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RP: The Hanukkah-Lights Miracle of My Marijuana Pipe, LAST NIGHT!!! / David Rams, Longtime Photographer for Playboy, VICIOUSLY ATTACKS ME Overnight -- LOL!!!

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OK, so there are eight "helper" candles to the Menorah, and last night -- given Donald Trump's birthday present of being investigated for Obstruction of Justice -- I managed, in CELEBRATION, to scrape out enough residual resins from my pipe to get about 2/3 high, a MIRACLE, after I'd already smoked them for five days, "running out" three weeks ago, when Denise Wood (The PERFECT Painter), downstairs, and Landlady Gold Walker, as pot sources, DRIED UP!!!


Good Morning Denise!!!

Just thought you should know that since you don't have your apartment number on your ad here:, your mail got delivered to my box -- and I put it into yours, but could you please add your apartment number???

I was going to copy this to Gold Walker, but cannot now find her email address.

I also notice you do not list your last name, which would add even more professionalism!!! As you know, I've been self-employed most of my life, and ALWAYS used my full name. I know your work is GREAT, so no reason to hide your NAME!!!


And I got an IMMEDIATE response from Denise: "Will do, THANKS!"

An APPROPRIATE thought to begin this dayno???


Today, I was kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Why, you might ask? Was I protesting? Causing a scene? Not...

I hope this does not affect my Readers!!!

Ten million people have this disease. But there’s little they can do about it.


David Rams and I have been Facebook Friends for YEARS, and he is ALSO FB Friends with 54 of my other friends, writers and artists, mostly, and mostly in Atlanta, where I lived when we connected, and he lives now.

Readers know that in 1973 at Easter Break, fellow Art Student at Denison University -- and my lover at the time -- Jeff Work and I drove to Manhattan and stayed in the apartment of Jill Krementz. Jill -- and Jeff's former girlfriend, another D.U. student who was Jill's intern, and the two of them -- with Jill's lover, or maybe already-husband, Kurt Vonnegut, had cleared out and said we could stay there, and so we DID!!!

Vonnegut and Kementz at about that time. ALSO, a farmhouse I always drove past from my parents' home in Elnora, NY to Schenectady, I later learned was owned by Kurt -- but I never met either of them.

At that time, I was UBER-IMPRESSED by all Jill's photos of the Beatles hung in the apartment, and much later, when I worked for Tennessee Williams, I was STRUCK by all the photos of his lawyer, John Eastman -- in the offices of Eastman & Eastman -- of Paul McCartney and Eastman's sister, Linda, on THOSE walls!!!

I never met any of the Beatles, either, but wrote about this in my memoir:

Also see my friend John Lahr's piece that covers some of this: 

Of course THIS blog posting not only got MEGA HITS over the years, but the THANKS of both Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon:

And since I KNOW (and cooperated with John Lahr while I wrote my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams -- BEFORE he wrote his bio), I always LOVED this Krementz image:

One of Mr. David Rams's images (is that name REAL, or does David RAM his models -- perhaps male and female, alike)???

Anyway, last night, on Facebook, I came across an image of a younger man and woman David must have made and posted on Facebook -- QUITE SLUTTY -- and I replied with this image of Haston Lavern Caulder II's GIRLFRIEND, a Wilmington WHORE that Joseph Faulk PAID for Haston to have sex with, etc., telling him that Wilmington is FULL OF CHRISTIAN WHORES that perhaps he should PHOTOGRAPH!!!

Carla McCall, Haston's WHORE for a while.

Before he BLOCKED ME, David Rams I had this discussion:
David Rams

David Rams
What kind of an asshole writes that sort of a comment on a photograph of someone ones mother and someone's love one ? Who the fuck do you think you are
David Rams
You have somthing to say?
Come, you have somthing to say? Hiding their behind your computer
What you posted is hateful and has been identified as being abusive.
It is very clear that the photo made her look trashy, images are worth 1,000 words. I had no idea who she or you were, and as an artist whose work was hung in 30 US Embassies and Consulates around the world BEFORE I graduated college, I have a trained eye. My own mother is WORSE than a CUNT and I tell it to her face. My Kenan Family founded UNC, controls Exxon-Mobil. Bank of America, Coca-Cola, the Klan, most Republicans and "Clinton Democrats" narco-trafficking with Bush, Cheney, and Clinton families -- and put Trump into power to get Russia's oil. I only attacked an image, and now I see you make your living keeping women in their Christian place -- as sex objects. BULLY FOR YOU!!!
David Rams
You are a sick fuck
Seen by David Rams at 7:08am
It's ALL WORDS on Facebook (and images), silly boy -- why do you fear them and get such a big boner over them -- are you a closet queen like Barack Obama and both Bush Presidents???

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