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RP: Monday Morning SURPRISES -- and NON-Surprises -- LOL!!!

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Sandra Beckham
55 mins
"We always find something, eh Didi, to let us think we exist?"
Samuel Beckett

To be CLEAR, I still have had no marijuana AT ALL in a month, now, except for this ONE miraculous (semi-Jewish), event:

I would like to send a big SHOUT OUT to my nephew, Maxwell Andrew Kenan, for continuing to accept -- and presumably read -- the occasional blog posts I send him via Facebook message, and last night I sent the most previous one:

EARLIER, after finding my sister Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy has for the last two years, been visiting Wrightsville Beach, NEVER letting me, eight miles away, know that!!!

Julie in yellow, and her best friend and Maid of Honor at her wedding, Dawn, is one of the others, here.

I was WITH Julie when Dawn called her to tell her that John McCain had just selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, and they started screaming and Julie doing a DANCE of GLEE, Julie later explaining that Sarah Palin was her HERO, and a FAR BETTER Politician than John McCain!!!

Joel Duffy and Julie at their wedding. That is Dawn, head showing above Julie's head, and my sister Jane, on right.

The two married Love Birds in the last year.

And then, I decided to leave Julie a voicemail -- telling her JUST WHAT I THOUGHT about her NAZI/BITCH self -- and her husband, the ONLY totally UN-EVOLVED PIG -- the ONLY one who has physically LUNGED for me (2010 in my parents' house in Raleigh), intending to BEAT ME UP to SERVE CATHOLIC JESUS!!!

And THEN I decided I'd better let the Chairman of the Board of Teva Pharmaceuticals KNOW what kind of NAZI Julie actually IS -- and GUESS WHAT: My brother, his wife, and ALL THEIR CHILDREN agree with me (but are afraid to say so in public -- LOL!!!

MY Chairman of the Board (even if he IS dead)!!!

Sinatra founded Reprise Records and was its Chairman of the Board.

This is STRICTLY Roman Catholic -- Protestants are not this into MOLESTING CHILDREN, like Catholic PRIESTS (but not nuns), are!!!

April 5
Keep an eye on your man, ladies!

>>> AT THIS POINT, I HAD A 5.5 HOUR INTERNET AND TV OUTAGE -- compliments of Spectrum Cable.

After writing a couple of pages in Word (working again without corruption for three days), I watched Far from Heaven for the first time in about 10 years, on DVD, and cried over the racial parts, but the gay parts reminded me too much of D.A. Ben DavidMayor Bill Saffo, and disgraced, former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby -- and their SADpathetic lives.

It's the wives who suffer the most, and the Mayor's and the former Senator's both had the SELF RESPECT to DIVORCE those FAGGOT'S ASSESStephanie David, who has served as Lamar Alexander's and Mitt Romney's top strategist, is STILL just a CHRISTIAN BITCH:

Continuing with what I wrote offline:

Also last night, I called Joseph Faulk in NYC -- and since HE has TERRORIZED ME, psychologically, and DELIBERATELY, more and MORE since I decided to return to the USA exactly two years ago, that TURNABOUT being fair play, I might as well see if I couldn't get him to send enough money (I asked for another $2,000.00), to tide me over, so I offered that to serve BOTH of us, I'd call to CANCEL Protective Services coming to evaluate him -- claiming that they never said I could NOT do that, which is true -- if he sends me the $2,000.00 by late morning today, then HE keeps his residence and I have funds until I can (with luck -- LOL!!!), settle with Spectrum Cable on their ACCELERATING their truck into me in a crosswalk, I having Right-of-Way -- right after I warned Mayor Bill Saffo I was coming ON FOOT to discuss getting the Police Report on Wilmington Police forcing Evan Fish to jump to his death, 9/3/2011.

And I said that after he sent the money and I tried to stop the evaluation, we need not have ANY MORE communication, if Joseph preferred that!!!

He replied that I KNOW he does not have access to his AMPLE SAVINGS (HUH???), and the reason he has NO MONEY AT ALL, NOW, is that he gave me TONS of unexpected funds recently -- the BIGGEST LIE he's ever told me.

