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RP: Today, SUN-DAY, FIVE Giant Blossoms on My Dwarf Yellow Angel's Trumpet OPENED AT ONCE!!! -- and a Few Other Things:

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How the local, Christian MAINSTREAM press (and this local blog), covered day two of the 2017 North Carolina Republican Convention!!!:
What Kellyanne Conway and Lara (Yunaska) Trump said in Wilmington, NC, yesterday. 

My own experiences with the Republican/NAZI/Christian Party on the streets, yesterday, in comments, below:

Precincts, counties are critical to political wins.

To follow up on my possible future roommate and the MYSTERY of his coming by mid-afternoon and leaving his under-pants soaking in water -- that he didn't TELL me he was doing -- I called him at 10:45 PM and asked.

FIRST he claimed he was unaware that he was not then WEARING his snug briefs, and so I said I had figured that with all the heat and humidity -- and considering the water was not stained yellow or brown -- that his danglies had just been SWEATING LIKE A MO'. And he said YES, that was it EXACTLY, so I offered to wring them out and hang them to dry overnight, which he approved and they DID dry overnight -- WHEW!!!

I woke up knowing that it would NOT WORK for me to try to greet the Republicans as they gathered this morning for their Prayer Breakfast. I had SERIOUSLY ANNOYED too many of them, and they would come after me there -- with shouted words, if not fisticuffs -- again.

It is FAR MORE FUN to ridicule them DIRECTLY after the MOB HAS DISPERSED!!! Remember, while I lived briefly homeless in Raleigh late December 2010, before driving to Wilmington to STAY, I lived in my car a few blocks from Republican State HQ, and security was so LAX, then, that I got into the building a couple of times and without a SINGLE CONFRONTATION with anyone, slipped a BUNCH of caustic notes under the doors of EVERY TOP REPUBLICAN OFFICIAL:

Of course I here had misspelled "Merino" in the Italian style, instead of the Spanish of Fernando's native Colombia -- and as Readers recall, Fernando was who had signed me to a LIFETIME contract to work for the CIA, like his father, who THEN was the largest exporter of Cocaine to the USA via the CIA and Republican/Democratic Party, like this one I'd left in Puerto Vallarta:

And because Fernando FAILED MISERABLY with me, he was PUNISHED and forced to take steroids and beef up, and be the STAR ATTRACTION at Wet Dreams gay strip bar in Puerto Vallarta, and after I confronted Fernando THERE (when I returned in 2012), he became a TRAINER at Gold's Gym and high-paid whore THERE, which is WHERE most married gay guys go to find sex partners -- just like they do that at EVERY gym here in Wilmington -- every since the Christians closed all but TWO of the eight gay bars that thrived for years in Wilmington -- before the NAZI CHRISTIANS forced the gay males of Wilmington to marry FEMALES.

Wilmington is still JUST AS GAY-ACTIVE. Ask District Attorney Ben David, Mayor Saffo, or ESPECIALLY disgraced former Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.

In the future, we should name major disasters after the person most responsible for causing them.

And finally, for now, TWO items from the Christian Press of Wilmington:


KURE BEACH — A historical double feature is set for Fort Fisher State Historic Site next Saturday. It will recall the days just after the fort fell to the Union in early 1865. The fort will host the…

My last all-night date, last October -- and it got me THREE contacts high in Security at Mar-a-Lago, so Donald Trump's Team gets ALL BLOG POSTINGS emailed directly to them -- was with Bill Toups, directly descended from one of the Confederate Generals who defended Fort Fisher/Wilmington in this last SEAPORT BATTLE, as well as the BROTHER of Confederate President Jefferson Davis -- and is the EIGHT COUSIN, precisely, of George HW Bush!!!:

Bill Toups has since then grown a beard and been forced to move to a distant state by the Bush Family that STILL is trying to kill him!!!


Celia Rivenbark CONTINUES to KICK BUTT in Wilmington -- this time in Salt magazine -- in an article I could have written as MY first experience flying in 1963, which was ALSO in First Class and I TOO love the Peace of being WAY UP THERE!!!:

Pat Oldenkamp -- sister of Roy Rogers Oldenkamp who now lives in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in WEHO, and owns THIS Williams COLLAGE!!!:

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers were the FIRST celebrities I ever knew. Roy's cousin lived next door to us when we lived on Ebenezer Road in Cincinnati, my ages 2.5 - 6.

They came about twice per year, and dressed in costume to entertain the neighborhood kids!!!

Kent Chatfield (Clownty Attorney), of Wilmington, who DESTROYED the professionalism of my friend Chris Everett's film:

And JUST NOW (11:25 AM), we had a MAJOR MILITARY JET FLYOVER of my apartment -- no doubt SALUTING my Kenan Family on their most FABULOUS Republican Convention, just ended!!!

Center: Betty (Price) Kenan of Durham, and right: Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, her stepson.

"OY!!! WHY did I -- Bill Saffo --have to be the Democratic Mayor of Wilmington when Scott Kenan came to town???"

Thanks to Gregg AllmanEat a peach y'all!!!

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Scott Kenan Is that a BUTT -- or an "USSY-PAY"???

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Scott Kenan Well, at least it's not an OYSTER, like everyone eats here on the Cape Fear Coast (Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar - Downtown Wilmington):

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Paulina James I think peach daiquiri is in order this afternoon😉

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Scott Kenan My account of confronting my Kenan Family's surrogates here in Wilmington, NC, yesterday. My family put Donald Trump into power so Kenans who founded UNC The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can PROFIT from Putin's OIL!!!:

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Jesse Brent i think of that every time i eat one ....

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