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RP: WHOOPS!!! There Goes Arkansas' Edition of Hammurabi's CODE (known to Christians as the "Ten Commandments")!!! / UPDATES re: Joseph Crawford Faulk and Spectrum Cable:

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Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee had the BEST comment on this -- HA!!!:

While I don't condone taking the Law into one's own hand -- and the guy has been properly CHARGED -- I do think this is VERY FUNNY

When is the last time that YOU, Reader, actually READ the Ten Commandments???:

Ten Commandments List

  1. 1. You shall have no other gods before Me. (It's PERFECTLY OK to have other gods -- just not BEFORE "God the Father" -- so secondary worship of Quetzalcoatl and Lady Death -- worshiped by some in Mexico -- is FINE, if not first.)
  2. 2. You shall make no idols. (CATHOLICS with their Jesus statues are GOING TO HELL!!!)
  3. 3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. (The most commonly agreed on name of God is "I am that I am", so if you say "I am a sinner", then you GO TO HELL, but if you say "I have sinned", you do NOT!!!)
  4. 4. Keep the Sabbath day holy. (Jews got the Ten Commandments via Moses -- or as Bible History Scholars claim -- from Hammurabi, who got them from HIS predecessors. So the "ORIGINAL" religion says it's SATURDAY, Christians claim it is SUNDAY, and Muslims who honor the Old Testament and its Laws claim FRIDAY. CRAZY BABY!!! And have you EVER KNOWN a Christian to work on SUNDAY -- let's HOPE NOT!!!)
  5. 5. Honor your father and your mother. (Although my parents, William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan were first identified to me as America's TOP NAZIS in 1990, they had sex, and I came into being, they raised me with GOOD VALUES, and even though they set up the Drug Mafias in Wilmington, NC and Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA by command of Catholic Popes and the support of what has become the NAZI Trump/Pence TRAITORS, I still honor them and will NOT push for my mother to be arrested and tried for HIGH TREASON -- she being 94 years old, and Dad now dead.)
  6. 6. You shall not murder. (I HOPE we can all agree on this, although David Alan Young said the Bible commands that he SHOOT ME DEAD because I am a Liberal and a "FAGGOT".)
  7. 7. You shall not commit adultery. (Newt Gingrich, a Roman Catholic -- who IMPEACHED Bill Clinton for a "Monica Job" -- was FUCKING his current wife, Calista, while living with and married to his #2 at the time -- MERCY!!!)
  8. 8. You shall not steal. (Melania Trump owes Michelle Obama for a SPEECH, no???)
  9. 9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (There go Donald Trump, Fox News, and MOST Republicans and Democrats -- although most Democrats have improved the last several months.)
  10. 10. You shall not covet. (The Bible Dictionary says my last name "KENAN" means "The Sadness" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness", and Kenans control Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Donald Trump, and Rex Tillerson -- and put the last two into office so that my Kenan Family can make TONS MORE MONEY developing Russia's Oil -- 'NUFF SAID!!!)


* * *

>>> I DID hear from Lawyer Brian M. Williams in Raleigh, NC -- but only LATE this afternoon. I paste it in here:

Re: Touching base (briefly) re: My case with Spectrum 
Cable, 499-176  

Mr. Williams,

Thank you for replying and clarifying several things, including that you work for ESIS, rather than Spectrum Cable or their Insurance Company that has sub-contracted ESIS to handle claims against them. Also that it will be a couple more weeks before you can proceed (barring additional incomplete answers from my medical providers), and the Law concerning liens by Medicare. 

I have gotten NO NOTICE from Medicare about any of this, and in fact, my earlier attorney who initiated this claim with your company, Bruce A. Mason, had told me about that, but that if Medicare (or other insurer), does NOT contact you or me about such a lien, that it is common practice in North Carolina to pay their share to the plaintiff, me, and I pay them ONLY if they get to us no later than a month after actual settlement -- but as I've said before, I'm not certain ALL of his advice was correct.

I did NOT get an EOB from Medicare, but yesterday received one from NHRMC Medical Group, so scanned it and attached it in case it is helpful.

You did NOT clarify WHAT info you base a claim on, although I know the medical bills are an important part of that -- nor did Ms. Heisser, despite my asking you both several times. Perhaps that info must be held in secret by NC Law (like anyone in NC disclosing the chemicals in Fracking Solutions BY LAW gets mandatory PRISON TIME, regardless the circumstances or reasons), but clearly the pain and suffering of a person is not necessarily proportional to medical bills!

Because your Admin, Cary (sp?), told me you would be certain to call me yesterday afternoon, and you didn't and no one let me know when you would be able to, I DID write to Richard Dykhouse, General Council for Spectrum Cable in Connecticut about all of these matters, but I imagine he will be more interested in the problems I've had with my Cable TV and Internet Service that are NOT provably related to the accident. I forgot to tell him ALL of it, including that Spectrum had been holding the checks to pay my bills for over two months before depositing them -- to run up Late Charges against me unfairly. And they did this to MOST of Benefits Management, Inc.'s clients, they paying MY bills.