I pointed out that he DID send me lots of money for my TEETH, but I'd gotten all the estimates last FALL, we DELAYED IT (for his tax considerations), and PLANNED for his sending it the beginning of February 2017, which he DID do. What he spent WELL MORE than the $7,200.00 for just ONE month -- and LATER than that, was to support the Christian Narco-Trafficker and Whores-RunnerHaston Lavern Caulder II -- because Joseph fell in LOVE with Haston over this photo, that reminded him of Picasso's BLUE PERIOD:

But Joseph INSISTED that I know he has NO MONEY AT ALL that he can access. FINE, I said, but if things improve, call me by later Monday morning, so I have enough lead time to try to stop the eval.

I had OTHER reasons to call him at 10:30 this morning, and brought it back up, he saying, “You were right all along, I KNOW you can’t stop this at this point." So, I said that is probably true, but if you could send me enough money out of what remains of your heart, to get me through until end of August, I’d appreciate it. He made no commitment either way.

And the REASON I actually called him is the actual SHOCK OF THE DAY!!! I got my Spectrum bill Saturday, and opened it this morning to discover that my WAY overdue bill that was 2.5 months UNPAID, with LOTS of extra late charges, had been paid with TWO checks, each for NORMAL one-month service, and they hit Spectrum two day apart – WHY had Teri Motsinger not sent them ONE check, and WHY did it take 2.5 weeks for the FIRST ONE to be credited???

I learned this morning at Benefits Management that pays my bills, that Spectrum had been paid PROPERLYand had just been HOLDING the checks so that charges accrued – and they are doing it to nearly ALL B.M.'s customers, the POOREST PEOPLE, mostly only on Disability!!! 

They have been FIGHTING Spectrum since they changed over from Time/Warner Cable, and said they have NEVER, EVER, EVERbefore, dealt with any other company that is this EVIL!!!

I said, “TELL me about it – I’m suing them for deliberately hitting me with an accelerating truck – and now they have a lawyer, Brian M. Williams, in Raleigh who is likely to DELAY any settlement until I’m BROKE -- so he can settle for the least. He’s expected to run for Raleigh City Council and I’ll DESTROY his political ambitions if he’s not FAIR to me."

They claim they cannot consider ANYTHING but what I paid of my medical bills – NOT what insurance covered, but the High Courts keep affirming that Donald Trump’s TWEETS can be considered in overturning HIS NAZI Policies, so let’s take this baby to the SUPREME COURT – if we must.

And their techs have all told them that the many hours we spent on fixes over a three-week period could not POSSIBLY work for the pixillation problem back then – and that LYING TO CUSTOMERS is now their COMPANY POLICY (if they are NOT Christians and Republicans)!!

Of course, I can’t see if David Alan Young has been served and arrested or not, but the new Mug Shots from the county jail are all Blacks and Latinos. The ONLY White people arrested have bad pock marks, no teeth, etc., like the LOWEST drug addicts, so unless you are THAT LOW, White People are NOT arrested here, but served “criminal summonses”. Then I thought that since they can all bail themselves out immediately, anyway, why make them pay the bondsman and then they are out anyway.

Because NON-WHITES are not HUMAN in the Christian Courts of Wilmington – THAT’S WHY!!!

Interesting ALSO, is that I just checked local wifi availability, and TWO Clearly Spectrum internet served wifi systems are showing FULL-STRENGTH INTERNET (but are secured), That includes Denise Wood’s internet downstairs, she a major Narco-Trafficker with Mayor Saffo, so ONLY NARCO-TRAFFICKERS are getting internet service in my area – LOL!!!

Maybe I’ll take a NAP while I’m waiting . . . 

>>> 6:40 PM, and NO SIGN that David Alan WHITE-ASS Young was ever arrested!!! I bet he wasn't even served a CRIMINAL SUMMONS, but it will be up to WEEKS before I actually know.
Interesting DIRT on Mr. John Patrick Shanley, whom I talked with a lot at Tennessee Williams's Poets' Stone installation ceremony in Cathedral St. John the Divine in NYC late 2009. 
Shanley and I were after that Facebook Friends for a few months -- until he got fed up with my pointing out the LIES he was telling the many young women just FAWNING over him there!!! 
Shanley's Catholic upbringing seems to be what brought out the WOMAN-HATING in him!!!

Amanda Jencsik claimed in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan earlier this year that she feared for her life during an abusive four-month relationship in John Patrick Shanley.


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