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RP: TODAY, Perhaps Against All Odds, I Will TRY to Get David Alan Young COMMITTED FOR OBSERVATION -- and His GUN, and GUN RIGHTS, Removed!!!

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Well, the guy -- DAVID ALAN YOUNG -- who told me yesterday that it is his CHRISTIAN DUTY to shoot to kill all FAGGOTS  and LIBERALS -- and NOT use the law because JESUS has instructed him towill be able to buy ANOTHER GUN even if I get a Magistrate to commit him for observation today, as I WILL TRY!!!

The Obama rule would have blocked mentally ill people from buying guns.

Scott Kenan
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She got THAT right!!!

If I were shot, Mayor Bill Saffo, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- and the narco-trafficking White SupremacistChristian Minsters and Flocks of Wilmington, NC would ALL CLAP -- and DECLARE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY!!!

On Fox & Friends, White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said leaders should address the heated political rhetoric after the shooting in Virginia.

And as FOLLOW-UP also to my last posting that DETAILS both my conversation with Protective Services in New York City about my 5.5-year FINANCIAL SUPPORTER -- who seems to have GONE NUTS, Joseph Faulk, as well as the DETAILED description of Mr. Young's accosting me and legally ASSAULTING ME, see:

I spoke with Joseph this morning, and he was subdued, and had just come back in from chain-smoking on a park bench on Columbus Avenue. I again explained all my reasons, and that he has NOTHING to worry about, because if they come out to psychologically evaluate him (which will happen within the next three business days), and he is FINE, then they will also evaluate his deplorable living circumstances and determine if he must move, but in ANY CASE, he will feel MUCH BETTER to have gone through all of this -- once it is completed.

I DOUBT I will have to report all his financial support of Haston Lavern Caulder II, here in Wilmington -- a TOP DRUG MAFIOSA, protected by the Mayor, District Attorney, and others -- and since sending money from another STATE, makes it a FEDERAL CRIME, I would report it to the local FBI office. I feel CERTAIN Joseph will be judged in need of protection from his own financial affairs, if not from his TOTALLY sub-standard apartment of over 50 years.

And Joseph said, "I appreciate your concern for me," and I replied, "I know you don't FEEL that -- and WON'T until after this is all over -- but I DO believe you INTELLECTUALLY 'get it'."

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Did I NOT REPORT that Officer Nate Perry wears NO WEDDING RING (but I have no idea if he's gay or straight)???

And now that I've had a good night's SLEEP, I'll also report that Officer Perry, LISTENED intently to me as I TOLD HIM the most important highlights of what I know of Wilmington Corruption -- as he FURIOUSLY typed notes into his computer, saying little, but frequently GUFFAWING in recognition of the TRUTH. THESE are a few of those points, if not ALL of them:

1. The six-foot-three 43-year-old Denise Wood living in apartment 2, beneath me, a CONVICTED FELON on 43 counts from when she was an International Drug Mule, now in service to Mayor Bill Saffo's Drug Mafia, keeps a six-shooter, LOADED, within reach of her bed, and landlady Gold Walker is SCARED TO DEATH of Denise, who is NOT on any lease, but moved in subletting from Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. in apartment 1. 

Sam had been the maker and supplier of LSD to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Dr. Timothy Leary, and Theodore Druch, Ted, a CIA Drug Trafficker in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and member of our Writers Group, there. And it was "Jack Mormon" Jennifer McCracken of Apt. 67, Carolina Apartments who KNEW of that P.V. Writers Group leader Colin Stuart Hamilton, retired star of BBC radio and TV, being MURDERED by the CIA Drug Mafia, how the killer CONFESSED, led them to the buried body five hours away, then was RELEASED by force of the CIA!!!

Her brother is the CHIEF CIA corrupter on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force -- and Ed can't control the CIA, but Jennifer said she got all her orders from the Mormon Church through her MOTHER, whose car plate I captured, fall 2015:

Jennifer threatened to SUE ME IN COURT for violating her mother's privacy by publishing this photo on blog, then -- PROOF I was onto something IMPORTANT, no???

