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RP: Some Specifics about My Three Page Letter to Mitt and Ann Romney that Was DESTROYED by Hackers (as has been my WORD program I wrote it in), Yesterday:

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Douglas Wayne Romney on left (who died about a year ago, having gone into serious forays of anonymous sex and sado-masochism, then terminal depression), and his legal husband, born William Wilhelm, in Washington, DC 53 years ago), who took the Romney name in marriage and is now known as Bill Romney.

On a calm, sweltering fall day in 2012, the phone rings in a Palm Springs condo; it is answered by the genial-sounding voice of Douglas Wayne Romney, age 67.
His grandfather was Orin Romney, Sr., a son of Miles Park Romney and half-brother of Gaskell Romney, which makes Douglas a relatively distant cousin to Mitt (but still family, which counts for a lot among Romneys). Gaskell’s mother was Miles Park Romney’s first wife Hannah Hood Hill; Orin was born to Miles Park Romney’s fourth wife, Alice Marie “Annie” Woodbury, a school teacher.
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This past week was dominated by Bill Romney first wooing me, then harassing me -- IN CONCERT with the hackers. Although I DID drop him from my email list -- because he claimed he NEVER wanted to read this blog again, he has threatened me with having Mitt Romney's Family Lawyers (on staff), FORCE the FBI to shut down this blog, which only a Court Order can do.

And REMEMBER??? Wilmington, NC Democratic District Attorney Benjamin R, David (, worked with Jamie Lee Sutherland (who told me he did $24,000,000.00/month on average in narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo), Fox News talking head and lawyer Daliah Saper of Chicago -- AND the Rahm Emanuel/Barack Obama Drug Mafia, in bed with El Chapo Guzman, getting a FALSE conviction of me of LIBEL in Cook County Courts, after not even allowing me to come to Court to defend myself!!!

Jamie Sutherland, now of Ameriprise Financial, Chicago, and with a DIVISION of that with his name: 

Sutherland Lauric Group

A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

When Jamie sued me in 2013, he was still with Wells Fargo Advisors, and while seeking DAMAGES due to my allegedly harming his career, but he was PROMOTED there, and later jumped companies for a HIGHER position.

Jamie is an INTIMATE of both Mayor Emanuel and President Obama -- having told me he sometimes met up with them at his Man's Country private gay baths in Chicago.

A Fox typo, but that is the LEAST of Fox's nonsense. And research shows that Daliah Saper got her Law degree by paying for it by prostituting herself. Research was by a "Ron Paul Republican", Mitch Bossanna, of Wilmington, NC.

Jamie sued me "ONLY" for $50,000.00, because he told me on the phone that he knew I was just over being homeless -- I then living in Puerto Vallarta on $11,000.00/WHOOPS!!!: $1,100.00 month Disability and another $600.00/month, then, provided by Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC, but without legally serving me, and then without allowing me to defend myself in Court, Jamie -- promoted at his job -- was awarded HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, copyright to my Tennessee Williams memoir (that the producers of the Harry Potter films, Scott Rudin, and others were looking at buying movie rights -- my parents and siblings all thought this was VERY FUNNY, too!!!) -- other rights as seen in the judgment:

And as is MORE than obvious, Google/Blogger REFUSED to honor the judgment, and I RETAIN rights to my blog. Amazon said they needed PROOF this was valid, and suspended sales pending getting PROOF, but Jamie Sutherland and Daliah Saper NEVER SENT IT, so they took the sales site down after half a year -- but sent all the ROYALTIES to me, not Jamie.

Bank of America, controlled by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty Kenan of Chapel Hill -- after lying to me time and time again -- emptied my account of my Disability money (illegal to take that), and sent it to Jamie: about $800.00, which did NOT cover costs for them -- HA!!!. 

And NOW, Bill Romney sent me ANOTHER text late last night, claiming he will PROSECUTE me for publishing content of emails and texts he has sent me. He claims I am PUBLICLY INTIMIDATING HIM, while I am publicly proving in the Court of Public Opinion that he has been HARASSING ME, claiming that to be ON BEHALF MITT ROMNEY and the rest of the Romney Family. And I do the SAME THING to Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., who claims I RUINED Haston Lavern Caulder II's life, Haston being a major narco-trafficker in Wilmington as well as WHORES-RUNNER for various Christian Churches, especially Rev. Paul Chryst's The Anchor Church:

Mr. Faulk CUT OFF FUNDING ME after 5.5 years -- because I kicked the criminal Haston OUT of my apartment, after Mr. Faulk sent Haston over $6,200.00 in one month in cash and SEXY CLOTHING and unneeded furniture, and claims I EMBARRASS HIM, although he's a RECLUSE and I am the CLOSEST thing he has to a friend in this world!!!

I have been publishing these kinds of details about Joseph for well over a YEAR, and he has NOT suffered a SINGLE CONSEQUENCE from that.

Joseph is TOO STUPID to realize that since NO ONE cares about him, he is EMBARRASSING HIMSELF (the definition of God's Guilt Trip -- LOL!!!)

