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RP: Mercy ME!!! Did 6' 8" James Comey DELIBERATELY Give 6' 11" Scott Kenan a SHOUT OUT -- in Front of the Whole WORLD (It certainly would APPEAR so)???

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THIS, the use of "Lordy" by James Comey, which seemed a little unnatural to the ear (for him), was a DELIBERATE shout out to ME, who uses it. I knew that sooner or later the top Patriots would start giving me signs that they really DO read and study my blog!!!

Because we, too, have spoken to a lot of humans.

CHRISTIANS and REPUBLICANS continue to HOUND US for telling the TRUTH!!!

But there CERTAINLY are GOOD Republicans, too -- even a few good Christians!!!:
SHOCKING that Wilmington Christians call this man out for stressing RESPONSIBILITY -- at exactly the right age!!! Denise Wood, downstairs from me ended up pregnant and quitting school in 9th grade -- soon becoming an International Drug Mule with 43 Felony Convictions. TODAY, she is a BIG PLAYER in Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo's CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA!!!
Here is a taste from this article: “He then told my child and the others gathered there that they could call him directly if they had something they couldn’t speak with their parents about,” she wrote on Facebook. “This is not a reflection of the time we have spent at our school, the wonderful teachers and staff, or the great programs they offer.”
Thursday afternoon, the school district issued a statement apologizing for Watkins’ comments.

County Commissioner Skip Watkins upset some parents when he discussed sex and pregnancy at an awards ceremony.
And then there are THESE Republicans, too -- ABSOLUTELY DEVOUT CHRISTIANS, ALL:

Scott Kenan
June 9, 2015 (two years ago, today):
George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.

The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.

Rumours of a link between the US first family and the Nazi war machine have circulated for decades. Now the Guardian can reveal how repercussions of events that culminated in action under the Trading with the Enemy Act are still being felt…

“Our capacity to be shocked has already been so worn down by the Trump presidency."

Well, yesterday, "Bill Romney" was texting me up a storm. He'd begun late the day before, and I being enthralled, at first, didn't say anything. Not only do I NOT like texting and the way my phone VIBRATES ITS TITS OFF twice per minute until I READ a text -- an OUTRAGEOUS distraction to a serious writer, but my new AT&T flip-phone at only $30.00/month, has ROCKER buttons, one for each line of three numbers, that are DIFFICULT to hit right -- unlike the previous model of theirs which had individual buttons, and you have to hit the button 1 - 4 times to register each letter. 

Joseph Faulk has DIFFERENT problems with his new Verizon phone (and he pays nearly $100.00/month, when Verizon has a plan just like my AT&T phone, but Joseph just WASTES money like crazy -- without logical explanation).

So I asked Mr. Romney to only email me, which he agreed to, and an hour later, he began his TEXT STORM, that aggravated me so bad -- and his messages were clearly CONTRADICTING claims he had very recently made -- so I TOLD HIM EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT OF HIM AND TO "F" OFF FOR GOOD.

He kept arguing, chalking up a total of over 30 texts -- and at the SAME TIME, I lost my Microsoft Outlook email, that is through GoDaddy, which until recently was always marketed by Christian Crack Whores shaking their giant titties. Here is the fate of THIS kind of bitch:

And, MIRACULOUSLY, although gone for a few hours, that email came back into my control before I went to bed -- and Bill Romney seems to have disappeared permanently.

So with everything back under control (semi-civilized), I shut down at about 12:30 AM and went outside for a final cig before bed. Not long after I lit up, I leaned back, and was gazing at the full moon -- finally, after several days of clouds and drizzle, all had cleared:

Then I heard a loud rap at Denise Wood's door, downstairs, looked down and DRUG TRASH was there hoping to buy drugs. He knocked two more times without response, so I shouted down that that apartment was now under TOTAL FBI SURVEILLANCE, "Just in case you didn't know."

But he stayed and persisted while I finished my cig, and I don't believe Denise ever DID answer his knock:

And first thing this morning, I called Joseph Faulk in NYC, to CONGRATULATE HIM, because despite our SERIOUS differences, he is FAR MORE HUMAN than Bill Romney!!! And he had been back to his doctor to get his every-three-weeks Testosterone shot -- something NO DOCTOR ever recommended he needed, but he FOUND a doctor who takes NO INSURANCE, including his Medicare, who shoots his ass with Testosterone, and prescribes Daily Cialis, which Joseph uses with "Poppers" to beat off frequently to gay porn.

WHO, but someone as rich as Donald Trump, ONLY uses a cash-only doctor when riddled with typical problems of an almost-84-year-old -- and NEVER uses a doctor who takes his insurance??? So Joseph all but SHOVELS his money out his fifth-story window -- while telling me he's POOR -- HA!!!

He's committed to helping support me until I get the insurance settlement from Spectrum Cable, which is being DELAYED for a month or so, so at least he's not TOTALLY INHUMAN to me, no??? 

Now, I DO need to get in touch with the lawyer repping Spectrum Cable over their hitting me with a big truck while I was in a crosswalk and I had the right-of-way -- as well as my nephew's company, but FIRST, I called my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan in Raleigh, SHE America's TOP NAZI (but Steve Bannon has the lead on the dirty work, now), and ASKED her what she would say if she told me EXACTLY what she thought of me, and she REFUSED, but saying she had meant was to say what she though I should DO -- which I would guess was to commit suicide, jump off a cliff, etc., but while that would be no surprise, the real question is WHY she thinks I should do that and she would not say THAT!!!

I blessed the bitch out, AGAIN!!!
"The virtue involved in helping those one loves is not 'selflessness' or 'sacrifice,' but integrity."

Ayn Rand

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