Wednesday, June 7, 2017

RP: NAZI TURDS Pile on Their Christian Crusade in Wilmington, NC -- with FULL BACKING of ALL Christian Politicians and Ministers of GOD!!! / FOLLOWERS of Jesus LOUDLY Denounce NAZI Politicians/Churches/Ministers from the Pulpit and Platform!!!

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Eric Trump and his wife, Lara Yunaska (a Wilmington native), live on Wrightsville Beach part-time, causing me to be BUZZED by Air Force One landing SHALLOWLY here a couple of months ago -- as reported in this blog!!!

06/07/2017 01:53 am ET

Eric Trump Says Those Who Oppose His Dad Are ‘Not Even People’

Then he decried the increase in name-calling and lack of manners in society today. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Calling any group "not even people" was what the Catholic Hitler-NAZIS began their campaign with to GAS ALL THE JEWS -- by order of the Pope!!!

Hi Kathleen Little: Not only am I now sending everything directly to the US State Department and Justice Department, but direct to Michael Moore as well. 

EVERYONE who lived in or visited the William Rand Kenan house during the time you lived there, is being DEEPLY investigated by the Justice Department now. 

I've been asked to ask you why you -- especially with your Catholic background -- have you not married Chris Hollissince you have a child by him -- why have you not legally committed??? 

Thanks, and here is what I sent Michael Moore:
Hey Atlanta folks. Noni's will be streaming the Ossoff/Handel debate tonight, starting at 8pm. I'll be up there with some peeps. Come on!
Martha Dixon See you soon

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Ree de la Vega Dang I'm stuck at home covering my grays☹️

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Scott Kenan Too bad Mr. Ossoff is LESS involved with his constituents than that idiotic Republican!!! 

Oh well, when Dems like Kyle Keyser, Hollis Gillespie, Grant Henry (aka Sister Louisa, etc. stop running DRUGS and working for the Clinton Democrats, they will find WINNING candidates. 

I now send all info to the Justice and State Departments at their request -- as well as Michael Moore. And I've told Kyle Keyser many times that my Kenan Family RUNS the Bush/Cheney/Clinton drug mafia -- and Gen. Russel Honore' knows all about it. 

Message me for his cell phone number to ask Russel about this if you don't believe me!!! 

Catherine Little-Hale shared Stuff's video — with Kathleen Little.
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Catherine Little-Hale Absolutely LOL. How are you Scott? Haven't seen any post in a long while. Hope you're doing OK. Yes I have to aggravate Kate on a daily basis. That is my job

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Scott Kenan That is how you PROVED you are just a drug or NAZI CHRISTIAN addict and are now being investigated deeply by the Justice Department -- as is Chris. GOOD LUCK!!! 

My Mom is America's top NAZI and so I know all about the Catholic NAZIS -- and turned you both in -- HA!!! I post two blog postings per day, so you have no excuse for not knowing I've worked DIRECTLY with the US Government as a whistle-blower -- by THEIR request -- for weeks now. 

I also posted that info directly on your FB page at least twice before, but I guess you don't care to read my stuff anyway. Sorry, I wasted my time thinking you were a friend.

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Catherine Little-Hale This does not apply to me. I am a sweetheart. I love everyone. Hate no one. And pray for everyone. I have friends of all faith. All colors. And all genders. No hate in this heart of mine.

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>>> SCOTT ERROR ALERT!!!: Catherine is Kathleen's MOTHER, but the name similarity confused me -- so my above comments were about Kathleen Little, not her mother!!!. When I continued, below, I had come to realize that, and I should have thought to explain that before continuing:

Scott Kenan Catherine Little-Hale: Your daughter got her child-rearing ways SOMEWHERE, and you are her mother, right??? And a Catholic, right??? And my mother, America's top Nazi raised our family by Catholic directives of several Popes, some of whom Mom met with in person. 

The Government investigation into your daughter's involvement in one of the LARGEST Narcotics distribution centers in Wilmington has NOTHING to do with any one being nice or not -- it has to do with narco-trafficking, and if anyone wants to know how an investigation is going into THEIR behaviors, they should contact the US Justice Department, directly.

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Dinner theater reviewCelia (Rivenbark) gets personal in funny ‘Aging Like a Fine Box of Wine’

Scott Kenan
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I am re-publishing the first paragraph here, which really says it ALL -- with link to this review on my blog that not only goes DIRECT to the US State and Justice Departments (as our Government CLEARS OUT the "Christian" narco-traffickers who oppose Ms. Rivenbark), and I NOW am also sending all directly to Michael Moore -- WHY Trump is falling so FAST, now (he was put in power by my NAZI Kenan Family of Chapel Hill)

Send exec editor (s)Pam Sander my "love", please!!!

Pam SanderTACKIEST BITCH in the WORLD!!!

The show runs on weekends through July 22 at TheatreNOW.
"Judging by the volume of angry mail (and angry “buzzes”) in the StarNews dedicated to the political turn humorist Celia Rivenbark’s syndicated column has taken since the rise of Trump, one might be tempted to think that her popularity is waning. Then againif you’re hate-reading you’re still reading, so it may be that the number of people poring (sic!!!) over Rivenbark’s column has actually increased."


Last night, I received the most DISGUSTING photo from Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of 14 W. 75th Street, Apr. 5 -- he sending it by email that ALSO had a virus that caused me to have to REBUILD WINDOWS 10 THEN to unfreeze my computer -- and again this morning!!!

The photo is published near the bottom of this posting:

Also, I nearly VOMITED when I turned on my TV this morning and the FACE of Narco-Trafficking Mayor Bill Saffo filled my screen, FIRST THING.

So I called Joseph, told him THANKS for sending MORE evidence of his CIA/Christian/NAZI work for my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC. He was at a loss for words -- LOL!!! -- so I simply said GOOD-BYE, and hing up, nicely.

Joseph lives in the top apartment, and Bruce A. Kapner is his landlord.

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