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RP: WHEW!!! Why My NEXT Emailed Letter MUST BE to Mitt Romney -- to WARN Him What Apparent NUT-BALL and Rogue Romney, Bill, Is Doing in Mitt Romney's Name!!!

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First, I have to say that last night while I got a TWEET STORM from Bill Romney, the "widow" of his legal husband of years, Doug Romney, the "Gay Romney" and personal friend of his cousin Mitt, it was so confusing, I misreported some things here in my "panic", as Facebook was NOT functioning properly at ALL then, not allowing me to get to friends which Facebook, then, claimed had removed their pages -- but they are ALL functioning this morning. 

See: "BREAKING @ 11:07 PM" halfway down here:

To correct what is important, Bill did NOT actually contact Mitt Romney, but said there are three lawyers in Mitt's family that Bill will use to force the FBI to shut down my blog, not use the CIA, which makes no sense in domestic situations, and the FBI feeds Law Enforcement and then they take one to COURT to get such an order. This is SO BIZARRE that as much as I don't like him, I WILL next send all this info to Mitt or his people to look into what Bill Romney claims to be doing on behalf the Romney Family.

Next thing, is that I see Joe Biden has joined Donald Trump and -- I believe Newt Gingrich -- in strongly urging Mitt to run as for the US Senate. There is a RICH story behind this, and I will include it in my letter to Mitt, which I will publish on blog.

And then a short time ago, I got a message from a Political Ally in Georgia, asking me to calm down -- for my own good. I'll show the exchange in a minute without revealing his name. He is a well established seller of high-end goods, so naturally, many of his clients are Republicans and Narco-Traffickers of both Parties. The same is the predicament of real estate agents of expensive properties and both these businesses are TOP WAYS to launder Drug Profits -- but that is NOT illegal for the goods-sellers.

Please remember these important things. It was the owner of a TOP ART GALLERY in Atlanta, who was one of the two Jews who -- to my face -- in 1990, told me my parents are literally the top NAZIS in the USA. The other was Bernice Weinstein (now deceased, I believe), then living in the Smoke Rise section of Stone Mountain, outside the City limits. Bernice was close friends of Lawrence Buchthal, who owned Mama Mia's Pasta & Pizza which I managed 1987 - 1990, when he fired me for what I knew.

Lawrence Buchthal from his Facebook page in 2016.

Larry was who actually filed the "Trespass" charge against me in 1990, with help of my parents, and that led to my landing in Judge Linda Warren Hunter's Court -- and Dekalb County Jail for 15 weeks until I filed Writ of Habeus Corpus against Sheriff Jarvis to force a trial. I pleaded "NOLO", and was then forced by the Judge to take Lithium Carbonate or go to jail. My parents meeting in chambers (they admitted this many times -- to "help me"), many times with the Judge, then insisting on also being with me in my first meeting with psychiatrist Edward O. Nix, who prescribed more Lithium Carbonate than would be needed to achieve the 0.7 minimum level considered effective, but Judge ordered, I had no choice.

Lawrence's older brother Stanley -- STILL TODAY a highly respected producer of important if not usually blockbuster films and documentaries -- produced John Waters's 1988 Hairspray, which came out while I worked for Lawrence. At the 2015 Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans where I ALSO had two meetings with Gen. Russel Honore', Mr. Waters TOTALLY disrespected me -- despite my telling him I was Tennessee's last assistant and had worked for the brother of Stanley Buchthal!!!:

The other things I need to first say:

1. The ONLY crime my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan ever admitted and BRAGGED about to me (Dad admitted MANY of his traitorous crimes for benefit of the Catholic Church and Republican Party before he died three years ago), was working with a group at St. Mark's Catholic overseen by Father Bob Kus, now of St. Mary's here in Wilmington, NC, they smuggled the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa after the fall of Apartheid -- because the Pope thought it was UNFAIR to White people).

2. I was THRILLED about a week ago when I passed Madonna McMahon's high-producing real estate office on Market Street near the river, and she seeing me very ENTHUSIASTICALLY waved. In 2011 when I was homeless, I learned a LOT from her, and also gave her a very hard time. I can't wait to BUY A HOUSE from her -- OK???

"Scott, i realize you are passionate about sharing what you know and believe, but pushing too far or hard against people in power will get you silenced. It's always good to take a break and gain some objectivity." 

"So-n-So: Thanks for the advice, which I take as genuinely felt and as meant to be in my best interest.

As you know if you have read my blog, I now work DIRECTLY -- the last three weeks -- with the State and Justice Departments, by THEIR invitation, and the US Government is now protecting me. Comey said a couple of things in testimony meant to let me know they are using my deep info.

It is possible that I am the "Deep Throat" of this situation. That said, I know some of my FB friends use their thread also to promote their businesses, and my stuff inflames their audience who have no direct contact with the players in this, like I have and do.

I think it best that I not send anything political to you via your Timeline from now on.

The last few days, Mitt Romney's cousin's legal gay husband who took the Romney name, tried to play me for a fool, and this morning, I writing Mitt Romney to ask about this guy. He did it using the Romney power, but I think he's actually nuts, and as much as I do not like Mitt, he needs to know what this Romney guy is up to.

And THANKS for bringing up the subject!!! Remember, I'm 6' 11" so PRIME target for a sniper's bullet, but NEVER shot at.

Carry ON!!!



1. Today would be my parents' 67th Wedding Anniversary, were Dad still alive today!!!

Dad, William Scott Kenan, in center, in New York City in the 1930s with two friends. Dad was blackmailed into marriage by my mother, after Mom had Dad's live-in male lover SHOT IN THE HEAD, and Dad given the option of converting to Catholicism (Dad always told me that all religions are BS -- only used by bitches to control men), and marrying her, so she could hide her Swatikas behind the iconic Kenan name.

The Cincinnati Coroner's Report was "Russian Roulette Suicide".

Then in about 1979, Dad twice called me for recommendations on gay bars in Philadelphia, my parents living in West Chester, PA then for the SECOND time.

2. The same company that baked the Bed Bugs out of my apartment about a month ago, were next door to do some preventive maintenance, and although NOT the same guys, I had a LONG talk with them and gave owner Brad a message from me for them to deliver.

They really are completely legitimate, and here is their website, FINALLY found:

Readers will recall that it was BRAD who had insisted that my second cousin, Robert C. Kenan, Jr., a real estate attorney in Burgaw, NC, is ALSO a Judge who handled his son's case of being caught with some illegal pills -- BUT Bobby's Admin in his office, INSISTED to me that my cousin has NEVER been a Judge -- I still don't know the truth here!!!

But my mother said that Bobby is her TOP ALLY in this area in political endeavors, and they had MANY Kenan Family reunions in Burgaw -- none of which I was ever invited to. My first cousin, Judith (Russ) Whitney, told me many times that Thomas S. Kenan III -- head of the DISTANT wealthy Kenans of Chapel Hill (who put Trump into power), sometimes attended those reunions as well.

Thomas S. Kenan III on right, Betty (Price) Kenan, his stepmother and widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan, in center.

Left to right: Gail Johnston, Janice Ludwig, Judy Whitney, and Sherri Pridgen, sisters and daughters of Laura "Doris" (Kenan) Russ:

Aunt Doris, now deceased for about eight years.


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