Thursday, June 22, 2017

RP: Known for Certain: Ari Melber Showed CHEST HAIRS at his collar on MSNBC, Today, for the SECOND Time in Weeks!!! / Some Catching Up, Otherwise:

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Ari was NOT eating a FESTIVE (or un-festive) cookie, EITHER time he did this.

As my Readers know, Ari Melber is not known to have EVER dated, nor claimed to be either Hetero- or Homo- Sexual, leaving a LONG TRAIL of frustrated straight women and homosexual men of ALL ages, races, and religions (including none) -- such as myself -- and I would have stated my attraction to the Adonis of the Intelligentsia far more strongly at the time, had I NOT just been contacted by Bill Romney, surviving legal spouse of Douglas Romney (close cousin of Mitt Romney), who first claimed to want to DATE ME -- so I HELD OFF!!!

Douglas Wayne Romney and Bill Romney (maiden name: William Wilhelm)

Ann and Mitt Romney, the PRODUCTIVE STRAIGHT Romneys

And I FINALLY had to write Ann and Mitt, and THEY PROMPTLY got their in-law Bill, to STOP harassing me: 

It just occurred to me that Ari Melber has OFTEN stated his email address on the air, so I'm gonna EMAIL THIS POSTING to him individually, and then ONCE include him in the mass emailing to my 200+ Political Contacts, so he can see them too. This shall be my email title: 

"Ari Melber: My Kenan Family, controls XOM (Exxon-Mobil), Rex Tillerson and put Trump into power to profit from Russian Oil Development. Jean Babette Stein introduced me to Jackie Onassis, & they together, told my boss then, Tennessee Williams, how and WHY he would be murdered -- and  I can PROVE IT IN COURT"


1. I was able to reach Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., in NYC at 11:00 AM this morning, and NYC Protective Services has NOT yet contacted him, but we agree that they will as soon as they can. 

2. My Smoked Ham Hocks with Beans Soup is now COMPLETE -- and sitting a day to MELD the FLAVORS!!!

3. My next project is Marinara Sauce, from a recipe I got from an Italian Countess (married to a homosexual art dealer in NYC), whose brother was then the TOP Film and TV Director in Italy: Adriana and Brooks Jackson, and Federico Fellini star Hiram Keller and his wife (sic), Kristina "Tina" St. Clair, joined us for a HORRIFYING MOVIE (not THIS one)!!!

Hiram Keller in Fellini Satyricon

I ran into Hiram and Tina at the Atlanta Arts Festival in Piedmont Park a few years later, and after Hiram died of an "unspecified cancer", Tina remarried and lives in WESTERN North Carolina!!!



Hi Ari: 

I had FUN with my idle fantasy of you today, but seriously, I now work directly  -- by invitation -- with the State and Justice Departments, exposing the crimes of my Kenan family of Chapel Hill who put Trump into power, and my mother's Meyer Family, who put Mike Pence in power, in case Trump leaves office, the Catholic Popes can get THEIR first choice. We had SWASTIKAS on the dinner plates growing up, and my parents' best friends were Coach Lou Holtz, Nixon aide John Ehrlichman, and many connected to Fox News.

Have your team mine my blog for far more. I work with Colin Powell's people, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' (who knows about the Kenan Family narco-trafficking in Atlanta/Stone Mountain), and Vicente Fox, who worked for my Kenan Family before becoming Mex-Prez, etc.

I can be reached by email (alt in Cc:), or cell phone: (910) 200-XXXX

Scott David Kenan

Wilmington, NC


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