Thursday, June 8, 2017

RP: I THINK This Is My BEST LINKING of My Kenan Family's CORRUPTION of Both Clinton and Trump FOR RUSSIA, Trump WINNING OUT for His FIRM Christian/NAZI Philosophy!!!

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Lee Harvey Oswald famously said to the police "I am the patsy" right before he was assassinated by Jack Ruby and could never testify. Is it possible that the brutal, stealing, lying psycho Trump is actually the stupid patsy of those (Flynn, Manafort etc) who sold out the US election to the Russians, probably for cash? 

This is what we are being set up by Comey and others to believe. Sex for money is not the crime we are looking for. 

It is ALSO NOT what ANYONE associated with the hearings is testifying about -- BITCH!!! Scott

Unless someone can come up with Trump knowingly money laundering and taking Russian bribes and thereby becoming complicit in a direct connection to election strategy, it is going to be tough to pull the trigger on this one.

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Mary Hussein Agneberg Puppet? Puppet? YOU'RE the puppet!

42 mins
Everett Daniel Maroon I agree that it doesn't look like Donald Trump could coordinate a birthday party *cough cough egg roll cough* much less a complicated scheme to destroy an American presidential election. But asking Comey to drop the Flynn investigation is obstruction of justice and is impeachable in and of itself.

It still won't happen, though.

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Barbara Barg I think Trump is the hood ornament on the right wing limo.

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Cynthia Fraley I think this is a rhetorical question??

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Scott Kenan With all due respect, I have been blogging for MONTHS, and posting the same info + links to greater detail on my blog on Sarah Schulman's and other Progressives' FB threads that it is my Kenan Family that put Enrique Peña Nieto into power, and more recently Donald Trump so that our top Exec, Rex Tillerson (an Exxon-Mobil exec in Jan. 2015 ADMITTING to me that my family and Tillerson with Hillary Clinton, CIA, etc., corrupted the Mexican election for "Our Man" to win), and with Tillerson getting SPECIAL COMMENDATION from Putin, my family with Putin did the same and corrupted our election -- for OIL PROFITS!!! 

And NO ONE I know wanted to vote for either Prez choice, because they were BOTH Russia-corrupted!!! 

Also, the ONLY MEME I found EVER regarding Trump visiting ANY town to campaign, I used to report what I knew or had deduced about it. Not only was I made an "Honorary Jew" by one of my Reiners-of-Hollywood friends when I first blogged that I was told my parents were America's TOP NAZIS -- that in 1990 by top Atlanta Jewish business leaders -- blogging in early 2010 -- which led to General Colin L. Powell's top security officer getting me to Mexico for most of five years in Political Exile. 

Three weeks ago, I was invited to send ALL my materials to top people in Justice and State, and the ORANGE TURD has been falling faster and faster since then

Here is my original report on Trump going to Kenansville, NC: 

>>> THIS JUST IN only minutes after I posted this on Sarah Schulman's page -- by Sarah herself:

Sarah Schulman
You are overdoing it on my page.
Fuck you bitch -- YOU are being investigated by Justice Department for HIGH TREASON!!! -- just a heads up.

>>> SARAH SCHULMAN, after messaging me, BLOCKED ME on Christian/CIA Facebook -- LOL!!!


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