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RP: Sad, but True, Landlady Gold Walker's Son Allen and His Walker World Is CERTAINLY Under FBI Investigation as a MAJOR Drug Port of the Cape Fear River:

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Allen Walker at Walker World

THANK GOD, that I am not who has the evidence of this major drug port, so NO ONE has any right to get ANGRY WITH ME for fulfilling my PRESS DUTY in reporting the scuttlebutt about this that now PERMEATES Wilmington!!!

But there is MUCH supporting evidence from Gold and most of my neighbors -- and the Christian/NAZI Wilmington Press that keeps giving Allen Walker FREE PUBLICITY for what seems to be just a DRUG-FRONT GUEST HOUSE. Salt magazine and Port City Daily are TWO that have RAVED about Walker World within the last six months.

To begin with , the N.E. Cape Fear River is absolutely RIDDLED with wealthy Christians with docks that receive drugs from small boats coming in from Mother Ships far offshore. Absolutely NO SECRET to anyone in Wilmington, so WHO would ever pay the $600.00 fee PER NIGHT -- plus $500.00 security deposit to stay one or more nights there???

There is NO PROMISE of armed guards which anyone who could afford this would NEED in a neighborhood of DRUG MAFIA -- unless they ARE Drug Mafia!!! 

Now, I have no evidence that Gold Walker is involved, but she has acted so BELLIGERENTLY toward me the last few weeks, claiming the exterminator told her a whole slew of LIES about me -- unless Gold, herself, made all of them up.

Gold ALSO said she is SCARED TO DEATH of Denise Wood (also called "Miss Lucy" in this blog), downstairs from me, and NO WONDER, because as Gold has known for MONTHS, Denise has 43 Felony convictions from some years ago -- as an International Drug Mule -- and keeps a loaded pistol by her bed, AMAZINGLY not having had her gun rights ever taken away, and Denise is a CLOSE BUSINESS ASSOCIATE of Mayor Bill Saffo and his Saffo Drug Mafia run from NYC by Bill's uncle.

Gold herself has FUCKED two of the Saffo brothers, although I forget if she told me that included Mayor Saffo, but ONE of them lived in my current apartment while Gold owned it, and the other SPLIT the antique headboard from top to bottom, he was "pounding her pussy" so hard -- LOL!!!

At least gold ADMITS all of this, no???

And Gold is SCARED also of Denise's old married truck-drivin' black Sugar Daddy who pays all her bills, And Denise had to have John Jay open her Spectrum Cable account -- not because she can't afford the deposit, but to STAY OFF THE LEGAL RECORD of living here -- she is NOT on the lease, but is subletting from Sa'ant "Sam" Samuel Celia, Jr., who had a HUGE LAB making LSD that he supplied his close friend Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, as well as Dr. Timothy Leary, and Leary's former male lover, Theodore "Ted" Druch, who was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group the whole time I was in it, 2010 - 2015 (excepting my 1.3 year DISASTROUS attempt to live in Wilmington, 1/2011 - 5/2012),

And HE was best friends with Arturo Pedilla of Chac Mool Cafe, connected with the Governor of Estado Nayarit, as well an MANY Gringos from Oregon State, who BRAGGED to me that they narco-traffic for the Episcopal Church, USA, whose LARGEST support is the Wealthy Kenans, centered around Chapel Hill, NC.

Arturo Pedilla (on left) -- who told me to my FACE in January 2015 that he would HAVE TO KILL ME, that happening in Cafe Canella, Puerto Vallarta, and then when he sent KILLERS to get me, Joseph Faulk of NYC REPEATEDLY told me he KNEW that Martin Jacobo (who previously spent a lot of time having sex with me), was NOT going to kill me.

Martin Jacobo is on the left, and "Sonny" is on the right:

OK, enough of THAT!!! 

When I first moved into this apartment, several residents told me about how Gold Walker answered the door when cops came to ask about one of her tenants, and she blew pot smoke into their faces, and asked them if they'd like a toke of the joint she then offered them. She was not arrested, and I always thought that was just PURE CHUTZPAH, but they KNEW they could not arrest a major narco-trafficker -- if she is/was one.

And for the month or so Gold Walker sold me pot, it was at 10% the price that either Haston Lavern Caulder -- or Denise Wood -- sold it to me for, so SHE gets a GOOD PRICE, no???

Gold told me several times that now that the film industry left town and she CAN'T get the minimum of $50,000.00 that she got from EACH of eight films and two TV series filmed using her house across the street, that she will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to maintain her affluent lifestyle.

It seems CLEAR to me that even Gold's attorney next door, Oliver Carter, no longer trusts his client -- since she is NOW BYPASSING HIM and using her son Allen's RICH REPUBLICAN GIRLFRIEND who is ALSO an attorney, and Gold claims pays EVERY ONE of Allen's bills.

And this morning, Gold's property manager/handyman, Thomas, all but GROWLED at me -- witnessed by the tenant in Gold's next door property, Steven, who was the FIRST to shake Narco-Trafficking Bill Clinton's hand when he campaigned here for Hillary, his girlfriend, Patty, was the TOP PAID staffer in Wilmington for now Gov. Roy Cooper's campaign.

And LATELY, both Denise Wood and "Sam" Celia have complained to ME that so many people come and go to Steven and Patty's apartment -- all day and night -- and I TOO have witnessed this -- that they are SURE someone there is dealing some serious drugs (if not using them -- SERIOUS narco-traffickers can't allow themselves to get "fucked-up").

Steven is on the right and now wears his hair in a "man bun" and looks TOTALLY different than here, taken at the Clinton Rally.

If ANY of these people give me another BIT of harassment -- or make another SNIDE remark to me, I'm calling in the FEDS on them!!!

And if this is TRUE, the US Government (or maybe North Carolina's), has the LEGAL RIGHT to confiscate these properties with NO COMPENSATION TO GOLD -- or Allen Walker -- AT ALL!!!


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