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RP: STONEWALLED by Wilmington's LYING Police Department AGAIN -- about Their MURDER of Evan Fish 9/3/11 -- I Turn It over to FEDERAL Investigators, but This LEADS to More Info on Patrick Stansbury/Pentagon Publishing, Who SUPPLIES Wilmington Politicians/Churches with Drugs!!!

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Patrick Stansbury's SIM/AVATAR on SecondLife (a virtual world), that Patrick used to try to get ALL of his salespeople at Pentagon Publishing, Inc. to join -- including me. 

Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn-Miller of 7350 Raleigh Way, Bethlehem, GA 30620, shell company: GNF, Inc., same address: 770-266-6904, told me that Mr. Stansbury had two FEMALE avatars on SecondLife that he used to pick-up MEN (although that doesn't sound too practical to me).

Patrick only tried to suck my cock ONCE (1991), and I played STUPID, as he NEVER seemed the sucking type, but Gerry Flynn and others were CONVINCED that the reason he gave Mike Massicott all the best sales leads, was that Mike let Patrick suck him off as often as Patrick desired.

Mike's wife, Caroline (Price) Massicott BRAGGED to me that she had RESCUED Mike from his gay life TWICE (once after his relapse), then married him, she to soon get her father's HUGE estate, she an only child. Mike came from a broken family with Mental Illness in Boston poverty, but graduated UGA.

Patrick's photo from LINK-IN:, shows the DEVASTATION to his face from METH USE, and is SIMILAR to his avatar above!!!

Patrick Stansbury's MUG SHOT from 2005, the middle of THREE times he was busted while I worked for him 1990 - 2010, ALL on Drug Sales or DISTRIBUTION. Troy Emory "TED" Daniel, of Decatur, GA always ran the company while Patrick was in jail.

My new 2008 Pontiac Vibe in front of Gerry and her husband, Joel Miller's home on Raleigh Way, early fall 2008, when I used to get FREE MARIJUANA from them from giant bags they always had to distribute.

Also, Gerry had four brothers that rhymed: Larry, Gary, Terry, and Barry, one of whom was HIGH in the FBI, and some kind of ENFORCER. I met him at Joel and Gerry's previous house in the mid-1990s, and he was the most VIOLENTLY BOMBASTIC THREATENING IN-YOUR-FACE person I ever met.

Although Patrick's home phone and all business phones for, and were DISCONNECTED months ago, now, today, I found that Patrick's wife, Gloria J. Stansbury, has a landline at their same address that IS STILL WORKING: (770) 979-8157.

Also, Mike Massicott, Exec Vice President and TRAINED by AT&T MATRIX in Atlanta (as evil as it sounds), still answers his cell phone as if he is in BUSINESS, which today, is ONLY to distribute drugs: (404) 843-3254.

Mike Massicott from a YouTube video he posted a few years ago about his PREPARATIONS at his hidden hideaway in the North Georgia Mountains -- preparing for the UPCOMING WAR for WHITE SUPREMACY.

And in 1990, when I began in sales at Collegiate Concepts, Inc. in Tucker, GA, owned by Eileen and Russel Smith and Sales-Managed by Patrick Stansbury -- with essentially the same sales crew -- who TOOK me then to Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman's Atlanta apartment TWICE, because Ehrlichman wanted to meet the SON of America's TOP NAZIS, my parents, William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan. 

My father ended up living in my house for half a year, becoming CLOSE FRIENDS with Lee Gosney, who distributed the MOST DRUGS from Maine to Florida, and who Evan Fish knew in Maine and Wilmington, and through whom Gosney/Pentagon Publishing distributed major drugs to Wilmington Politicians and Christian Churches.

Also, Walter Moore, the Executive Vice President of Collegiate Concepts, then STOLE the business from the Smiths (because Eileen, who ran it was a JEW), was from Cherry Hill, NJ, and TIGHT with all the top exes of Sun Oil Company (now SUNOCO, and only a marketer), the company Dad and my brother Mike (both homosexuals or bisexuals -- FORCED by my mother to marry women), worked for nearly their ENTIRE adult life, in Philadelphia and western suburbs -- for Sun Oil.

