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RP: HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY, ALLAN GURGANUS!!!/ I Contact My Nephew Connor Michael Kenan's Employer Over Concern for his MENTAL HEALTH:

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It was North Carolina artist -- and my off-and-on lover of 1990 - about 2006, David Terry, who first told me that Allan Gurganus is my FOURTH KENAN COUSIN (but I've never had direct contact with him, although we've been Facebook Friends for YEARS)!!!

David Charles Terry of, is a Sewanee/University of the South graduate (the school that with the Republican Party, FBI, and CIA, murdered my boss Tennessee Williams), and a RABID WHITE SUPREMACIST!!!:

John Rosenthal added 2 new photos — with Allan Gurganus.
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Allan Gurganus' 70th birthday celebration at Jane Holding's home. Allan, without meaning to, has become one of the righteous 36 who save us from destruction. Photos by Ippy Patterson and Roger Haile.

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Debbie Haggerty Happy birthday! Join the crowd!

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Beth Whitley Lee I'm not going to count those candles... Haven't seen so much fire since the burning of Atlanta! But I'm wishing your birthday celebration was the finest...🎂🍦🍭🍾🍹💕💐

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Scott Kenan Allan Gurganus -- I have been told -- is my 4th Kenan cousin. I was the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, and can prove in Court how the Episcopal Church with the Republican Party, FBI, and CIA MURDERED Tennessee and stole his estate from Harvard -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tenn and me would happen -- with help of Jean Babette Stein -- at Jean and George Plimpton's party honoring Tennessee on January 11, 1982. 

Just a month ago, Jean Stein, who inherited MCA (founded by her father, Jules, and existing now as Comcast Cable, NBC Networks, Universal Studios and Music Group, etc.), was FORCED to jump to her death from that SAME apartment where we had the party, and while it was TV Breaking News in Europe and Latin America, only the NYTimes and a few magazines covered it in the USA -- because of my WEALTHY Kenan cousins in Chapel Hill, NC and their racist, NAZI agenda!!! 

Also, I've been told that Allan based Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All VERY loosely on my great-grandmother, Julianna Moore. 

Today, by their invitation, I send all my evidence to the US State and Justice Departments to bring down Donald Trump, whom my Kenan Family put into power so we can profit from developing Russia's vast oil reserves, we controlling Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, etc. More is in my blog, where I will later write a TRIBUTE to Mr. Gurganus:

Welcome to the Age of the Artist!!!

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Dear Mr. Cerullo,

My name is Scott David Kenan, and I am the 6' 11" uncle of your employee, Connor Michael Kenan, a shrimp at 6' 6". He knows that I am writing you, and only because he refuses to respond to me. If you know anything about our Kenan Family, you know we control Exxon-Mobil, Coca-Cola, most Republicans and the Clinton Democrats, and put Donald Trump into power so that my family can profit from developing Russia's vast Oil Reserves. But that is the wealthy branch that earlier co-founded UNC Chapel Hill and later were the greatest political and economic force causing the South to secede. 

On my mother's side, Connor and I are descended from the Meyer family of S.E. Indiana, my uncles were BLACKLISTED by FDR from fighting in Europe due to NAZI sympathies, and in fact, I, Connor's father, and my two sisters were raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates, and our parents socialized with top Republicans, like Coach Lou Holtz, and set up the Christian Drug Mafias in Wilmington, NC, where I now live, and Atlanta/Stone Mountain GA with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, whom I knew well, and the Catholic Church, then in ATL, still with Ehrlichman, and also Newt Gingrich, CNN, and the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, etc., and later, Bill Clinton stationed 24 unmarked CIA cars a few blocks from my house in Stone Mountain to protect it. 

I cover all this in great detail in my Political Blog. I met Gen. Russel Honore' at the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, and he knows ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family running this vast narcotics operation, his cell is (404) 227-XXXX, should you care to ask him about me.

I also met Patricia Sinatra by chance here in Wilmington (her cell: (909) 984-XXXX), she visiting her actor son Danny, who became a close friend of mine, and she told me all about how she engineered selling their Bank of America to the wealthy Kenans, as well as how Old Joe Kennedy got the Sinatras to pressure the Gambinos into stuffing the ballot boxes in Chicago, resulting in stealing the election for JFK. THEN George W. Bush stole it from Gore, and now Karma is SERVED!!! 

And oddly enough, my last overnight date (half a year ago), was with George Bush's eighth cousin, Bill Toups, and we were up all night laughing about all the TRAITOROUS and NARCO-TRAFFICKING crimes our two families committed over the decades, Prescott Bush having made much of his money investing in Hitler's War Machine, and so it goes, no???

