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RP: You're So PARANOID-- You Probably Think THIS BLOG Is about YOU!!!

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Jeane Dixon predictin'!!!

About twelve years ago -- via a Freedom of Information Act request of the FBI -- it was revealed that Jeane Dixon was NEVER a psychic, but was a PUBLICIST on J. Edgar Hoover's staff -- using her astrology column to TERRORIZE Hoover's Kennedy Family and other victims IN ADVANCE!!!

On her deathbed, a very guilty Jeane Dixon predicted that ONE DAY (today, actually), Americans would wake up SHOCKED to discover who the REAL COMMUNISTS are in the US Government -- I think she should have used the word "Totalitarians", because they are FAR closer to Adolf Hitler -- and have been led by my mother who bosses Dick Cheney, the Bush Family, and the Clintons -- all  by order of the Roman Catholic Popes (Pius XII - Francis I).

For ONE THING, Jeane Dixon always claimed to be a DEVOUT, practicing Catholic -- and the Catholic schools I got eight years of education from ALL taught us that it is a MORTAL SIN to believe any kind of Fortuneteller, Psychic, Astrologer, or Fortune Cookie Fortune. (Later they lightened up on astrology columns in newspapers because those are just boiler-plate that are entirely impersonal and generally just positive ideas to cheer the superstitious.)

My mother became America's TOP NAZI in service to the Papacy -- when Rose and Joe Kennedy were no longer useful, their children all FLIPPING to the opposite side -- as I have flipped to the opposite side of Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now nearly 93 and living in Raleigh!!!

Mom in a Papist mood.

Currently, I am in a state of DETENTE' with Mom, and we will have Thanksgiving dinner in Raleigh a day late, with my sister Jane Ann Kenan (with whom I have no problem).

Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy, my younger sister, MIGHT show up with her dogs from Pennsylvania. Our relationship is currently very TENTATIVE.

My brother, Michael William Kenan, has a LOT to process about how he has allowed my mother to DOMINATE HIS LIFE (because she knows Mike is at least bisexual -- if not homosexual -- and Mike ain't dealing with it -- yet).

Retweeted tomhouck (@tomhouck):
My first commentary on CBS 46. Check it out. It's on who could be Atlanta's next mayor. Let me know your thoughts.

Who do you think will be the next mayor of Atlanta? "Just A Minute" commentator Tom Houck says it’s likely one of these politicos.
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Rosene W. Virgil Very Interesting.......Ummmmmmmmmmm
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Scott Kenan Very interesting!!! Last I dealt with Tom Houck was at one of his political parties at Highland Tap in Virginia-Highlands, late winter 2010. I accused him to his FACE of being J. Edgar Hoover's shill, because he was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s white boy driver and gave Hoover the inside info to assassination Dr. King -- and I have emailed him many times and posted that on my blog many times. 

Tom Houck tried to get my old shrink nurse Alexandra Widdon of PACT-Atlanta (who then showed up by surprise), to talk me into a return to therapy, but it did NOT work. Highland Tap previously was Texas Drilling Company, a leather and western gay bar where I first ran into Gary Tucker, one of the several people who helped the Episcopal Church and Republican Party with FBI and CIA MURDER Tennessee Williams and steal his estate from Harvard. Tom Houck has never tried to sue me for LIBEL -- because I write the TRUTH, and anyone who supports him or the Republican Clintons is a TRAITOR to the US Constitution -- and NOW the DEA is taking me seriously:


I will include this note at the top of my emailing it out to my for-three-months email list of now 77, as well as my email list of "CORE 500", that I used until then -- via my new Gmail email address, (I apologize to those who get both.)

I do NOT expect to continue my "strong political blogging" -- unless the DEA office in Raleigh lets me down when I am interviewed in depth by them tomorrow.

And my POINT is to publish for ALL TO SEE just who has been getting all my blog postings. SOME of those people are CRIMINALS -- refusing to denounce the Clintons as narco-traffickers with the Bush/Cheney/Episcopal Church/wealthy Kenans/CIA/US State Department.

YOU MIGHT BE PROSECUTED AS TRAITORS if you are a member of the Press, Law Enforcement, Elected Official or Party Official -- or member of a HATE-BASED or WHITE SUPREMACIST CHURCH.

I should make CLEAR that Catholics in general are FAR better than the NAZI CATHOLIC POPES -- all recent except John XXIII and John Paul I (not 2 -- he was my mother's TOP STRATEGIST!!!).

And next, I will post to this blog all these email addresses -- so the ENTIRE WORLD can see to whom I've sent my blog posts.


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