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RP: TODAY, the Magistrate Told Me He Will DEFINITELY Either Issue an Arrest Warrant or Criminal Summons Against David Alan Young for "COMMUNICATING THREATS" to ME!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

However, this was shortly after noon, today, and now (6:00 PM), I find NO record of his being arrested (nor Mug Shot), so I STILL have no idea if Mr. Young has been SERVED (or which one it was).

Readers will recall that last fall when I took out the SAME charge against major Narco-Trafficker Haston Lavern Caulder II, the Magistrate (a female, that time), told me SHE was issuing an ARREST WARRANT, but D.A. Ben David twisted her arm and she did NOT, until Mr. Caulder came to my house and again THREATENED ME, and I went back and FORCED THE BITCH to do it -- LOL!!!


That said, it might be too soon to see what is happening, and Wilmington Mug Shots have NOT been updated to include any of TODAY'S new ones, so I will remain PATIENT for now. 

My LONG, detailed report on the form, ended with this line 
(paraphrased), that PERFECTLY sums up what is happening here in Wilmington to LIBERALS and NON-RACISTS of ALL Races, Religions (or none), and Political Parties:

"Mr. Young's repeated claimed that he is 'COMMANDED BY GOD and JESUS' to shoot dead EVERY Liberal and Faggot he can -- beginning with me because I had insulted his parents and sister -- which they TOLD HIM happened months before, but he did not witness -- so he would CARRY HIS GUN and shoot me dead on the streets as soon as possible ("I'm 6' 11", so easy to spot), is PRECISELY what happened to Republican Steve Scalise and others."

The WORST thing like this since Gabby Giffords, and when I had conversation in the White House with President and Mrs. Reagan in 1981, it had happened to Ronny less than a year before!!!

HOW did I know that District Attorney Benjamin R. David had TWISTED THE ARM  of that female Christian Magistrate to PROTECT Haston Caulder??? EASY-PEASY, as they say!!!

In 2011 and 12, my Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo, told me I HAD to send anything to her ONLY via her PERSONAL email or cell phone -- because Ben David and his NAZI BRIGADE, had FULL ACCESS to ALL emails sent to the "" official email addresses of all judges and Public Defenders -- as well as RECORDINGS of all their Court-issued official cell phones -- and she CHASTISED ME SEVERELY the few times I forgot and used her NC State-issued communications routes!!!

Jennifer Harjo in 2011 when she defended me (she has "freshened" her image since then).

My FULL REPORT on David Alan Young's ASSAULT (which I am not bothering to charge him with), and THREATS to me -- on my BIRTHDAY, two days ago:


Tug HelmerRepublican Christian from Highlands, NC and Atlanta, GA

The BULK of this is published here (bottom half of posting)

Scott Kenan And I just posted this thread into my blog at that posting as well!!!

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Scott Kenan Tug Helmer has seen that I am SERIOUS about busting internet TROLLS who make REAL Threats, and apparently BLOCKED ME (too late as I ALREADY got all the info on him for the Government). HA-HA!!! God's People and PATRIOTS of BOTH Parties and ALL Religions (or none) -- ALWAYS WIN!!!

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Tug Helmer I have never blocked anyone on Facebook, ever, in the ten years I've had my Facebook account. Stop blathering your stupid imbecilic nonsense and STFU you pigtard swine.

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Scott Kenan I realized that before going to bed -- that either you or Timothy Tew had DELETED the WORST of your posts (preserved on my blog and Justice Department computers), that are, Legally, criminal activity. I thank you for your INTRANSIGENCE here, further proof of your "Communicating Threats" crime. And in fact if you read my last blog-posting last night, you know I am headed to the Sheriff's Office today to file that charge against a Christian/Republican in Wilmington, NC -- someone ELSE, and I will be back in contact with you within the next few days to work out a settlement for you to pay me if you wish to avoid Criminal Prosecution. I researched you and know all your activities -- and so do both NC Law Enforcement and the FBI. So sit tight until I get back to you, please. Expect to lose your pilot's licence!!!

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This morning I called Joseph and since he is taking his impending Psychological Evaluation and the Evaluation of his apartment (not at ALL suitable to live in), so well, I decided to BREAK what I promised Protective Services and told him -- so he does not worry that they might appear tomorrow or Tuesday, but definitely will by end of Wednesday -- to RELAX the next two days, enjoy his old neighborhood and whatever he feels he must do. He is NOT suicidal!!

When I told him that, he sort of laughed, and said that it was time for me to STOP KIDDING AROUND WITH HIM about something I never did!!!

So I AGAIN made it clear that this is very LEGALLY REAL AND SERIOUS, and he GROWLED and said that he DEMANDED I call them and CANCEL IT, which I explained I would NOT do -- and in any case it was NOT POSSIBLE, they saying his case is the SADDEST they have heard of -- in a very long while.

FINALLY, from the Wilmington Star News, today, and I DID post my entire comments in THEIR COMMENTS, and they have NOT YET been ERASED -- LOL!!!

Ben Steelman should be ASHAMED of himself for NOT reporting the StarNews's RECENT CRIMES, and letting readers think that the New York Times still owns them!!! 

The New York Times during that period, ending several years ago (and he started by mentioning GateHouse Media) but local readers are too drug-addicted to remember that by the end of this piece, was CONTROLLED by debt more than his ownership, by Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu of Mexico, doing MEGA drug dealing with the CIA and peaked by working with first President Bill Clinton, and later Sect. of State Hillary Clinton. 

The purpose was to HIDE FROM CITIZENS that they had developed Wilmington into the LARGEST illegal drug port in the USA. StarNews City Desk Head, Kevin Maurer, a TOP CIA Agent who wrote the CIA version of the assassination of Osama bin Laden (Obama ordered him murdered so he could not testify in Court that he with the Bush Family, Cheney, and Saudi Royal families PLANNED 9/11 together to SCARE people to embrace the Republican Party/Christian Swastika -- now embodied by Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and virtually ALL Republicans). 

Kevin extensively interviewed me in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco by phone from his Star News City Desk -- in Summer 2012 -- CLAIMING to be doing a FEATURE article for the StarNews, but only gathering info for the CIA. 

Also, when the Wilmington Police forced my friend Evan Fish to jump to his death 9/3/2011, the StarNews COVERED IT UP. Evan KNEW all the details of Wilmington's TOP POLITICIANS, MINISTERS-OF-GOD, and MOST local Churches running the Christian Drug Mafia -- as they continue to do. 

Evan knew how my employer of 20 years, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA distributed all the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but MOSTLY to Wilmington and Atlanta -- LOL!!! 

ALL StarNews writers are LIKELY to go to PRISON, now that the FEDS are investigating ALL of this with my help -- HA!!! 

Pam Sander (Christian Bitch Exec Editor), can KISS MY ASS!!!

“We trust the littleness of our enterprise will not prove a damper to public expectation," wrote editor W.H. Bernard from the tiny office

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