Wednesday, June 21, 2017

RP: My PERMANENT Goodbye to a Wilmington, NC Christian Drug Mafia Financier: Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. / Facebook Kicks Me Off for CRITICIZING North Carolina Republican/Christians (and Assassins of FAGGOT/LIBERALS) !!!

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I was on Facebook at 6:30 this morning, so this happened after that, the FOURTH time Facebook KICKED ME OFF in the last year -- for a month -- for Criticizing FAKE CHRISTIANS -- and the FIRST TIME for criticizing the Republicans and Democrats in Wilmington, NC -- led by my own KENAN FAMILY, as confirmed, recently, by lawyer Bruce Mason and TWO local Magistrates (within the last week) -- LOL!!!

Although the generic notice is in the plural (the last time this happened Facebook sent me TWO MEMES that were the reason they kicked me off), this time it was only this ONE comment. 

Facebook SUPPORTS FAKE Christians shooting to kill Homosexuals and Liberals -- just like they ADMIT SUPPORTING the candidacy of Donald Trump and the goals of Vladimir Putin.

 Shooting "Faggots and Liberals for JESUS" is also EXACTLY what David Alan Young has promised to do  TO ME AS SOON AS HE FINDS ME, and for THAT REASON -- and I had to PULL TEETH to get even a Court Summons against him. 

Then yesterday, Sheriff McMahon's Deputy who DID tell me the Court Summons was finally issued, asked ME where on earth it could possibly be served -- even though my COMPLIANT showed that David and his Dave's Tree Removal BOTH at his residence, but they are too STUPID to serve Mr. Young THERE in the evening -- and of COURSE Sheriff Ed McMahon is a GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN!!!

For a stinky Christian FartPULL MY FINGER!!!

From my PERSONAL FRIENDRonald Reagan, see the report of our FIRST conversation in the White House

So, this morning, I called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, and he told me I am PURE EVIL for calling Protective Services on him, they are scheduled to evaluate him today. 

I told him the REASON I called him this morning, is that he is LIKELY to be committed, and will NOT have access to email or phones for at least the FORESEEABLE FUTURE, and possibly until he DIES. So I wanted him to know how DEEPLY I appreciate his sending me so much money over 5.5 years -- literally SAVING MY LIFE -- but I was SORRY he had destroyed himself with his HATRED over the last year, especially.

Then he hung up on me. I have a code to check with NYC authorities, tomorrow, to find out the outcome of the Evaluation.


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