I have ALREADY dealt with that question in Court, when George Cutter and his devout Episcopalian and METH-addicted manager Tomi Matheson took me to Court to evict me -- because Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management NEVER SENT THEM MY RENT!!!

They never told me that, and surprised me in Court with it -- which was an OBVIOUS surprise to me to EVERYONE!!!

The Magistrate, being a BLACK CHRISTIAN and part of the Christian Narco-Trafficking, evicted me ANYWAY, but I appealed and soon found an apartment with Gold Walker, and FORCED George Cutter to REFUND much money to me -- LOL!!!

Sheriff's Deputy Duffy Baker witnessed all of this, because the Magistrate, seeing how CRAZED those against me were, ran to the back and did not return until he had TWO armed Deputies to protect us all.

Ms. Tomi Matheson with her then boyfriend and the maintenance man at Carolina Apartments, John Tarleton (both were Meth-Heads)

Just like Ms. Motsinger let my Spectrum Cable bill go unpaid recently until I got a cut-off warning 2.5 months later -- and I hand-delivered all those bills to Teri, but SHE is a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN NARCO-TRAFFICKER (or did it to support Mayor Saffo's and D.A, David's narco-trafficking)!!!

In any case, Tomi claimed I had VIOLATED HER PRIVACY by publishing that she was DEVOUT EPISCOPALIAN, something prominent on her Facebook page, and the Magistrate LAUGHED, saying that Courts have ruled repeatedly that anything published on the internet -- even in private groups -- can be republished by ANYONE. Also it is established that the WRITER owns copyright, but the person a text or email is sent to has the right to use it in ANY WAY.

Now, for COMMERCIAL purposes, there is the Fair Use Doctrine that limits this, as does GOVERNMENT CLASSIFICATION. I have NO material classified by the US Government AT ALL!!! 


Ok, my Progressive friends get mad as hell -- because they don't want to face that narco-trafficking FUNDS these NAZIS, and the Clintons have narco-trafficked as much with my family as have the Bush and Cheney families, and Barack Obama was blackmailed into it over his gay lovers

So everyone Liberal screams at me that I'm not NICE because I tell them how duped we have all been. I lose friend after friend, MOSTLY because FEMALES strong-arm boyfriends and husbands, and one friend's sister said I should be EXTERMINATED, and he got pissed at me and almost un-freinded and blocked me. 

Look in the mirror, America!!! 

Liberals with weak minds and appetites for party drugs PAID for all of this!!!

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp
6 hrsLos Angeles, CA
#RESIST MARCH just know we are stuck with this vile ass for four years. 

From Jeff Greenfield in Politico: "Once Trump was elected, his foes began to indulge in a series of fantasies about how to prevent his ascendancy or how to remove him from power. The electors should refuse to vote for him (which would have thrown the election into the House, which would have chosen Trump); the Cabinet and the vice-president should use the 25th Amendment to declare him unable to exercise his duties (a scenario, as I have written here earlier, that works just fine on TV melodramas like “24” and “Scandal”); Congress should impeach him (which would require 20 GOP House members and 19 Republican senators to join every Democratic lawmaker" - doomed. 
And no way Pence wouldn't be the replacement.

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And as Roy Rogers Oldenkamp knows full well, it was his very LIBERAL BITCH SISTER, Pat Oldenkamp, who wanted me EXTERMINATED for publishing that Obama is GAY, and Roy, now living in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in WEHO -- and a GAY ACTIVIST for many years, TOLD ME OFF, and THREATENED me with being blocked, then -- about half a year ago.

Pat Oldenkamp PERSONIFIES the rich effete White Liberal BITCH, no???

And THIS just in -- HA!!! We ALL decide what is important in life!!!

I'd like to thank--- Carolyn Hennesy for letting me fondle her Emmy!!

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1. I write them that the past is the past and we must ALL work together now, and although I give them, the Mormon Church, and Republicans HELL, he WAS the Governor of Massachusetts, a BLUE state, and DID develop ROMNEY-CARE, the basis of Obamacare, so can't be ALL BAD.

2. I was INTRIGUED that Joe Biden is pushing Mitt to run for US Senate -- and I'd take Mitt over MOST Republicans, and Clinton Democrats, as Joe Biden would as well.

3. But I did NOT mention that Biden, like Romney, and nearly ALL US Politicians are Christians (Mormons are NOT Christians, although they have Jesus in their proper name, but they ALSO are CRIMINALS), and today, voters are looking for AUTHENTICITY, something NO RELIGIONIST HAS!!!

And ONE MORE THING: Yesterday, I spoke with Steven and Patty next door for a half hour, Patty calling me over to THANK ME for running off (trying to, anyway), all the people coming to Denise Wood's door at all hours -- to buy drugs.

And ALSO the ones who come to Sa'ant Sam Celia's door to buy his home-made LSD, or whatever he obviously sells (on the rare occasion he's home, lately).

We all feel SORRY for landlady Gold Walker, that her son Allen and his Walker World,, seem under investigation by the Feds for being a major drug-importation port -- and we ALL hope it ends well as Gold really DOES have a HEART OF GOLD!!!

(WHY she voted for Donald Trump -- and BEGGED ME not to tell any of her friends that!!!)


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