2. And I told him how it has been TOUGH for me to have NO MARIJUANA to smoke the last nearly a month, due to Denise Wood and Gold Walker no longer selling or giving me any out of PARANOIA -- when NO ONE (including cops), cares about minor marijuana possession or sales, and my doctors in both the USA and Mexico have RECOMMENDED it to me for STRESS RELIEF.

He LOVED that, and he is not the ONLY Cop or Deputy here I've freely discussed this matter with.

Of course I told him how my parents set up the Christian Drug Mafia with Father Bob Kus of St. Mary's, my personal "friend" Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, and PPD, and that while much DOES come through the commercial port, MOST comes on small boats fed from mother-ships at sea, and into the docks of rich Republican/Christians on the Cape Fear Rivers, and other developed tidal waters of the Sound, like my parents' dock on Hughes Road in Hampstead, where they lived two years before moving to Villas Place East in Wilmington.

I told him I was WELL AWARE of rumors about the FBI investigation into Allen Walker's "Walker World" -- TOTALLY supported by showy promotion of both Salt magazine and Port City Daily

Gold Walker's son Allen at his

But that I ONLY have heard the RUMORS and have heard NOTHING even from Gold that shows this to be TRUE.

And while he CONFIRMED or ADDED NOTHING, Officer Perry TOTALLY cracked up, and said, "How the HELL did YOU learn so much???"

2. I don't have time to DETAIL all the other things Mr. Perry took notes on. 

But I also should say that last night, Denise Wood, having GAINED SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT, bleached her hair as BLOND AS POSSIBLE, and maybe IRONED  it as well:

Tracy Turnblad in John Waters' Hairspray 1988

Well, Tracy then IRONED IT like actress Pia Zadora recommended, here.

And my meeting John Waters in 2015 at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, was a DISASTER -- despite my being Tennessee Williams's last assistant and writing a BOOK about it,

Lawrence Buchthal from Facebook, 2016

Lawrence Buchthal, BROTHER of noted producer Stanley Buchthal, who PRODUCED Water's Hairspray, is ALSO who cooperated with Newt Gingrich, CNN, my parents and siblings, and John Ehrlichman, in ARRESTING ME on false charge of TRESPASS (Lawrence actually filing the charge), in 1990, when I reported all the MAJOR NARCO-TRAFFICKING through Stone Mountain Park behind my home!!!

Democrat Judge Hunter held me in JAIL without charge for 15 weeks until I sued Sheriff Jarvis Writ of Habeus Corpus, and I pleaded NOLO to Trespass, and was FORCED by Judge Hunter, my parents, and Dr. Edward O. Nix to take LITHIUM CARBONATE to lobotomize me for yet ANOTHER 19 years (or go to jail for a year).

Well, Denise (an admitted "Nympho"), drove her burgundy Jeep Cherokee up the drive between the two Gold Walker properties -- which Gold has FORBIDDEN any of us to do -- last night, and she and a HANDSOME young white guy carried small packages in and out of Denise's back door -- NOT taking time for even the FASTEST of FUCKS!!!

Denise has claimed that she CONTROLS Gold Walker, and even then parked her vehicle overnight with its ASS in the street, the front in that drive and BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK -- DESPITE there being places to park right here on the street, and police ticketing people for parking like that, but they did NOT!!!

She has also told me she is getting orange cones to always save the street spot directly in front of our door -- but she has NOT YET gotten that BALLSY!!!

You SEE why I use this image to capture Denise's ATTITUDE, no???

Well, I'd better prepare to go see the MAGISTRATE about David Young!!!


Tennessee Williams opens at the Museum of Fine Arts, Havana Cuba, 2015. The Castro Brothers responded with THIS when Obama made the rules that Donald Trump mostly TRASHED!!!


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