Monday, June 26, 2017

RP: Too Tired to Write Lorin Stein of THE PARIS REVIEW as Planned Tonight, I Report on the OTHER News of the Day:

RE-PRINTED from here

"Portrait of Lorin Stein", Editor of The Paris Review for NYLON magazine, but I found NO artist credit.

It is next to IMPOSSIBLE to find a way to email Mr. Stein, but roaming around the magazine's website, I found two other email addresses, and I'll send to them when I get to it. I looked on the page of acknowledgements of "Donors", and found that my old friend Jean Babette Stein (not related to Lorin), who introduced me to Jackie Kennedy Onassis -- and I met George Plimpton and many others there -- is listed for the LAST time, since she jumped to her death over a month ago now.

When I make the minimum $1,000.00 to get listed, I'll do it in her and Tennessee Williams's Honor. I can't even afford the $49.00 for a years subscription (4 issues).

George Plimpton -- back when I knew him

Yes, I'm feeling "flat" tonight, and I tried catch-up reading Celia Rivenbark's last two columns, and even they seemed flat and uninspiring.

So before I report on my follow-up today regarding my Court Summons of David Alan Young, Spectrum Cable lawyer Brian M. Williams, and NYC Protective Services re: Joseph Faulk, an interesting thing happened two nights ago, while I was writing and posting in segments:, which got MORE HITS OVERNIGHT than any posting since I left Mexico two years ago!!!

On June 21, just five days ago, Spectrum sent a TEAM of two techs and a Quality Control Supervisor out to make CERTAIN my internet was finally repaired, and TV Cable continued to work correctly, as reported here: my internet DID work perfectly -- until I added a segment particularly REVEALING two nights ago. 

THEN, I lost internet and could not get it back -- even after I FORCED the computer off TWICE after it FROZE -- rebooted the modem twice, and in the process SAVED the large text section that was so OFFENSIVE to the hackers, so if I had to go to another internet outlet, I would NOT have to rewrite so much.

Then, I decided to try calling Spectrum, and as soon as I had verified it was the account associated with the phone I was calling on -- THE INTERNET WORKED AGAIN!!! But ever since then, it is going in and out -- JUST LIKE IT DID BEFORE THEY ADJUSTED IT AT THE POLE. And it has continued like that ever since.

So I'm BACK TO SQUARE ONE with my unreliable Spectrum Cable Internet Service.

1. This morning I got notice of update to Criminal Court Schedules that I subscribed to a week ago, and NO LISTING of David Alan Young called to appear. I ASSUME they have to have a Court Hearing scheduled BEFORE delivering the guy his Summons, so this SUGGESTS that the Deputies asking me where on EARTH they could possibly SERVE him -- when I got them to tell me the SUMMONS was actually issued, but NOT an Arrest Warrant -- and my Complaint clearly showed his address and the address of his Dave's Tree Removal is ALSO at his home address, listed bottom right: 

So TOMORROW, I'll do what I have to to get David SERVED -- if I have to CAMP OUT at Sheriff Ed McMahon's OFFICE OR HOUSE (I know him well)!!! 

And TWO sad stories of Law Enforcement in North Carolina illustrate WHY North Carolina is KNOWN FOR THESE:

Investigation finds North Carolina authorities delayed investigating gay ‘demons’ case

SPINDALE, N.C. (AP) — For two years, Matthew Fenner said he pleaded with authorities to investigate his allegations that a group of fellow congregants at the Word of Faith Fellowship church had punched, slapped and choked him to expel his “homosexual demons.” 

N.C. law: Woman can't back out of sex once underway


North Carolina is the ONLY STATE IN THE USA that this is TRUE FOR!!!

2. I left a voicemail for Spectrum lawyer Brian M. Williams, asking him to call -- and referred to my email to that effect sent him last Thursday, also with no response.

Brian Williams is beginning to look a little SQUIRRELLY to me . . . 

3. I called New York City Protective Services -- and got RIGHT THROUGH this time. The woman said that Joseph Faulk "is DEFINITELY in the System to be psychologically evaluated." Then she gave me the name and phone number of both the person in charge of that -- and of that person's SUPERVISOR, if I couldn't get hold of the first.

I could not, and there was NO voicemail, but the Supervisor DID have voicemail, so I left her a rather long message, and SHE had the name and phone number of HER Supervisor on her message, but I'm not going up that far YET!!!

The FACT that all THREE of these matters seem DELAYED ON PURPOSE (and Joseph Faulk's being CONVINCED he is protected from being INVESTIGATED), suggests the possibility of COLLUSION (across State Lines), so perhaps FEDERAL RACKETEERING???

ALSO today, Denise Wood (DenisethePerfectPainter --, put up her OWN mailbox -- unnumbered -- but clearly marked "DENISE THE PERFECT PAINTER and JOHN JAY". She appeared to have gotten several pieces of mail today.

John Jay is the Georgia Trucker (married older black guy with family in Georgia -- we know how these CHRISTIANS behave about sex), who comes about every two weeks for Denise to do his books, he PAYS ALL HER BILLS (and her Spectrum cable bill is in John Jay's name), and he always has to have SEX with her -- or so she claims -- LOL!!!

, I sent out this text message at 2:57 PM:

"2 my siblings. Others copied: admit NAZI crimes NOW -- or PRISON. See AM blog post. Scott"

So it went to my siblings Jane Ann Kenan, Michael William Kenan, and Julie (Kenan) Duffy -- as well as:

Joseph Faulk in NYC
My former Public Defender Jennifer Harjo
Another Lawyer
Michael Massicott, Executive VP of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA (who supplied Wilmington with heavy drugs for years -- and they probably STILL DO).
Bill Toups, eighth cousin to George Bush (who sought me out for an all night date last October -- and then I got email contacts at Mar-a-Lago).

And a couple of others less interesting.

And the RNC is even WORSE OFF!!!


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