I had intended to copy you on my email to Mr. Dykhouse, but forgot. I DID include you in the mass emailing to my 200 Political Contacts of the blog post in which I published that last night -- but you don't mention that you received it. If you did NOT and would care to, you can access it in my blog:

I feel much better now, getting an understanding to HOW to separate all these BIZARRE things that have happened to me by deliberate hand of Spectrum and their employees, and as I said, despite the obvious reason Mayor Saffo and his Drug Mafia would have LOVED to run me over with a truck, it would be too complicated to set up -- as far as I can now see.

All best, and lets wrap this as soon as we can -- and get on with our other business -- BOTH of us!

-----Original Message-----

From: Brian Williams <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Cc: scott <>; Brian Williams <>
Sent: Wed, Jun 28, 2017 4:42 pm
Subject: RE: Touching base (briefly) re: My case with Spectrum Cable, 499-176

Mr. Kenan,

We are still collecting your medical records and bills. Unfortunately that process takes time as the medical providers do not always respond in a timely fashion.  Further, when they do respond, they do not necessarily provide us with all of the requested information, which means we have to sometimes follow-up, which is something we have had to do in your case.  I can report that your signed medical release was sent to everyone and that we are waiting for the records to arrive and have followed-up with some of these providers.

Have you received any EOB’s from Medicare?  If so, please send them to me as that will expedite matters.

Also, have you received any lien letters from Medicare? Pursuant to federal law, Medicare has a lien on any settlement proceeds and will need to be paid back.  This is something ESIS will handle on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry with that process.

In closing, it will be at least another couple weeks before we are in a position to make a settlement offer.  Thank you for your patience, and I will be in touch. 


Brian Williams


They have tried to visit him TWICE, so far -- on June 20, and yesterday -- and got NO RESPONSE when she called him on her cell from his building's front door. She will continue to work on this, not YET going through the landlord, and call me next Wednesday to let me know of any progress.

She said she will NOT try to make him live somewhere else -- if he's not committable -- and suggested that she MIGHT have hot meals delivered to him at his apartment once a day, if THAT is helpful. It was CLEAR that I could call it all off if I had any reason to. But ALSO, if Joseph is AVOIDING HER, that in itself is a strong argument to commit him.

I called Joseph TWICE, today, and he answered neither time, but I left him messages, the second one FURTHER detailing all of this.


As Readers know, "Sam" Celia (in "Days of Yore"), had an LSD lab that supplied Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Dr. Timothy Leary, and his male lover, Theodore "Ted" Druch of my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, when I was in it 2010 - 2014, with the BEST and PUREST LSD. 

Ted Druch, a gay Jew, married the Christian woman, Maria Ruiz, and since then has been a MAJOR CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKER in partnership with Arturo Pedilla of Chac Mool Cafe and the Governor of Nayarit state -- THEY being who tried to have me killed TWICE in a week, then broke into my car and placed a FAKE BOMB, causing me to IMMEDIATELY return to Wilmington, NC, late June 2015.

Maria Ruiz is the MOST CHARMING of devout Christian womenno??? At least she's HONEST about her STATE OF CHRISTIAN MIND -- LOL!!!

Arturo Pedillo, his breasts-free "English-Catholic" (Mexican-speak for Episcopal or Anglican), wife, Emily, and a cook.

So today, Sam called me to say he keeps occasionally smelling a small natural gas leak in his apartment downstairs, and have I smelled any gas. No, I have not, but explained that gas is heavier than air, so does NOT rise up, but hugs the ground, and he should ask Denise Wood, who sublets the apartment next to him FROM him, and also check around the building outside, the next time he smells it.

He said he HAD checked outside a couple of times and NOT smelled it there, but would contact Landlady Gold Walker, to let her know, and the Gas Company IMMEDIATELY, next time he smells it -- and ask Denise when she got home from her work.

At 8:00 PM, I ran into Denise, who knew NOTHING about this -- and said she'd run into Sam as soon as she got home, talked with him, and he did NOT mention it. So I will ask Gold Walker, tomorrow when I see her on other matters, if he let HER know, either!!!

All VERY CONFUSING, but Sam and I DID agree, that it is SILLY of Gold Walker and Denise Wood to have STOPPED selling or giving me marijuana (five weeks ago, they stopped and NEVER smoke at home anymore, either, which both of them did from arising in the AM until going to bed at night)!!!

Sam has even WITNESSED Denise selling me pot -- but we know she's a "little paranoid" since she DOES have those 43 FELONY and 13 MISDEMEANOR convictions from her earlier days as an International Drug Mule.

94-year-old International Drug Mule, recently caught -- but Denise was in her Twenties, half her 43 years of age, now, when SHE was caught, and she's a BIG 6' 3" woman, more like THIS:

MERCY!!! I hope I'm not driven to begging EXCESS EVIDENCE from some FRIENDLY COP -- LOL!!!



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