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RP: Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Jane Ann Kenan, and Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy Go on Holy Catholic Retreat -- for the REST of the WEEK (or to yet another NAZI CONFAB)!!!

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Medjugorje, in Bosnia/Herzegovina -- noted for Visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary --was YEARS AGO declared a FAKE and a SCAM by Catholic Popes. But just now I see Pope Francis has CHANGED the status to "under review".

During the 1980s and '90s, my mother made my poor father travel there THREE TIMES, twice stopping in Rome on the way home for PRIVATE audiences with Pope John Paul II, the BIGGEST NAZI Pope that my mother got most of her orders from as America's TOP NAZI.

And my sister Julie accompanied them on the third trip, EXCITED that she had had a "Rosary Miracle", her cheap Mumbly-Beads on white-metal chain -- the chain having turned to GENUINE GOLD -- which Julie talked about and treasured for years!!! But when I asked Julie how her miraculous rosary was doing (in 2009), Julie looked at me like she had NO IDEA what I was talking about, mumbled something, and CHANGED THE SUBJECT like Donalda Strumpette!!!

Mejugorje Miracle Rosaries!!!

The last few years I lived in Stone Mountain, GA, the Pilzak Family of Medjugorje -- Muslims who tried to pass as Evangelical Christians -- owned the house next door to me and three others in my neighborhood called "Historic Walk". My house looked like THIS, then:

And next door to the right, the Pilzaks had transformed THEIR backyard to look like this -- they hiding a CHOP SHOP of stolen cars in back -- and also in the back of the one-story house three lots to the left -- City Council even passed an Ordinance FORBIDDING the Code Inspector to LOOK OVER privacy fences to find Code Violations -- to protect THEM!!! 

But I invited him up to my upstairs to look down into it "unofficially" since he said everyone on City Council was in the POCKETS of the CIA Narco-Traffickers that Bill Clinton stationed 24 unmarked CIA cars a few blocks away to protect the operation, run by then GA Rep. Congressman John Linder, my boss Patrick Lee Stansbury of now defunct Pentagon Publishing in Snellville, GA, Newt Gingrich, CNN, and the Atlanta Journal/Constitution.

Nedzad Pilzak's backyard -- they had wafer-board screen so I could not see what they did on their raised back deck, and ALL their properties were TRASHY, but with gilded furniture EXACTLY in the Donald Trump style, inside!!!

My parents came to visit me FREQUENTLY when the Pilzaks lived there, sending me and my sister Jane, who drove from Raleigh with them, on LONG errands so they could all meet together away from me!!!

These are the ONLY Muslims I ever met -- and I've met MANY -- who I knew were REAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS -- working with my parents and Pope John Paul II!!! They eventually moved -- all of the four households -- to northern Gwinnett County, and when they DID, the phone and cable companies each spent more than a WEEK rewiring the ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD, the Pilzaks had so re-wired it for THEIR purposes, and each of their houses also had at least FOUR satellite dishes from common small TV size to six feet across.

Read more here -- and many OTHER blog posts from the past. THIS one has a list of the top search terms from then in 2013, me living in Mexico then, but nearly ALL two about WILMINGTON people -- LOL!!!:

Anyway, Mom called this afternoon, to say that Julie is driving down from Downingtown, PA today, to take her to a nearby Catholic Retreat for the rest of the week, so I should know that is why she won't be answering her home phone. I told her GOOD IDEA to get out to a LOVELY PLACE, no doubt, but that if I couldn't get her, I'd have checked Jane, a few miles away. "Well, I think Jane just might tag along."

So I asked, "Is JANE actually going on the Retreat???" And Mom said, "YES!!!"

Jane has LONG HATED Catholicism, and LOVED going to Dr. Kennedy Schultz's metaphysical lectures with me in Atlanta when she visited, but Jane has gotten VERY bitter and complaining of all THOSE PEOPLE who come here and game the system, in recent years -- worse than Mom at her ugliest. Long-time Readers know that I was WITH Julie when her best friend, Dawn, called her to say that Sarah Palin had just been chosen to be John McCain's running mate, and Julie began SCREAMING in delight. I had never heard of Palin, and Julie explained that she was "the BEST Politician ever produced in the United States, and FAR BETTER than John McCain!!!"

So, I think this "retreat" is just a meeting of my mother, America's TOP NAZI, with top OTHER NAZIS of the Catholic Church -- behind the scene of an ACTUAL Catholic Retreat!!!

I forgot to mention earlier that when I stopped in Benefits Management today to get my check, Teri Motsinger, the owner who manages my account, was not in evidence, and I said to all at the window, that since Teri manages my account, SHE HAD TO be the one who told THEM lies to tell me about WHY she refused to give my my first check from my May Social Security money, and I APOLOGIZED to all the rest of them for blaming them and yelling at them.

I did NOT tell them the obvious, that since Teri KNOWS I'm smart as a whip, she had to have KNOWN of a plan to kill me by the Mayor Bill Saffo/D.A. Ben David/Police Chief Ralph Evangelous Christian Drug Mafia -- so I CAN'T WAIT to include her in the Racketeering Charges and send her ASS TO PRISON!!!


When Bill Romney got ANGRY with me and my computer suffered MORE CORRUPTION than ever before (about three days ago), I was UNABLE to get into my Outlook email hosted my GoDaddy: 

And my WORD program was DESTROYED when I tried to save and copy to email my Letter to Mitt and Ann Romney warning them about this guy:, and I still could not get WORD back after several attempts to follow Microsoft's instructions how to do that, I wondered HOW ON EARTH I will ever be able to switch to writing BOOKS, if WORD is so CORRUPTIBLE.

Then this afternoon, I got notice from Malwarebytes that they have a completely NEW version, and after installing THAT (a program Joseph Faulk due to his deliberate criminality has told me OVER and OVER only corrupts computers, and he hasn't learned to "copy and paste", so what does HIS NAZI ASS know??? That program has SAVED MY COMPUTER MANY times over the last several years), WORD FIXED ITSELF, and I thought I should check my account at GoDaddy, and discovered that MIRACULOUSLY, my old domain, (nothing on it now), that I had LOST when Jennifer McCracken TOLD ME she got her New Hanover Sheriff's Deputy brother who is BIG in the CIA Narco-Trafficking in Wilmington, to SHUT DOWN all my gmail accounts and STRIPPED ME of that as well, it is RESTORED to me, and paid for until August 2018!!!

Jenny McCracken is a self-described "Jack Mormon" Bitch, and works in partnership with Republican Judge Lindsey Luther:

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