Wednesday, June 28, 2017

RP: Well, It Has Been a DRAMATIC MORNING -- Right Off the BAT -- HA!!!

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This says it ALL -- LOL!!!

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ReplyJune 21 at 5:57am

When I first booted up this Windows 10 computer, as Windows loaded, it warned me that some part of what identifies me to Microsoft had NOT loaded correctly, and I might not be able to access all of my files that are online.

THEN, loading Google's CHROME browser, I got THIS questionnaire that I filled out (no choice but to file anonymously, but my link to blog DOES identify me -- and thought to screen-capture it:

I have NOT called Joseph Faulk today -- nor will I call NYC Adult Protective Services today to push them to evaluate him ASAP. I may be just too IMPATIENT, and the same applies to the Criminal Court Summons of David Alan Young. I just checked and he is NOT on the Court Schedule, so I guess the Deputy was unable to serve him yesterday. 

I see that Haston Lavern Caulder is up for his trials today in Judge R. Russell Davis's Court on three counts of "Begging Alms", one of "Second Degree Trespass" and "Misdemeanor Larceny" (those two bundled together), and one count of "Urinating in Public". 

One funny thing I did NOT report yesterday, is that the Paris Review sent me ANOTHER email, so one for each of two days in a ROW!!!

I still have not written them yet, but I will.

BREAKINGChemours' Gen X chemicals have contaminated Cape Fear River, exposing thousands of Wilmington residents to chemicals in the water

Was this a corporate bait and switch of one bad chemical for another? 

Ecolawyers is accepting clients exposed to Chemours' Gen X chemicals. Contact Ecolawyer John Fiske directly at 619-261-4090 or to learn about the legal action and representation

Wilmington-area officials demand answers, action during invitation-only meeting with company

If what has been REPORTED proves to be TRUE, then THESE Wilmington Politicians who sit on the Board of CFPUA knew about the POLLUTION and the DANGERS for at least a YEAR -- and did NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!

Pat Kusek, Republican New Hanover County Commissioner

Charlie Rivenbark, Democrat Wilmington City Council

Kevin O'Grady, Democrat Wilmington City Council

Skip Watkins, Republican New Hanover County Commissioner

For a FULL LIST of Cape Fear Public Utility Authority board members -- including everyone's EMAIL ADDRESS -- please see:



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