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RP: On May 1, the Dwarf Angel Trumpet Opened for the Seven-Foot Kenan!!! / Federal Law Enforcement Digs DEEP into My 2011 Wilmington, NC Evidence of D.A. Ben David's CRIMES!!!

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Purchased just DAYS ago, from Carolina Girl Gardens, the fragrance is large, delightful, and SOAPY -- as if a SIGN that the World (at least Wilmington), is being CLEANED UP!!!

This morning, although sounding very healthy and congestion-free, Joseph Faulk was SUBDUED and REFUSED to answer any questions, turning around MY question of how he was doing, and saying, "How do YOU think I'm doing???" I said, "Since you won't tell me anything, there is no point in our talking, today, so I'll talk to you later. Goodbye!!!"

When I awoke this morning, I decided to call my doctor, as I have been having lower-back pain of some significance the last few weeks, and am afraid it might STILL be a problem from when the Time/Warner truck hit me on Feb. 13 of this year, but after giving my lower back some hydro-therapy in the shower -- and thinking more -- I realized it feels more like I've been TOO AFRAID to come and go from my apartment -- or walk around Wilmington for exercise -- and it is just those muscles being out of shape AND this is common for extra-tall people, so I will NOT (which would drag out a settlement that is already clearly more dragged out than lawyer Bruce Mason and his assistant, Hannah, REPEATEDLY told me it could become -- HA!!!).

Then I was PLEASED to see Megyn Kelly in discussion with "Dear Old Vlad", who LOVES -- and AWARDED Rex Tillerson -- the "former" top Kenan Family exec Rex Tillerson, but PROBABLY loves Donald Trump FAR LESS, Trump's hotels, etc., can't make Mr. Putin NEARLY as much money as the Kenans' Exxon-Mobil, and I DON'T believe Tillerson's POSTURING in favor of the Paris Climate Agreement.

WHY is our Government NOT already filing Articles of Impeachment or using Article 25 to REMOVE the Orange Turd???

The Christian Churches in partnership with the Republican/Democratic Party are making TOO MUCH MONEY off narco-trafficking with my Kenan Family -- THAT'S why!!!

Keith Ellison, high in the Democratic Party absolutely DISGRACED himself on Morning Joe -- and the REAL Democrats around Joe and Mika's table were BEYOND EMBARRASSED!!! 

And then I opened my computer, finding that just like Port City Daily picked up on my story and ran their own (deleting all the TRUTH of the FIRST PRESBYTERIAN HATE -- D.A. Ben David is an ELDER there, today -- including that William R. Kenan, Sr. with First Prez LED the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, this morning, the Wilmington Star News ran an article on Jacob's Run, part of Underground Wilmington -- like I did within the last week!!!

When I checked Google Statistics on my mirror-blogs, I discovered that:

1. My "Weather Continues" blog showed that BOTH my postings of yesterday got MORE HITS IN LESS THAN A DAY -- EACH -- than nearly any other posting, ever, and on my "Weather Up Here" (original) blog, there were already more hits than I got all of yesterday!!!

2. "Benefits Management Wilmington NC" was the TOP "search word" of the last week -- something that has slowly been BUILDING for months, now.

3. An old posting that I'd forgotten about and forgotten many facts in it, was the MOST HIT older posting of its blog, coming in THIRD after yesterday's two postings:

There is ONE thing in error, one I frequently made back then, in that at least one place I call the Good Shepherd Center the Good Samaritan, and I KNOW the reason is that my mother was HEAD NURSE at Good Samaritan Catholic Hospital (Cincinnati, Ohio)for a while -- before I was BORN THERE -- LOL!!!

Also, I forgot that I actually knew the name of the Good Shepherd's narco-trafficking associate, Gabriel Fuentes, who had SHOT my then roommate, David Escalante's two friends in the FACE -- and I forgot that David was from Guatemala, while more recently I believe I reported it to be Colombia and even OTHER Latin countries.


