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RP: If I HAD Some OREGANO, I'd Be a LOT NICER to EVERYONE -- but My Neighbors in Gold Walker Properties (including Steve and Patty next door who worked for Gov. Roy Cooper's Campaign), Are SCARED of Me Now -- LOL!!!

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For the last couple of months, I NEVER worry about Law Enforcement ANY MORE!!!


* * *

To begin with, I have had NO marijuana for two weeks, and ran out of smoke-able resins. Landlady Gold Walker and Narco-Trafficker Denise Walker downstairs BOTH have been out for as long. As I told Denise over and over, the Government doesn't CARE about her selling marijuana to many (if not TOO MANY), so no reason not to continue, but she is just curt with me from between clenched teeth -- PROVING she's BIG with her good friend Mayor Bill Saffo's Drug Mafia.

Gold Walker, is very nice to me again, but two days ago, I offered to bring her some excess fresh basil from my garden -- which she loves -- and normally would give me some pot in exchange. Her apartment and her house BOTH always have pot-smoke haze, but have been TOTALLY CLEARED, air-wise, and she has so many pot roaches in EVERY drawer and on every surface, which she could not clean out completely, and didn't even offer me that. -- which she ALWAYS DOES in old pill vials -- also adding plain weed.

But Gold seems genuinely friendly, so I think she's paranoid because she knows her son -- and ONLY child, so especially painful for her -- Allen Walker, IS running one of the largest drug-import ports on the N.E. Cape Fear River, his rich Republican lawyer girlfriend paying ALL his bills, and causing Gold to AVOID her regular lawyer, Oliver Carter III, next door.

Well, we'll just have to see what happens NEXT, but Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., downstairs -- and supplier of LSD to Jerry Garcia, Dr. Timothy Leary, previously, and others, now, apparently, has NOT been seen staying here in over two weeks, although Gold DID text him, and he picked up his accumulated mail.

Scott Kenan to Bob Jones
3 mins
And NOW, I've WON, but drug-nuts and "Christian" narco-traffickers haven't figured that out yet, and still hassle me,Linda LeBoutillier has NO IDEA how to title or sell a book, but I learned the HARD way, and so will she. Her "The Waterloo Gardens Story" is the SUB-TITLE, but needs an interesting main title, like my "Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams". 

But are all now IMPOTENT -- HA!!! I'm having a BALL!!! 


the Kenans commissioned a pageant play on the Kenans' development of the Lower Cape Fear, built a huge venue in Kenansville, NC for it, and it BOMBED with the static name "The Liberty Cart", and the hall was ONLY good for Donald Trump's coming to the tiny hamlet to pay TRIBUTE to my family that put him into power -- TWO COUNTIES, calling off school that day to be sure they could fill it with CHRISTIANS -- and they DID, and I blogged about it -- LOL!!!

Anyway, NOW not just the US Justice and State Departments are getting my stuff by THEIR request (why Trump is now falling so fast), and the Mexican Government now wants it all TOO, as of this afternoon!!! 

My WHOLE FAMILY HATES ME -- poor babies, but NEVER did a thing for me, so SCREW THEM ALL, I hope to have all but 94 year old Mom in prison soon, she too old at 94.

My latest:

Valdemar on left, at the crowning of the Queens of the Elderly in Villa Alvarez (a Colima suburb, where I actually had lived)!!!

Today, I was contacted by a MEXICAN PATRIOTErnesto Ceballos, whom I knew in Colima, Colima, Mexico when I lived there in 2010, and visited the city in 2012, who wanted EVERYTHING I have, and discovered my old friend who introduced me to the Governor of Colima state and was the best friend of  President Salinas is actually spelled with a "V", not a "W": Dr. Valdemar Salazar, so I finally found him on the internet!!!

Here is my account of Dr. Salazar being called to a Drug Mafia LAIR, for a medical emergency, found it abandoned with open doors and lights on, literally TONS of powder drugs -- ALL KINDS of guns, grenades, etc., and HUGE BLOCKS of hundred dollar bills-- US dollars -- so he took a six-shooter for himself, and enough cash to buy a brand new Mercedes, and quite a bit more as well -- LOL!!!

And here is my account of meeting George W. Bush's self-described TOP DRUG-MONEY launderer in Colima, who when he heard I was a "North Carolina Kenan" BRAGGED ABOUT Bush flying down regularly with small jets full of $100.00 bills, expecting ME to be able to launder Thomas S. Kenan III's Drug Money -- HA!!!

And FINALLY, the guy, "Bill Romney" who claimed to be from Eureka Springs, AK, and have been married until a year ago to Mitt Romney's cousin -- the GAY ROMNEY, Doug Romney -- is ACTUALLY just a DRUG MAFIOSA from, who had tried to scam me from an identity in Palm Springs just two months ago, and he TRIPPED UP in his own lies.

Doug Romney with Bill Romney who took the name, Bill was born William Allen Willhelm, born 53 years ago in Washington, DC, a REAL person I found ONE (only reference to under EITHER name)

And here is an article that seems LEGIT -- GAY DOUG on pages 1 and 2, but googling even Doug Romney brings up BLANKS!!!: (760) 567-3829 -- a CELL, of course, and he only has a P.O. Box, not a street address -- LOL!!! 

Well SOMEONE at USA Today has been SMOKIN' IT -- HA!!!

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Anthony RogersFollow
May 15, 2016
Shout out to USA Today for having no idea where Colorado is on a map.

And I never heard from my nephew Connor Michael Kenan, so tomorrow I'll contact his employer to have them CHECK OUT if Connor is corrupting his consulting company that works ONLY for Epic Systems, like Dr. Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk used to do -- installing the system in MAJOR hospital systems -- before she moved on to consult on privacy of medical records -- she the TOP such consultant in the USA!!!



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