There is TONS of good evidence/leads in this for Law Enforcement -- and it is GUARANTEED TO CREEP YOU OUT!!!:


Evan W. Fish

May 17, 1989 - September 3, 2011

Following Mayor Saffo's Executive Secretary Dawn Grants' LOGICAL advice, I stopped at Police HQ, and learned that they CANNOT give me MY recent report on the incident with David Alan Young, because it is folded in with the Court Summons, now, and not available to the public, which is FINE, since I know what I gave the Officer.

And when I asked the young man at the window about the Report on Evan Fish, it took him FIFTEEN MINUTES of reading notes in his computer before he told me that he had ONE on Evan and a property problem the day before his death, but since he died in the HOSPITAL, ONLY the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Police COULD file any Police Report, because DESPITE his jumping from the roof of the parking deck by the downtown Library, he died a few hours later in the hospital.

This was RIDICULOUS -- the last time the cops insisted that the Sheriff's Department had the Report (which they and Dawn Grants both LAUGHED AT, and said the Wilmington Police have it). So I went home, had lunch, and called the hospital police -- who thought I must be CRAZY to think they had such a thing or had filed it. They had Medical Records, and could not release those to anyone but FAMILY, but I KNOW what happens to someone jumping seven stories to their death!!!

So I decided to walk to the Sheriff's Office, downtown, to see if THEY had ANY INFO, and on the way ran into the crew from TNT Network in the parking lot of St. James Episcopal (filming downtown Wilmington for an episode of "GOOD BEHAVIOR"), and told THEM all about the local corruption, how a priest at St. James was one of the BIGGEST narco-traffickers in 2011 -- according to narco-trafficker (and my one time roommate), Christopher Wright Rogers, ANOTHER hiding HOMO -- with his girlfriend Cindy Beatty:

Chris Rogers is a SNEEDEN, the family first owned the three biggest barrier islands (Figure 8, Shell Island, and Wrightsville Beach), but sold them for NOTHING at least 200 years ago -- LOL!!!

Chris and Cindy ADMITTED (and I found their stash of my stolen files and their Wilmington Detective contacts when I kicked them out in spring 2011), that D.A. Ben David PAID THEM for evidence against me -- TOTALLY ILLEGAL of Mr. David!!!

Anyway, I told the TNT Network people ALL ABOUT Wilmington's CORRUPTION and that of my Kenan Family, and that I have been FRIENDS of Ted Turner's daughter Laura Turner Seydel, and that in 1990, I gave not just to Newt Gingrich but also to CNN HQ -- all my reports of narco-trafficking in Stone Mountain Park, but CNN was PART of it -- like Newt Gingrich -- and I was soon ARRESTED on false charges. 

Ted Turner, Laura (Turner) Seydel, and John Rutherford Seydel

Then I tried to report my NAZI MOTHER'S killing her brother (2014), via a Veteran's Hospital -- and they REBUFFED me on that:

And these problems with CNN:

And THIS, more about FOX NEWS, when Imran Anwar ALSO had worked as a consultant/talking-head for ten years at CNN, he claiming that BOTH NETWORKS knew that the Bush/Cheney/Bin Laden/Saudi Royal Families planned 9/11 TOGETHER -- and AT THE TIME IT HAPPENED, but that Americans are TOO STUPID and CHRISTIAN to CARE!!!

Well, the Sheriff's Department couldn't help me, but I had TONS OF FUN telling the counter two ladies and one who came out from TRYING to see if they had any record of it (they didn't), all about my story for at least twenty minutes and they LOVED IT ALL.

Then an older, "Christian-looking" female citizen came in, and knowing she could NOT stand to hear the truth about Wilmington Corruption, so I asked the women Deputies to let Sheriff McMahon know I had stopped by, and I took my leave.


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