Saturday, June 3, 2017

RP: Good News for Joseph Faulk and Gold Walker: I MIGHT Have a Roommate, a TRUE Christian, Educated in Criminal Justice at Liberty University!!! / Kellyanne Conway Addressed the NC Republican Convention, Here, TODAY!!!

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I had thought the North Carolina Republican Convention was a LATER weekend, so was NOT PSYCHOLOGICALLY PREPARED to run into several TOP REPUBLICAN BRASS on the street when I went to the downtown Saturday Market.

It was RIGHT BEFORE Kellyanne Conway was scheduled to give the Keynote Address, over a lunch meeting, today.

As everyone knows, the TOP Republican in the City -- their LAST Mayoral Candidate, Justin LaNasa, who is a common Tattoo Parlorist -- had had his DRUG ADDICT supporters chase me around town claiming in front of many large crowds that I was a FAGGOT and a CHILD MOLESTER, some of them claiming that I had molested their young sons, but REFUSED to charge me -- saying they planned to have MORE FUN THAN PROSECUTING ME.

That LAST such CHRISTIAN harassment was with support of Roman Catholic Frank Delia, who owns the Italian Market and Cafe on Front Street and the owners of Port City Java were part of that too -- and Thom Goolsby, their close friend.

TURN ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY (although I am NEVER physically violent).

The possible roommate

Justin LaNasaRepublican Mayoral Candidate, 2011, owner of

Chief Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo, a Republican and devout Roman Catholic, who got me into a DRY-OUT program to HIDE from these devout Christian Republican DRUG TRAFFICKERS, and later FORCED D.A. Ben David to WIPE MY CONVICTIONS -- all false -- from my record here in New Hanover County. 

But Ben David later PROMISED to wipe the False Conviction of LIBEL he helped get against me with Jamie Lee Sutherland, and Fox News, and the Emanuel/Obama Drug Mafia of Chicago, but Ben LOST HIS MANHOOD (he's a Democrat, like me), and has tried for TWO YEARS NOW, and "can't get it up" -- as they say!!!

Poor Baby -- Ben is now IMPOTENT!!!

They were selling ALL hard drugs out of McDonald's drive through windows here in Wilmington, NC -- until I raised a FUSS about it. It took SIX YEARS for McDonald's to BOTHER even TRYING to stop it -- after I did!!!

They were PROTECTED by the Christian Churches, D.A. Ben David, Mayor Bill Saffo (both Democrats), and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous (hired and kept on by Democrats on Wilmington City Council)!!!

Two Papa John's employees and three of their friends are arrested after investigators said they sold cocaine from a franchise in Sammamish, Washington.

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So, I kept running into fancy Republicans on the street, many with the "Cross of Jesus" also displayed:

So I got BUSY telling each and every Republican I ran into -- at least a dozen -- that I am a KENAN, and my rich relatives with Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, had put Donald Trump into power -- like they had earlier put Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto into power in Mexico, to get Mexico's oil to profit the Kenans and then to split the Narco-Trafficking with the Clinton and Bush Families -- as well as the Episcopal Church.

EVERY ONE of them said I must be VERY PROUD OF MY KENAN FAMILYall devout Christians like themselves.

And hearing THAT, I let into some of the most VILE AND VULGAR diatribes I have ever YELLED in PUBLIC and in front of LARGE AUDIENCES. Three men actually CHARGED ME WITH FISTS UP, but their wives talked them out of actually HITTING ME before they were able to.

THEN, I ran into a fancy BLACK REPUBLICAN couple, and first gave them an education on the NEW TESTAMENT (that they never, ever read):

And just like Christians and Republicans like to YELL AT ME on Public Streets, I began calling them NIGGERS as loud as possible, causing EVERYONE to try to SHAME ME, and the LIBERALS I'd already found TONS of agreement with -- including that Christians and Republicans as the LOWEST forms of animals.

It was my PREFECT "KATHY GRIFFIN MOMENT" except that I DO NOT APOLOGIZE for "calling a spade a spade" as we said in Days of Yore. 

I walked away saying you CAN'T shut me up since the Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech -- and I did NOT yell FIRE!!! in a crowded hall without reason. I laughed my way for a block, then joined some young Mexicans for breakfast.


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