1. When I took Robert Arnold Trahan (or Trayhan), in as a roommate on S. 8th Street, early 2011, I got to know his close friend Lee, who was then working to get Robbie into Alcoholics Anonymous, and was VERY helpful to me -- especially when Robbie went into SOME kind of drug withdrawal, and went to the hospital.

And THERE, it turned out that Robbie Trahan had a couple of visits by D. A. David -- accompanied by his assistant "Miss Coca Leaf" (as my Defender Jennifer Harjo LOVED for me to call her, but actually Lindsey Roberson who prosecuted me in the trial of David Nash's claims that I had "Cyber-Stalked" him), and Robbie told me he LOVED seeing them, because the MORE he told Ben David things AGAINST ME, the more Ben instructed the nurse to ADD A FUN DRUG to his I.V.!!!

All of this BEFORE Lee went on an alcoholic's BENDER, and then told me how he was Ben David's LONG-TERM LOVER:

Here is a FUN ACCOUNT, also from that time:

2. And LATER, about the time that Robbie Trahan and his side-kick Michael "Jersey" Keogh, got me ACCEPTED into Mercy House Shelter where Robbie liked to sing PUBLICLY, "Bend over, Ben Daaaavid -- Cryin' all the TIME" (to the tune of Elvis's "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog")

Oh LOOKY: It's Tennessee Williams with ELVIS, Tom Parker -- and two OTHER luminaries whom I can name -- but can YOUR ASS???

I caught them being disgorged on Princess street just east of Front Street, by one of the MANY mobile Whore Houses that the City Police, City Council, and District Attorney ALLOWED to ply downtown streets at NIGHT. This one had LURID and colorful silhouettes of naked women with their legs kicking the air -- and named "Fairy Tails" -- I STILL POSSES the business card of Fairy Tails.

Anyway, they were both drunk, and BRAGGED that Ben David had PAID for their "whore ride" -- BECAUSE  THEY GAVE HIM EVIDENCE FOR TRIAL AGAINST ME!!!

Christianity in ACTIONno???

Robbie Trahan

Michael Keogh, who got his street handle "Jersey" because he had butchered steaks for Richard Nixon in New Jersey!!!

And HERE is what I think of First Presbyterian HIGH CONGREGANT, David Nash:


1. Seaview Crab Company APPEARS to have just "pinged me", as their weekly marketing email is titled "Weather or Not" -- HA!!!

2. An interesting article from the Star News -- and I notice that Ben David is LESS PROMOTED in the news, while his assistants are getting all the GOOD PUBLICITY, recently. YIPPEE!!!

3. I KEEP forgetting to mention that with all of the HULLABALOO over Donald Trump's links to Russia and the involvement of banks, the BIGGEST bank that facilitated all this TRAITOROUS BEHAVIOR is actually Deutsche Bank -- but the Christian CIA does NOT allow that to be reported to Americans. ALL foreign Press report this.

At the time of Tennessee Williams's MURDER by hand of the Episcopal Church, Republican Party, Kenans of Chapel Hill, CIA, and FBI, the TOP CONSPIRATOR, Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), controlled the second biggest fortune in Great Britain, based on her husband, the Second Lord St. Just, Peter Grenfell's Grenfell Bank.

THAT bank became the CORE of Deutsche Bank's CURRENT International Banking sector -- FANCY THAT!!! And Maria was born to aristocracy in St. Petersburg, Russia, before fleeing to England as a young girl -- with her mother and sister at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Maria St. Just in Wilbury Park, the SECOND Paladian home built in England.

Wilbury Park was used in the filming of BOTH Merchant-Ivory films (and Maria Britneva had significant roles, as well)Maurice, and A Room with a View.

And I have to also say that this includes info on Don Bullard of Wilmington's THEN insurance ad campaign. I THANK HIM for RE-DOING his ads to be FAR BETTER!!!:


"There goes MRS. THOM GOOLSBY!!!"


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