Today, I work directly feeding my evidence of the Kenan crimes -- and those of my Meyer side -- directly to the US State and Justice Departments, by invitation of US Consular Agent for Puerto Vallarta, Kelly Trainor (email:, whom I've known since 2010 when Army Col. Dottie Newman, retired Chief Protocol Officer of Sect. of State Colin Powell, who got me to Political Exile in Mexico for most of five years, after my entire immediate family and my employer, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA, worked with the Republican Party and could not commit me in five tries in ONE MONTH. Col. Newman -- this also confirmed by the Dekalb County Mental Health nurse -- said the CIA was part of it too, and they would KILL me since they couldn't commit me. 

Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn-Miller of Raleigh Way, Bethlehem, GA (a salesperson with the now defunct Pentagon Publishing), confirmed this to me -- and that my parents and sisters were actively part of it, if not so much Connor's Dad, Michael William Kenan. 

It took me seven years of blogging to shut Pentagon Publishing down. Recently, from 1990 - 2010 I worked for them selling ad space in all the yearbooks for the Service and Maritime Academies, as well as all the War Colleges, but Patrick also distributed all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but especially here in Wilmington, now recognized as the LARGEST opioid-trafficking city in the USA -- and it is by Politicians of BOTH Parties, and almost MORE by Christian Churches.

The reason I'm concerned about Connor, is that my mother, who has set up many cushy deals for cooperative NAZI members of the family, is quite vulnerable to blackmail over his homosexual behaviors -- SILLY in this time when even Republicans and mainstream Christians have little problem with that, but Mom blackmailed my father into marriage and turning Catholic to hide her Swastikas behind the iconic Kenan name, and I am well aware of my brother and both of his sons having had a lot of gay experiences. 

About three years ago, although Connor said he really LIKED my politics in the blog, when I mentioned that at his age, if a man hasn't shown on Facebook or other similar media ANY dating for any time with one person, they nearly always are gay, but ashamed of themselves, NOT HEALTHY!!!, Connor said that was the WORST INSULT I could have made -- to say he's like me, which if he's NOT, everyone would know THAT. Connor spent half a year in S.E. Asia with his best male friend, they doing even the Tunnel of Love in Thailand.

And about 2010, I blogged about Connor and his best buddy giving a fellatio DEMONSTRATION in front of his second grade class while the teacher was out of the room, kids being kids and curious, and then my brother called me -- ANGRY AS HELL -- because Connor was then engaged to a woman whose parents lived next door to Bebe Rebozo's (a Nixon Adviser), old house on Key Biscayne, and Mike and Gail, Connor's mother, had visited and gone out on at least TWO of their yachts, but the girls' parents got wind of my blog and CANCELLED the engagement, RUINING their chance of getting him married to SERIOUS money. Mr. Rebozo was also Nixon's long term lover, and their handwritten, explicit love notes have been published, but SUPPRESSED by our controlled Media.

Integrity is the most important asset of any company. I've built companies myself, like, which I sold after five years in 1978 to my founding partners, Chuck and Hilary Pritchard, whom you can call there for a reference as well, when my mother stepped in and had me committed for talking about the Swastikas, daily beatings, we grew up with. 

My memoir of working for Tennessee Williams (, got RAVE reviews and was being considered by top producers to be made into a movie, when my copyright was stolen by Jamie Lee Sutherland in Chicago Courts with lawyer Daliah Saper (also a Fox News talking head), and D.A. Ben David of here in Wilmington -- I was never legally served, then tried and convicted In Absentia. We are building a Federal Racketeering case against all of them, which will include all of my siblings.

Here are the questions Connor refuses to answer, and I don't even ask his sexual orientation, but wanted to see if he is even CAPABLE of an intimate, honest relationship with ANY romantic partner:

1. Did Max get fired?

2. Are YOU also connected to Christal Presley? (an associate of my parents, and sister Jane -- and is best friend of Sean Hannity of Fox, and who has filed several bogus lawsuits against me, and I discovered is connected also to Connor's brother Max, inexplicably)

3. Do YOU think I caused a REAL problem by calling Max's company?

4. Are you HAPPY?

5. Do you have an active romance?

6. If so, why have you never shown it on Facebook -- or other such media -- like every straight man and woman does? (and gay ones, too, nowadays)

And a final reference is my high school girlfriend Dr. Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk (also a lawyer and Prosecutor before med school), who worked for Epic Systems installing it in major hospitals in the USA, and is now a TOP consultant on Privacy of Medical Records. Her cell is (610) 742-XXXX.

So, I hope Connor is comfortable with all of this -- I've been an "open book" for years and find it keeps me from real worry about nonsense. Should you decide to ask him about any of it, if he is NOT, I trust you can direct him to some psychological counselling. In 1990, I had to do that through his Dad's employer, Sun Oil/SUNOCO, when the kids were really young and Mike and Gail got into not just heavy drinking, but serious Cocaine use, threatening the finances of the family. Sun Oil handled it very well, but Mike still complains of my meddling in his life for doing it. SOME people NEVER learn!!! 

I am publishing this here:, and the previous posting is about the trouble I had this week with the Mormon Church and a close relative of Mitt Romney, so I wrote Mitt and Ann warning them about that.

Scott Kenan


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