Thursday, June 15, 2017

RP: OTHER Things Today -- That I MISSED REPORTING Due to FIGHTING VOMITING for Two Hours after Meeting Charlie Rivenbark in Mayor Saffo's Office.

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Charlie Rivenbark with children supporting his City Council Campaign. NOWHERE can I find ANY reference to his wife -- living OR dead -- not even an Obituary for a Councilman's wife. (Google OFTEN gives me deliberately incomplete searches, so this might be due to that.) Did she die YEARS ago before computers and internet and Poor Charlie only has sex now with:

But I REALLY DID feel physically sick, and fought vomiting for two hours while I wrote the last posting, and then took to my bed after 1/3 of a beer disgusted me, and I tossed the rest out:

It was BECAUSE Charlie Rivenbark KNEW I'd been hit by the Spectrum Cable truck right there on the corner with Courthouse and City Hall/Thalian Hall, the LAST time I tried to confront Mayor Saffo -- and Charlie said he HOPED I got a dog and it was RUN OVER BY A CAR!!! -- over the death of:

And Mr. Rivenbark likely ALSO KNOWS that Spectum took WEEKS to correct my cable TV service -- their NON-CHRISTIAN employees telling me they did NOTHING BUT LIE, knowing that all their many efforts COULD NOT repair pixillation problems, and then when the NON-CHRISTIAN fixed it, he said that they would be out in a couple of weeks to tweak the internet signal, coming TOO STRONG from the street line, which keeps kicking my modem off and on. It has been at least three weeks since then, and NO REPAIR YET!!!

If NAZIS or CHRISTIANS take over your town they MUST have all communications companies TOTALLY CORRUPTED by their KIND, no??? 

I will ADD Mr. Rivenbark's employers at Maus, Warwick, Matthews, and Co., to my PERMANENT list of email recipients, so they can KEEP UP with all of this -- and hopefully DIVORCE THEIR COMPANY from any illegal activities that Charlie has gotten them into. Like DRUG MONEY LAUNDERING, the CHIEF business of Real Estate in Wilmington (why Mayor Saffo is a Realtor, as well)!!!


1. I learned from my dentist's office manager that in fact, I still owe $183.00 more to complete all work, due to earlier misunderstandings. I emailed Joseph Faulk about that to see HOW he handles it in the money he promised to send me by 10:00 AM tomorrow, 6/16, my 66th birthday -- and the SECOND Anniversary of Donald Trump announcing his Candidacy.

2. HERE is a "kick", after blogging in my FIRST post of today,, about my connections to Jill Krementz, Kurt Vonnegut, and the various Beatles, I realized I'd MIS-TYPED, and had NOT sent a link to it with personal note to Ms. Krementz by secured server, but by Facebook Messenger to her page, so it is UNLIKELY to reach her for this reason:

But I DID explain to her that Jeff Work and I stayed on the SOFAS -- because her intern, first-named Marjorie, had given Jeff a KEY to sneak in UNBEKNOWNST to Jill or Kurt -- HA!!! And that nothing ill had become of it, so I hope she doesn't PROSECUTE ME, now -- LOL!!!

Later, today, I found THIS and re-posted it on FB:
Makes me want to CRY!!!
Just this morning, I blogged about Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon sending me THANKS after I blogged about how John Eastman, Tennessee Williams's lawyer while I worked for Tenn -- and FIRST brother-in-law of Paul McCartney -- had for the CIA, Episcopal Church, and Republican Party authorized not only Tennessee's murder (by hand of John Uecker), but also that of John Lennon -- to ENRICH Paul McCartney and make McCartney APPEAR to be a better song-writer than he IS!!! 

Link to that in comments below:

Congratulations, Yoko. It's about time.

3. At about 6:00 PM as I smoked tobacco on the back elevated porch, a very SKANKY woman, likely in her thirties, but looking in her fifties, with tangled, ratty hair and dressed in "caste-offs", came around the corner, heading for Denise or Sam "LSD" Celia's back door. She looked up and saw ME, immediately turned around and disappeared around the corner of the building, then 15 seconds later, head bowed, quickly came and Denise let her in -- she APPARENTLY having called Denise to let her IN so she could buy her FIX.

Patty and Steven next door, keep telling me that those who come to Denise and Sam's back doors to buy drugs, come from across the street after cutting through the parking lot of Boney Hall (a gift of the Kenan Family to First Presbyterian), so MAYBE they come from the FLOP HOUSE run by Social Services, but OWNED by First Prez, on the far side of Gold Walker's house --as Gold has ALWAYS claimed to me is CHOCK FULL OF CRIMINALS

Makes SENSE, since TWO of First Pres's ELDERS are D.A. Ben David:, and Judge Lindsey Luther: is ALSO FAMOUS for her husband, Evan Luther, posting THIS:

And FORMER Elder, Beth Dawson -- was ALSO REPUBLICAN HEAD of New Hanover County Commissioners -- until her husband got CAUGHT!!!:

Scott Kenan shared a link.

The Obama-era rule was meant to speedily cancel the student-loan debts of people defrauded by for-profit Corinthian Colleges Inc and others.

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12 hrs

When my daughter Goldie died just over 3 years ago, I got a lot of well meaning, but insanely horrible comments by people who probably could have just sent flowers….or...

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Jeff Mills
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Clean our water Mayor Saffo!!!


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