Friday, June 23, 2017

RP: Vladimir Putin LOVES Two Things Most: His "KGB" and "PRAVDA" (literally: "The TRUTH", The Longtime OFFICIAL MOUTHPIECE of His Communist Party) -- Which Are ALSO the TOP Straight Clubs in Wilmington, North Carolina for CHRISTIANS to Mingle -- Trading "PUSSY AND PILLS" -- NO???

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Vlad Putin KISSING the Leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, FIRST COUSIN to Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo's Narco-Trafficking St. Nicholas GREEK Orthodox Church.

Father Jon Emanuelson, HEAD of Wilmington's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church -- home to the MAFIA SAFFO BROTHERS of Wilmington.

Yes, folks, I COULDN'T make this up: This afternoon, I got INVITE to join Cape Fear Equality (an LGBTQIAA organization serving Wilmington, the Lower Cape Fear Region and South Eastern North Carolina), led by Wilmington's OWN Ryan Lee Burris, for GAYZALEA 2017, at KGB club, downtown:

At President Putin's FAVE "KGB" club -- at this VERY HOUR as I type (but on July 7):


Gayzalea Hour at KGB!

 · Hosted by Cape Fear Equality

Ryan Lee Burris -- until RECENTLY (due to my blogging about it), was Gov. Roy Cooper's TOP DEMOCRATIC PARTY NARCO-TRAFFICKER in Wilmington -- and THIRD Vice Chair of the New Hanover County Democrats:

Gov. Roy Cooper on left, Ryan Burris on right, sandwiching Ryan's long-time lover, Wes Taylor.

KGB entrance on Princess Street

KGB Wilmington SHIELD

Pravda is in the SAME BLOCK as KGB, and they PROBABLY connect through at the BACK of their interiors (their ASSHOLES)!!!

Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil (think our former TOP EXECUTIVE Rex TillersonSect. of State for the USA, now), has been CONTROLLED by my Kenan Family of North Carolina since Henry Flagler left his last wife, Mary Lily Kenan more stock than John D. Rockefeller ever owned!!!

Translation from the German: "The Church, Today"



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