the Good Shepherd Center -- one of the BIGGEST Heroin Distribution Centers in Wilmington, also supported hugely by Mayor Saffo's St. Nickolas Greek Orthodox Church, First Presbyterian (D.A. Ben David, and Judges Lindsey Luther and Jeffrey Noecker do serve or have served in leadership there), and First Baptist -- the one on Kenan Plaza

NICE JOB of supporting the Heroin Trafficking, all you "CHRISTIANS" -- LOL!!!

Five things to know about new spending plan.

Scott Kenan
15 hrs

The only reason this caught my EYE, is that I have TWO photos of ACTUAL Bonobos (the closest DNA relative to Human Beings), which I'll publish in comments below:

Walmart is buying men's fashion retailer Bonobos for $310 million. The clothing will be sold exclusively on Jet.com.

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Scott Kenan Two male Bonobos in standard play:

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Scott Kenan Female Bonobo in full estrus:

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