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RP: I APOLOGIZED to Joseph Faulk in NYC, Then WROTE to David Alan Young (whom I'm taking to Court for "Communicating Threats"), and SOON Will Go to Police Headquarters to Get the Police Report on Evan Fish's Death in 2011 -- as RECOMMENDED by Mayor Saffo's Secretary:

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Ever wonder what Tennessee Williams's plays would have been like if the Brick's (sic), and Stanley's (sic), weren't sweating out their emotions all the time?

Here they are re-imagined with Central Air...

Tennessee Williams with Air-Conditioning

Stanley: “There is no need to sweat or shout in such a small, well-chilled apartment. I can be heard across the room without raising my voice.”

First thing this morning, I called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, and he STILL has not been visited by NYC Adult Protective Services for an evaluation of himself and his apartment. When I made my report Friday a week ago, I was told that they likely would find him incompetent, because Haston Lavern Caulder, II, here in Wilmington, NC (a well-known criminal, now awaiting trial on several charges), had gotten THOUSANDS of dollars out of Joseph on FALSE PRETENSES -- which Joseph CONTINUES to believe -- in one month, and other months as well.

They told me that Joseph NOT being a physical threat to himself or others, they would try to get hold of him this past Monday through Wednesday (at the latest), and it was OK to let him know they would be evaluating him, but NOT to tell him it would be Wednesday. I DID that, then decided he should not worry about them coming for several days, and later told him it would be the LAST day.

But NOW, it is FRIDAY, and he still has not heard from them -- likely because they are overworked and underfunded -- but I now SERIOUSLY REGRET I said a word about it to him, as he is living in this "Twilight Zone" of not knowing WHEN they will arrive.

So I APOLOGIZED and told him I deeply regret that what I thought would make this easier, has only made it more DIFFICULT for him -- and he said I was EXACTLY CORRECT about that. But I CAN'T undo what I did. 

>>> MY EMAIL TO DAVID ALAN YOUNG via his secured-server form on his Dave's Tree Removal internet listing:

Dear Mr. Young:

I have no idea if you have yet been served the Court Summons over your “Communicating Threats” to me on June 16, 2017 outside Jackson’s Big Oak Barbecue, and I doubt you are aware that we had a witness, standing about 20 feet behind you, whom I had not seen until you turned to go back to your truck. He immediately encouraged me to prosecute you.

There is a way to avoid your serving time, being fined, and/or going on Probation, as the Magistrate as well as Police Officer I filed the original report with, both were certain that this is a “slam-dunk” case, but I see no benefit to you having a Record or serving time – you seemed too clear of mind to be on drugs, and you have a business, and satellite photos show you keep a nice residence and yard.

I, encouraged by several Political types, intend to accelerate this to a “Hate Crime”, if we do go to Court. And I did NOT charge you with “Assault”, although your constantly pushing me backward with your stomach qualifies, but it did NOT harm me, except for the “Psychological Terrorism” aspect of it. If we go to Court, I might charge you with that as well. I stayed LOUD and in front of restaurant windows so that many inside could see/hear what was happening.

I DID later remember the incident you described with your parents, I believe, the only unfriendly encounter I’ve had at that restaurant, and I believe you said it was your sister, who is quite “shapely”, who accompanied you parents. Between the register and the front door, we had all been involved in a friendly, agreeable conversation about how we ALL must find a way to live together in Peace and Respect for each other. However, once outside, the older gentleman said that while all we had agreed on was TRUE, it was the Christian’s Duty to KILL all Muslim’s on Earth, and I DID then go “ballistic” and probably called him something like a “Devil Worshiper”, because I’ve had several Bible classes at college level and since then -- and that is in DISAGREEMENT with the New Testament, what Jesus taught, and what ANY Christian I know would ever claim.

This is NOT admissible testimony in Court, anyway, as the Constitution guarantees Free Speech, and no one even tried to charge me with a crime over it. But I wanted you to know what had occurred as I remember it. Also, I had complimented BOTH women in their party on their attractiveness and that of their clothing. As I have done for years now, I complimented the younger woman on her beautiful “headlights”, which they all got a kick out of, as has EVERY woman I have complimented that way, especially those past their thirties.

On option that I assume will be available, is to go to binding arbitration. Taking the risk that we have BOTH learned from this incident, if you offer to pay me a few thousand dollars compensation, I will agree to drop the charge.

I am not a lawyer, but believe this communication is OK for me to offer. I do NOT expect your answer before we appear together in Court, but offer it as a solution to think over between now and then.


Scott David Kenan


Priscilla Chan married Mark Zuckerberg -- AFTER Mark converted from Atheist to Christian!!!

This morning -- before dawn -- on BOTH CNN and MSNBC -- the newscasters were LAUGHING at Mark Zuckerberg's new FACEBOOK MISSION, listing all of FACEBOOK's recent CRIMES, including ORIGINATING FAKE NEWS, spreading it to DESTROY Hillary Clinton's candidacy, and to SUPPORT Donald Trump's candidacy, while allowing Vladimir Putin's FAKE STORIES to be published ALL OVER FACEBOOK -- LOL!!!

In the video attached to this story, Zuckerburg comes off INHUMAN and very MACHINE-LIKE: 

And NOW I am off to Wilmington Police Headquarters, to try, again, to get the Official Report on the death of Evan Fish:

Evan Fish, four years before he was forced to jump to his death.

And I wish to remind ALL WILMINGTONIANS that the only ILLEGAL ACTION -- of many against me on behalf the City of Wilmington and State of North Carolina (the courts), that I still DEMAND COMPENSATION FOR, was the FALSE CHARGE of "Cyber-Stalking" by lawyer David Nash -- after I blogged about the ILLEGAL NARCO-TRAFFICKING I witnessed in his Costello's (gay) Piano Bar on Princess Street (now owned by someone else).

I was held in the County Jail for over two months, awaiting trial, and Judge Chad Hogston -- while admitting he was ignoring my Freedom of Speech and of the Press Rights, FALSELY convicted me of a charge that the complaint and Testimony in Court NEVER matched the CHARGE!!!

Later, D.A. Ben David (whom I must now work with in Prosecuting David Alan Young), continued to jail me on false charges -- ALL now erased -- and cooperated with Jamie Lee Sutherland, an exec of Wells Fargo, Chicago (competitor of Kenan-controlled Bank of America), and Daliah Saper, of Saper Law, LLC in Chicago -- via Ben David's intern, Jeffrey Duncan, while I was falsely charged in Wilmington, who NEXT got his first lawyer's job with Saper Law -- when I was falsely charged with LIBEL, NEVER legally served, then CONVICTED in absentia (I was NOT allowed to defend myself in Court).

Here is that judgment that NEITHER Amazon nor Google's Blogger HONORED, although Bank of America sent Jamie my DISABILITY BENEFITS, supposedly PROTECTED BY LAW from this sort of thing!!!

David A. Nash of

The Prince of Peace


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