Friday, June 2, 2017

RP: HuffPost VICIOUSLY Attacks Me -- so I TAKE IT OUT on CNN (and NO, I do NOT mean my "wanker", as one might reasonably expect)!!!

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To BEGIN WITH, I have a SPECIAL CONNECTION with Kathy Griffin, even though Jamie Lee Sutherland who managed with Fox News and Wilmington D.A. Ben David to STEAL my copyright to my much-lauded memoir (also helped by my Christian Family: BOTH my parents and my siblings Jane, Mike, and Julie -- ALL card-carrying NAZIS), anyway even though Jamie LIED to me about Ms. Griffin having once been married to Steve Wozniak, I DON'T KNOW if he also lied about Kathy Griffin owning the property next door to the house he tried to sell me in Mismaloya, Mexico in 2010 -- or not.

ANYONE who follows Kathy Griffin, knows she is just a FEMALE Donald TRUMP!!!

So she was ONLY holding up a MIRROR to her male reflection.

And then, for the last few days when I've brought up, about five minutes later, I hear audio ads for Spectrum Cable that owns them, and it took three days to figure out WHICH open tab was doing this. Among all of CNN's NAZI ACTIONS against me, beginning in 1990, but mostly 2010 - current (, it is NOT worth trying to pick out there HONEST stories from all their subtle support of Donald Trump -- in service to the Catholic Church (can you say FAGGOT-CATHOLIC Chris Cuomo and his MANLY FISH-HUNTING???).


And it is Spectrum Cable that hit me with a truck, and NOW is stalling the settlement and changing rules -- or at least NOT EXPLAINING ANYTHING -- and the Spectrum Tech who finally FIXED MY CABLE, yesterday, said that every single one of the telephone and in-person techs with whom I've wasted literally nearly 30 hours within the last few weeks KNEW that what they claimed to do would NOT fix my cable service, and they are ALL persecuting me DELIBERATELY and CONSCIOUSLY because they are working for CHRISTIAN NAZI OWNERS.

Incidentally, the work is not TOTALLY done, as a tech will come out soon to make signal adjustments at the pole, as my internet signal is no longer STILL TOO STRONG, which has been kicking me on and off the internet, due to overloading my modem.

So today, I have DROPPED looking at CNN online first -- or at all -- and replaced them with MSNBC online, followed by HuffPost, as before.

At least MSNBC and Joe Scarborough are HONEST about Catholic NAZI Steve Bannon, who replaced my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan as America's TOP NAZI and SLAVE to Pope Francis I!!!

And I am BEGINNING to look FORWARD to returning to FACEBOOK in less than 18 hours, after they BLOCKED ME from doing anything but OBSERVING IT for a month (for the THIRD TIME in NINE Months), because they ACCUSED ME of publishing FAKE NEWS -- but did NOT allow me to defend myself -- EVERYONE knows that Facebook was CREATED by the NAZI/Christian CIA to gather info VOLUNTARILY from participants, and that FAG-BOY Mark Zuckerberg was FORCED to convert to Christianity from Atheism -- and MARRY A BITCH!!!

Mark Zuckerberg has ADMITTED to manipulating Facebook Timelines to FAVOR the election of Donald Trump -- to GLORIFY Vladimir Putin's ALLIES in the Christian/NAZI CIA.


As a reminder, Facebook told me that my posting about Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel frequenting Jamie Lee Sutherland's -- the guy who with Ben David and Fox News talking head Daliah Saper of Saper Law in Chicago STOLE my copyrights, but ALSO saw the two of them in HIS FAVE private gay baths, "Men's Country" -- when that is WELL KNOWN outside the USA where the Christian CIA cannot control the media as well.

And they told me that BLOCKING ME for a month was ALSO for posting THESE two images, BOTH ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!:

Even LADY GAGA'S fave designer PUNKED Obama's BITCH with a classic American TOILET BOWL DRESS -- HA!!!

And of course the FOLLOWING is ALSO true:

John McCain was a HOT HOMO in his YOUTH!!!

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