Sunday, June 4, 2017

RP: YIKES!!! MORE Drug Trash from the Streets Were Just BANGING on Denise Wood's Door, Downstairs, She Not Answering Quickly, So I called Down that I Work with the FEDS and Denise Will SOON BE ARRESTED!!!

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Dr. Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk, also a former Pennsylvania (Chester County) Prosecutor, later head of installing Epic Systems on the LARGEST hospital systems in the USA, now the TOP Consultant in the USA on Privacy of Electronic Medical Records while sitting on two of the top Medical Boards in the USA, as well, was my high school girlfriend, and is again, today, one of my BEST FRIENDS!!!

Google her name for more info.

I JUST left Marlowe a message about what is in this title -- knowing that the US Government -- as well as the criminals -- HACK my every communication by phone or internet, and letting them know of my RASH ACT, I will be sure to be protected from Denise and her Christian Drug Mafia run by Mayor Bill Saffo.

Yes, even I forget, sometimes, that God protects me PERFECTLY!!!

I sure hope that He/She/It protects YOU, Reader, as well!!

And that is IT for this posting.


HOOSIER Daddy???

Me and Grandpa Meyer at his Franklin Avenue home in Brookville, Indiana -- NO ONE I ever met talked more about how much he or she hated "niggers" and Jews than grandpa Henry John Meyer -- except the wealthy Kenans of Chapel Hill (and my parents and siblings).


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