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RP: At Least Gold Walker Responded to My Email of Saturday Afternoon!!!

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See my posting of yesterday of Huffington Post's ADVICE to LADIES desiring BUTT SEX!!!:

31 Hilarious People Who Behaved Completely Inappropriately With Statues

THIS from Puerto Vallarta's Malecon -- a statue I knew WELL (but never thought to offer a drink).

Before beginning, I want to FEATURE this telling LATE-BREAKING NEWS (that I added to the last posting after emailing it out), of my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill/Durham, NC's MEDDLING in Virginia Politics. Virginia (which has for YEARS claimed to be "for LOVERS"), did not have their OWN Klan to do this, so the GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN KENANS sent over their FORCES: 

* * *

Now, a few things to remember that I PREVIOUSLY blogged about -- but starting with one I forgot to mention in my last posting:

When Gold and Denise were on the phone, leading to Denise visiting Gold right after that, Denise had BRAGGED that "NO ONE knows where I live!!!" -- PROVING that Denise has NOT been reading this blog. I've disclosed it MANY TIMES:

6' 3" Denise Wood actually looks EXACTLY like this -- and is 43 years old -- with the EMOTIONAL MATURITY of a Junior High School girl. In FACT, she got pregnant in 9th grade, which was the last year of her FORMAL education.

No WONDER she has a CRUSH on Mayor Bill Saffo -- with whom she does "business" -- LOL!!!

The Perfect Painter

And even though Denise PROMISED ME by text message two weeks ago that she would ADD her last name and apartment number: 2 (to at least APPEAR professional), she never DID!!! 

Also, Gold Walker told me SEVERAL TIMES that Denise SCARES THE CRAP out of her.

AND, Denise actually BROUGHT the Bed Bugs into her own apartment -- that she blamed Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr's daughter's drug-addled tall black boyfriend, William -- called "Bird" (who lived with Sam's daughter Loren Celia in apartment 2, came up to MY apartment many times for homo-sex -- the CLEANEST guy I ever BEDDED).

Denise found them IMMEDIATELY after moving in, and at the time, Gold Walker told me she THOUGHT Denise had brought them in -- just to FORCE Sam to have to PAY the exterminator the $1,000.00 it cost for the exterminator -- but Sam being broke, Gold had to FINANCE it.

Now MY infestation did not come from Bird -- nor did it come from Haston Lavern Caulder, or the three OTHER criminals Haston talked me into giving a home to for weeks: Darrell Neil Brutout, Dustin Goldsmith, or Tom Ford. BEFORE that, I had helped several US Veterans get off the street and dried them out enough to send them to the BEST Veteran's program for addicts in Charlotte by bus -- and I SHOULD HAVE JUST STUCK with helping Veterans -- all of whom (like all the OTHERS as well), claimed to be EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS and STRAIGHT -- but ALL the Veterans soon came to me shaking their stiffies in my face and asking for B.J.s -- which they couldn't get enough of.

Army Mike David, November 2015, was the MOST sexual needy -- and DESIRABLE of these -- with EXCELLENT "Pit Pheromones"as well!!!

But in BETWEEN the Veterans and Haston and his buddies, I sheltered Dewain Joseph Hall -- who proved to be a HEROIN ADDICT:

Dewain was the FIRST of Joseph Crawford Faulk's LUST OBJECTS that he sent lots of money to -- of course a Christian Straight guy, but he at least SMOKED POT (the only one of ALL of them), and admitted being a GAY SEX TOY in Miami, Florida in his twenties -- they feeding Dewain lots of DRUGS and passing him all around, Dewain the TOTALLY COMPLIANT SEX TOY!!!

Readers will recall that I met and chatted with "The OLD-GOLD Walker"Olympia Dukakis, at Tennessee Williams's Poet's Stone Installation in Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan in late 2009!!!:

It was Dewain who brought ME the Bed Bugs.

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Glad to hear it. I see the security light out back STILL is not on tonight -- LOL!!!

WHAT ON EARTH IS THE PROBLEM??? Why did you bother changing it if it is not used???

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On 7/8/2017 12:01 AM, Scott Kenan wrote:
Hi Gold -- This is your email address, right?


Hello, Yes Scott I did get your e-mail (the one from my last posting)

Glad you are doing well. I will see you around and you are welcome to come and chat with me.  




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